2,500 Avios PER STAY with Accor (Novotel, Sofitel, Ibis) to 31st December

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This is possibly the most generous Avios hotel promotion of the year in terms of earning airline miles!

Accor is the hotel group behind Novotel, Sofitel, Mercure, Ibis and M Gallery, amongst others. It has teamed up with avios.com (NOTE not British Airways) to offer 2,500 Avios points on stays until the end of the yearFull details are here.

To earn the bonus, you must select Avios (not British Airways Executive Club) as your earnings partner in your Le Club Accorhotels account. You do NOT have to register for the promotion. There is also no minimum stay and, importantly, no limit to the number of times you can earn the bonus.

LeClub Accorhotels

This promotion appears to replace the standard earning rate of 1 Avios point per Euro 1 spent.

Further details can be found here at the Accor website.  It states clearly that ‘all room rates are eligible’ – the small print actually excludes airline crew rates and the like, but any standard rate on the Accor website should be OK.

Note that if you signed up for the ‘Euro 160 for three stays’ promotion then it will NOT combine with this, because the Avios promotion requires you to earn Avios points instead of Accor points.  It is now too late to register for that promotion if you did not do so.

Remember that Accor is also running a UK sale at the moment which would work fine with this promotion.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Will these points post with a hotels.com booking. Normally i get 0 if booking via hotels.com

  2. This is great (if it works for me) as I am due to stay in various Ibis’s over the next few months, however what I do not quite get is how you can “register” in your account to get Avios. From what I can see you can only pick the reward when you transfer the points and the way I read the info above you need to be pre registered to get the bonus….

    It might be to early for me to see the obvious 🙁

    • Raffles says:

      No, you can set your account to automatically give you Avios instead of points – the option is there, hidden away somewhere on the website

      • Ah. I have that option selected – does this mean I will not benefit from the eur160 promotion?

        • James67 says:

          And vice versa. I don’t have that option activated but I’m wondering if activating it after 3 stays would overide the 160 promo and then let me collect 2500 avios per night. Any thoughts?

        • I found ‘Convert your points automatically with the partner of your choice’ but that is once you have enough points too convert. I asume i need something different which i can’t find.
          I’ve also recieved my 1000 and 3000 bonus points and am waiting for my 4000 before i change the setting incase it doesnt give me the 4000 points

        • I’ve struggled with this one, too, on Accor promotions. Perhaps I’m being a bit thick, but the only option I can see for Avios is:

          “Activate automatic points conversion and transfer your points to a single parter systematically. This option will take effect as soon as you have accumulated the required number of points.”

          With this promotion will the above ‘rule’ be ignored and the 2500 Avios be awarded without having to acquire the points first?

  3. I wonder if this includes IBIS budget, on a random Friday in November you can get a room in Beaconsfield for £26. A stopover for someone with a Heathrow flight maybe. Not too far from the designer outlet (where you can also collect Avios ). To be fair it’s attached to a newish set of services just off the M40 so not exactly a romantic option!

    • sandgrounder says:

      I don’t think Ibis Budget participate in Le Club.

    • Andrew S says:

      Zoe – i live on top of an “outlet” 🙂 What is the Avios offer you mention?

      • You can collect Avios at Bicester, visit customer services with receipt and Avios number or just email copies of reciepts afterwards

    • If it’s a Friday, you should be able to get rooms using the Happy Mondays rate – so 40GBP for hotels outside London (25GBP for Ibis).

  4. Did anyone get the 1,500 Avios from this promotion?


    I’ve had nothing yet.

    • Don’t know about that, but I apparently got 7000 bonus points from a 3-night cheap stay at Pullman Brussels. I have no idea why, but I am glad I sign up for anything going!
      08/08/2014 Bonus LCAH Avios Q3 0 3000
      08/08/2014 Miles & More Bonus 0 3000
      08/08/2014 1 year 250 bonus pts 0 250
      08/08/2014 1 year 750 bonus pts 0 750
      07/08/2014 Pullman Brussels Midi 3 725

      • Ross Parker says:

        I stay in the Pullman Brussels every week for business travel. They often have random bonuses, which always catch me by surprise. My record is 5,000 Accor points (worth 5,000 Iberia Avios) for a one night stay. I think that was some combination of an (unknown) offer, 500 point bonus in the room rate, and double-bonus for Platinum card holder. Not a bad return for a 8-hour stop off, and there are direct trains to/from the airport for under €10. The breakfast isn’t bad either, although I wish they turned the sauna on the mornings (not just the afternoons).

  5. Britbronco22 says:

    I just booked a stay at the end of November. I used 6000 Le Club points to reduce the bill by €120, leaving €18 to pay. Any idea if this stay would trigger the 2,500 Avios? Little to lose by trying

  6. Remember that on a Monday & Tuesday they sell rooms for the following weekend from £25/nt.

  7. Oh, I booked in September for a stay in December. The rate is nonrefundable. Will I be able to earn this 2500 avios promotion?

  8. Has anyone managed to find out how to set up the automatic transfer? I’ve been looking this morning to no avail. I have 10 weeks of Ibis stays coming up so I’m really glad this offer has been announced! 🙂

  9. Paul Irving says:

    Do you have to be set us to convert automatically to Avios as I see no other way.

  10. When putting in your Avios number is it the whole 16 digits or just the last 9 ?

  11. When using the automatic conversion of points to a partner it will trigger than all points in Accor accounts shall be converted to that partner, at the poor rate Accor-Avios.

