You have NEVER seen a safety video like the Virgin America safety video!

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I wanted to run this article last week, but I know that most Head for Points readers during the week are using the site at work.  This is not something that you necessarily want to play at full volume in your office.

I will be running a review of my Virgin America flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas from Monday.  It is well worth reading.  Before that, though, I wanted to dedicate a whole post to Virgin’s safety video!

Take a look at this.  It is five minutes long but I STRONGLY recommend you watch the whole thing!

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Let me be clear on one point.

This is not a spoof.  Virgin America really plays this video (all seats on Virgin America have seat-back TVs) at full volume at the start of your flight.

The cabin crew stand in the aisle and do their seat buckling demo and pointing out of the exit doors in time with the music.

I cannot for the life of me understand how the Federal Aviation Authority in the US allowed them to get away this.  It is huge fun, and I’m pleased they run it, but the rules governing aviation are so strict that I would never have imagined this could slip through.

I can’t see British Airways running something similar any time soon ….

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  1. SingingDwarf says:

    Great the first time you watch it….

    I remember taking an internal Qantas flight a few years ago and the attendant telling us that the light and whistle on the life jacket were for attracting camels.

  2. sandgrounder says:

    Am I getting old or is this a bit inappropriate and really annoying? I think this post might have triggered a mid-life crisis. Thanks Virgin America!

  3. Love it or hate it the fact that we’re talking about it with most of us not even in the country let alone on a VA flight shows it is likely to get far more attention than most safety videos.

    That has to be a good thing.

  4. FIRSTclstraveller says:

    Quite incredible! I could imagine if you were a regular VX passenger it would get quite annoying…

  5. Have seen it before and loved it. At least it makes you want to watch it. Reminds me of the Thomson one with the little girl doing the narrative at least it’s a bit different and harder to ignore than the standard fayre.

  6. Flew Icelandair last month and their safety video is also a change from the normal.
    By the way Raffles have you ever discussed the Icelandair loyalty programme – Saga Points?

    • No, got to draw a line somewhere!

    • I would not suggest accumulating Saga Points but since Alaska Airlines is no longer their partner, there is almost no choice. Finnavia is the only Icelandair’s partner now. With no other options to earn points than the airline, some local hotels and credit card (no AMEX MR transfers), it is a program for Icelanders.

      Compare what it costs to buy Saga points (even with Sep 2014 bonus) to gift certificates 26,000 points for £94. That gives 0.3p per point value.

      London to Reykjavik in economy gives 1,500 points. Europe – Iceland redemption is 38,000 same class.

      3-year hard expiration rule. Redemptions, booking is by phone. So you have to do it old style: call to find out availability and then buy missing miles. Don’t know if credits instantly or you have do wait a few days, then call back.

      Iceland stopover, which is free for North America flights, is an attraction but one can get cheap flights from London/Europe (as low as £67 from LGW on deal that just ended), plus low cost options. Otherwise, getting to NY via Reykjavik is a 6-hour flight from there on 757 no flat bed.

      Redeeming Saga Points for a hotel in Iceland? Maybe, in high season. 23,000 per night often it is better pay cash and collect miles at Icelandair Hotels or find deals at Radisson (part of Club Carlson), given how difficult it is to collect points for non-resident. There are plenty accommodation choices in Reykjavik.

      Things would change if Icelandair would join Star Alliance, for example (extra mileage plus stopover in Iceland) but that is a long shot.

  7. MrHandBaggageOnly says:

    Released at the end of October 2013, Virgin America did an excellent job of blurring the lines between Safety Video and Advertising (as mentioned above by James, they premiered it in Times Square). The video had 500k hits on YouTube in two days and has now had over 9m views. Impressive for a safety video.

    The BA one sends me to sleep!

  8. Reminds me of the Bangkok air video I saw a couple years ago, really quite amusing!

  9. The Bangkok Airways video always reminded me of The BBC High Life’s intro

  10. Further to my attempt to view this at 8:00 am (above) I’ve had another go:
    Irritated from the start I only managed 23secs this time!
    Sandgrounder (10:03 am)- I reckon I’ll be joining you! 🙂

  11. I think I’ll give Virgin America a miss…

  12. I cant remember that last time I actually watched a flight safety video, let alone enjoyed one.
    This is excellent.

  13. ankomonkey says:

    I like it. At least they tried something a bit fun and different.

  14. Cebu Pacific airlines cabin crew actually dance the safety bit live …it’s great

  15. Is this post for the videos one year birthday?

  16. Personally I like it. I think it has the right combination of information, entertainment and humour.

    No safety video is going to meet universal approval. Older customers, more conservative customers, those who have limited insight into modern culture are not likely to want to watch this.

    But I am sure, overall, many more customers will watch this than a more “standard” video and that is therefore a success.

    • Sorry Max (and others)- there’s no place for entertainment or humour in a Safety Briefing!

      Get the safety info in your head, without all the peripheral rubbish, and, in the unlikely event that you (and others) need to get out quickly you’ll be better prepared!

      • We shall have to disagree on that then. The simple fact is if it is not interesting it is not watched. You don’t have to be told that- it can be seen on virtually every airline during the safety demo- the majority of passengers are not taking a blind bit of notice.

        • Get the safety info in your head, without all the peripheral rubbish, and, in the unlikely event that you (and others) need to get out quickly you’ll be better prepared!

        • I seem to recall some studies that many people recall song lyrics better than spoken words, so using this format may help get safety into heads other briefings cannot reach.

        • I’ll tell you something … having seen this video numerous times now, both on the flight and then testing it in various browsers after I wrote the article, it is definitely stuck in my head …. what my German wife translates from something or other as an ‘ear worm’.

  17. How about LY’s low cost subsidiary ‘UP”s video – best described as cringeworthy..

  18. How about this one ? !

    Great to get the kids attention!

  19. This one is good for getting passengers attention:-

  20. The Virgin video is impressive a couple of times but must get very wearing for the cabin crew.
    Maybe because I am an engineer the Icelandair video impressed me most: very clever graphics, stunning scenery and (real) woman.

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