Changes to HFP posting over the Summer

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The kids are off school and the travel marketing machine has started to wind down.  There are few people at their desks to be interested in their special offers – and most people wait to get their Summer holiday out of the way before thinking about Christmas or Easter.

To reflect the lack of activity, as I did last year, Head for Points is dropping down to two articles a day from tomorrow until the end of August.  (Technically, it has gone down to two articles a day from today if you don’t count this as a proper article!)  If there is a rush of news then I will go back to three on the occasions but I don’t want to be scraping the barrel every day for three interesting ideas.


(It also, of course, makes life easier for me given that we will also be away a lot over the next few weeks.  Including to Sylt, pictured above, which should make an interesting trip report.)

Don’t worry though – you can be certain that all of the key frequent flyer and hotel loyalty deals will still be covered!

A joke for anyone who has ever used the Servisair lounge in Heathrow Terminal 1
Read Ian's tier-point run diary .... 1390 BA tier points for Brussels to Hawaii!
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  1. One post a day would do just fine this month, why push yourself! Then, if a great new offer comes along, just extra post. Enjoy your travels!

  2. Sylt looks nice and relaxing, enjoy your well earned hols.! 🙂

  3. Enjoy Sylt Raffles, very relaxing!

  4. Froggitt says:

    Thanks for all the great posts Raffles. Have a great hol.

  5. Georgie says:

    Have a great summer. Your holiday destination looks wonderful.

  6. Mikeact says:

    Enjoy Sylt..great beaches, terrific food…watch out for rough seas. Bonus…not many Brits, mostly Germans, of course, and lots of Dutch when we were there, late 90’s.

  7. Fabulous work and a fabulous site Raffles, the first place I visit when I wake up every morning, have a great holiday… OT – has anyone got their free Marriott hotel night voucher yet?

  8. Hello there, would you recommend booking a BA holiday to New York until after the Summer, i.e. September time? we will be going 12 to 18 December and at the moment I could get it for £2,260 for six nights but its for my husbands’s 50th so I was hoping to treat him and go business class, which at the moment equates to £6,000k plus! You are the expert, what would you do?
    I’ve tried to use my airmiles with no joy as there is no availability (surprise, surprise).
    Your insight is much appreciated.

    • Richie says:

      Ba normally have a sale in September I think

    • You should be able to get the flights for around £1200 each in a sale, although that may mean flying to Amsterdam or Paris and starting there, then coming back to London.

      Alternatively, have a look at La Compagnie. There are serious issues around this airline, but the bottom line is that they will sell you TWO business class tickets Paris to New York for a COMBINED total of £1200 ($2000). Start with this article and work back through his trip review etc –

      Note also the comments about pricing on Open Skies, the BA-owned (so you’d earn tier points and Avios) airline from Paris to New York.

      Note Wed 17 Dec has 2 seats from Newark to Heathrow in Club World for redemption if you come back a day earlier. Wed 10 has outbound availability.

      On Thu 11th and Fri 12th, Iberia has business class (flat beds now) from Madrid to New York. So, effectively, you can do it if you go Thu 11/Fri 12 – Wed 17 – outbound via Madrid but coming back would be direct. It would make sense to pay cash for London to Madrid as you avoid the Air Passenger Duty on the long haul leg.

      • squills says:

        Note to self: must put the homework in if you want the big savings. Clearly.

        • Thank you for the advice. I spent all day looking at so many different ways to do this that my mind turned to mush! I decided to post here as everyone is so knowlegable and not to avoid doing my homework.
          Thank you all again

  9. Lady London says:

    The timing is sticky. You are almost out of the ambit of Christmas, which will inflate prices and reduce availability, but not quite.

    Why not reserve something cancelable, and try your luck again in September?

    FWIW with various sorts of travel supplier I have often found prices inflated if booking during holiday periods, even when your intended travel is far out of peaktime.

    Well Raffles Sylt has got to be a lot cooler than Dubai at this time of year! Have a relaxing holiday…

    For NY you could also try Aer Lingus.

  10. Allow PLENTY of connection time at Madrid in winter! We got stuck for 2 days after fog delayed all incoming european flights by 90 minutes a few years ago. We booked Iberia Business LHR-MAD-SJO. Connecting passengers were asked to remain on the plane after arrival from Heathrow to be shipped via bus to connecting terminal. Bus arrived 30 minutes later and when we finally arrived at the gate the plane pushed back in front of our nose. We shared this pleasant experience with about 70 people on our flight and probably over a thousand others at the airport. It appears that all long haul flights departed pretty much on time. Complete and utter mayhem and Iberia staff could not have cared less! We then spent 2 nights in Iberia’s cockroach infested hotel – all I could think was: ‘does this pleasure never end’…

    • squills says:

      Good (Iberian) skiing around Madrid in Winter – pays to remember…mountainous country…brass monkeys…snow…

  11. What, no more articles about the BA tier card design changing?! 😉 Enjoy Sylt

    • That was the most popular of the three posts on the day it ran – as I expected it would be. After doing this for 2 years I can predict fairly well the rank of articles by page views on any particular day!

  12. Raffles, where are you staying on Sylt? (Promise we won’t all turn up).

    • A-Rosa. We have stayed in their Travemuende hotel 3-4 times and it is outstanding, better than any beach hotel in the UK, so we are taking a punt on this one. Parents-in-law coming too!

  13. Hope you have a good holiday Rob.

    Just to let you know in case you aren’t aware there is a small layout problem with the site in Firefox and Chrome (I’m running Windows), the top menu now wraps onto 2 lines. It seems to be caused by the extra characters in the word August in the “August Credit Card Update” menu item, July, June etc were ok.

    • Fixed, thanks. I use IE and Safari mainly so missed it. Annoyingly, I did double-check Safari as that is normally where the problem occurs.

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