Free Qantas Gold (ie BA Silver) if you have any other Gold card …. with a catch

Australian airline Qantas is offering to match Gold cards issued by any other airline into the Gold level of its Qantas Frequent Flyer programme.

Because Qantas is a member of the oneworld alliance, your Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold card will have the same benefits as a British Airways Silver card – including giving you British Airways lounge access.  It will also get you status benefits, including lounge access, when flying Emirates.

(Qantas Gold does NOT give you the same benefits as British Airways Gold because Qantas uses a different scale.  Their cards go Silver / Gold / Platinum – plus Platinum One – instead of BA’s Bronze / Silver / Gold.)

There is a catch.  You must be a New Zealand resident to take part.  That is not insurmountable ….

Qantas A380

If you have any friends or family in New Zealand, you may be able to temporarily move in with them.  Perhaps your employer has an office in Auckland which could forward your new membership card for you.

Head for Points readers with more cunning minds will be able to come up with some other options as well.  I once managed to get a status match aimed at Italians …..

You can find full details of the status match, and the application form to complete, here.  The only card they will not match is Emirates Skywards because of the joint venture deal they have with Qantas.

In an odd twist, though, residents of New Zealand and Australia are not allowed to join British Airways Executive Club.  This is due to a deal which Qantas and BA signed a long time ago.  It is not clear what Qantas will think of New Zealand residents trying to get a match from BA cards!

You have until March 16th to apply.

You can learn more about Qantas Frequent Flyer here.

PS.  Etihad is also offering a status match at the moment.  I will cover this tomorrow.

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  1. This is very good news.I’m going for it .Thanks for sharing .

  2. Is it not simpler to status match to air Berlin via gulf air? Unless there is a benefit with Quantas Gold I don’t know about.

  3. Has anyone gotten accepted yet? I applied for this yesterday but I’m wondering if anyone got accepted/ rejected.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Got gold today

    • Me too! Not received any communication from them yet, (email nor post) but if I log into my account it is now showing as Gold!

      Thanks for the tip off on this one Raffles, good result!

      • Jonathan says:

        It doesn’t say how long it is valid for though. Anyone know how you find out?

        Many thanks again raffles.

  5. MattK says:

    This morning I logged into my Qantas account and I’m now gold status. That is about 10 days since I applied for the status match using my Cathay Pacific gold card.

    Cheers (again) Raffles!

  6. Just been upgraded to gold matched using my cathay card from Amex. Another year or OW Sapphire!

    Thanks for the tip raffles!

  7. Hi, not really relates to this article but I have a question regarding a Qantas booking. I am flying to Australia from London and booked with Qantas (also used them for the domestic Qantas flights that I will use once there), I had signed to the Qantas Frecuent Flyer membership just for this however when I booked the tickets I used my BA membership number as I do not think I will fly to Australiaagain. To the point, is that the best way to do it in terms of points collection? Should I use the Qantas membership number instead and if so is there a way to transfer them to BA? Thank you!

    • It’s not possible to transfer them to BA. You can use the points to book flights on other Oneworld partners (including BA), but for domestic or shorthaul European trips you’ll pay more in taxes/fees than you would with BA Reward Flight Saver.

      If you’re likely to earn more Avios with BA or their partners in the future I’d stick with having your BA number in the booking. Qantas points also expire after 18 months so if you’re not going to get them up to a usable level it’s probably a pain having an orphan pot of them that’s going to expire.

  8. idrive says:

    Hi, any news on this? did you get your online card?anyone subsscribed to the program while registering for the promo? thanks

  9. Should I be expecting one of those Q luggage tags to arrive with my gold card or do those have to be purchased separately?

  10. Guesswho2000 says:

    Gold match received at some point over the last week, from AA Plat. Only additional benefit being US domestic lounge access (which BA Silvers get anyway), but still, it’s a backup I can maybe use to match to something else!

    • Guesswho2000 says:

      EDIT: can also confirm it ‘works’, I put the FF# on a redemption ticket and the BP confirmed ‘QF SAPPHIRE’