    If one has a significant amount of points with Accor aimed at booking hotels, this auto conversion may not be interesting at all.

  12. Stephen F says:

    Happy Days! Just booked Mercure Norwich Dinner Bed & Breakfast. Thanks Raffles, 2.5k richer now!

    I am Accor Platinum, anyone know what benefits if any to expect?

    • Paul Irving says:

      Did you have to have your account set to auto conversion.

      • Stephen F says:

        Yes its on auto conversion as far as I know (i.e. my Avios details were there when I checked this morning)..Id better take a look again to see if theres a checkbox

        • Stephen F says:

          yup on autoconvert

        • Stephen F says:

          Err I have just cancelled our stay as the Mercure Norwich is a flea pit according to reviews (the majority of them and there are lots), and on a horrid industrial estate. My wife would never forgive me for putting us through that for 2500 Avios. Will maybe try a different hotel!

    • Don’t expect much benefits, I find that non of the brand except Sofitel have recognition of the Platinum status.

      One Ibis i think game me one free drink voucher once.

  13. Steve Blower says:

    Rob, I am really struggling with this.
    A while ago, somehow after a lot of trial and error, I got Iberia in there as an automatic conversion earning partner.

    Now I am looking for
    you must select Avios (not British Airways Executive Club) as your earnings partner

    all I can see is conversion partner.

    Is that the same thing?

  14. Clive J says:

    I need a Gatwick hotel for a night in December so thought I’d try the Sofitel and get some Avios But now I have to add my name to those bewildered by the confusing Le Club Accor website. I have also been trying to find a way to set my earning preference to Avios, without sucess. There is an FAQ which says “Can I earn airline miles on my LCA card”. The answer is “You only earn LCA points when you stay at an Accor hotel but you have the possibility to convert them into airline miles”. So the inference is that you can’t set an earning preference.

    But then in the T&C’s of this offer it says “Select Avios as your earning preference WHEN MAKING THE NECCESARY ADVANCED RESERVATION”. So I tried that, but nowhere during the booking process was there a way to add an earning preference.

    So I phoned customer service (they offer a helpful call back service) and asked them how I should do that. They seemed confused and tried to book the room for me over the phone telling me how many LCA points I would earn. I told them I didn’t want LCA points I wanted to take advantage of the Avios offer. They hadn’t heard of the offer and couldn’t find it in their system. They hadn’t even heard of Avios, I had to spell it for them !!

    In the end I gave up. I’ll set my auto-conversion to Avios and will see what happens, or go to the Hilton.

  15. My stay last weekend tracked as “Le Club Q4 Bonus” with an extra 5,000 points. I’m presuming that this is the 2,500 Avios as the conversion ratio is 2:1.

    The automatic conversion hasn’t been triggered yet – presumably as the threshold hasn’t been met.

    What would be interesting is if these points could now either be spent on others, or converted to Iberia Avios at the better exchange rate – thus giving even better value for this promotion.

  16. Ross Parker says:

    Not sure I believe this, but I think I’ve just got a cracking deal for Friday evening. Having already booked 5 trips on this offer for business travel to Brussels between now and Christmas, it came into my mind when I needed a South London hotel room for a Friday night meet up with some old friends. Using the Happy Monday offer I managed to get a room for £40 at the Ibis Styles Southwark Rose, with wifi and breakfast. The added bonus is that I called after reserving and they agreed to a 4pm checkout as a Platinum benefit. Absolutely excellent deal. If this offer works with Ibis Styles (which I imagine it should) there’s 2,500 Avios in it too. Thanks for improving my life again Raffles.

    • Quan Zhou says:

      I booked two rooms at the Southwark Rose for 12th Oct under Happy Monday promotion. Today the points are posted and I am shocked by the points I have earned. The points are listed as: 14/10/2014 14/10/2014 Le Club Q4 Bonus 0 5000
      14/10/2014 14/10/2014 LCAH SEPT. OFFER 2 0 3000
      12/10/2014 13/10/2014 ibis Styles London Southwark Rose 1 54
      14/10/2014 14/10/2014 Le Club Q4 Bonus 0 5000
      14/10/2014 14/10/2014 LCAH SEPTEMBER OFFER 0 1000
      12/10/2014 13/10/2014 ibis Styles London Southwark Rose 1 54

      Thank you very much Raffles for sharing the deal!

  17. My company has a reduced rates at a Pullman property. It also uses a corporate booking agent.

    I was wondering if I can use either of these to book the hotel, show my Accor hotel code on check in and get the bonus? Or do I need to do the whole booking myself?


  18. This doesn’t seem to have worked for me, I swapped the earning preference from Iberia to Avios before the stay on an existing booking, however it seems to have come through without the bonus. Get a total of 750 points for this stay instead of the 5000 I was expecting. It’s now not transferring as I haven’t hit 2000 points, wondering if it’s better to just swap back to Iberia before doing the trick to force the points through, otherwise I’ll end up losing half of the value.

    12/10/2014 12/10/2014 Points Accelerator 0 324
    09/10/2014 10/10/2014 Sofitel London Gatwick 1 426

  19. Think this might have been a little misleading??

    I stayed at an ibis last week. Earned 5131 points. 5000 for the promotion and 131 for the actual spend.
    This morning only 2000 avios in my account. small print infers that blocks of 4000 are converted at a time?? Hence my comment about misleading? Admittedly I will be staying in Reading almost weekly until Christmas, so it may all line up in the end. But it seems a little confusing.

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