100% Heathrow Rewards transfer bonus to Virgin, Etihad, Lufthansa …. but not BA

Heathrow Rewards, the shopping loyalty scheme for the airport, is offering a 100% transfer bonus for converting your points to airline miles.

This does NOT include Avios or British Airways Executive Club, unfortunately.

Heathrow Rewards

It does include the other three airline partners:

Etihad Guest

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Miles & More (Lufthansa / Swiss / Austrian etc)

The minimum transfer to airline miles is 250 Heathrow Rewards points.  With the 100% bonus, you will receive 500 airline miles per 250 points.

Without a transfer bonus I am not a fan of transferring Heathrow Rewards points to miles.  Since 500 points usually gets you 500 miles or a £5 shopping voucher, you are effectively ‘paying’ 1p per mile.  That is rarely a great deal.  I am a lot happier with 0.5p per mile.

The transfer bonuses run until 31st December (30th November for Virgin) so you have plenty of time to nudge up your balance to a multiple of 250 points!

Full details can be found on the relevant airline pages of the Heathrow Rewards site when you are logged in.

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  1. On my account, it said that the bonus was running until 31 October. Are you sure yours says 31 December??

  2. Raffles says:

    Yes, online under the airline pages it clearly says 31 December! It is repeated on all 3 scheme pages.

  3. Says 31 October on the front page but 31 December on the induvidual airline pages.

  4. Any ideas to get from 208 points to 250 without going to Heathrow?

  5. Although others are the end of Dec. for Virgin mine states:

    250 points = 250 Flying Club miles Conversion is in increments of 250 points Double miles until 30 November 2014

  6. Matthew says:

    Is there any chance for manufactured spending at Heathrow by buying visa or gift cards in Boots or John Lewis or something?

  7. Matthew says: