In London? Win 15,000 Starwood points (worth £225 or 15,000 Avios) and a free Uber ride TOMORROW

Use code HEADFORPOINTS for a £15 Uber sign-up credit.  The code is valid until December 2017.

Yesterday I outlined the new partnership between Starwood Preferred Guest and Uber.   You can now earn 1 SPG point for every $1 or equivalent you spend with Uber anywhere in the world – as long as you have had a paid Starwood stay so far this year.

To kick off this deal, Starwood and Uber are running a very generous competition on Saturday.  If you will be in London, it could be your lucky day.

Starwood SPG

Between 2pm and 7pm on Saturday (not today!) Uber will be offering an additional car option alongside the usual Uber X, Uber Exec and Uber Lux, called SPG.  If you request the SPG car and are successful in getting one to pick you up, three things will happen:

Your ride will be free

You will be given 15,000 Starwood Preferred Guest points

You will receive ‘unique features’ during your ride.  These sound a bit scary, to be honest, but for 15,000 points I would go for it:

  • Westin Hotels – an invitation to indulge in its signature well-being amenities, including a 10-minute Headspace meditation session, a Westin Heavenly Robe, and a Westin White Tea Travel Set.
  • W Hotels – a blend of iconic design and contemporary luxury will immerse riders in an extraordinary experience featuring LED mood lighting, music inspired by W, and a Bliss Spa travel pack.
  • St. Regis – a luxurious ride combining classic sophistication with modern sensibility where riders will enjoy fresh flowers; jazz music; Beyond, The St. Regis Magazine; and the St Regis Bloody Mary book.
  • Aloft – a modern, fresh and fun experience including a mini-refuel kit and free wifi for the tech savvy traveler.

I value SPG points at 1.5p each if used for Westin, Sheraton, Le Meridien, St Regis etc hotel stays.  This values the prize at £225.  Alternatively, you can convert them at 1:1 to 29 airline schemes including Avios.  If you can get your total up to 20,000 SPG points via an Amex transfer or hotel stays, you will receive a bonus 5,000 miles when you transfer to an airline.

You MUST have already linked your Uber account to your Starwood Preferred Guest account to take part.  If I understand the small print correctly, normal members of the public will NOT be given the chance to select an SPG vehicle.  Only Uber accounts linked to SPG will have this option.

There is no mention of having to have completed an SPG stay this year in order to win the prize, even though this does stop you earning points with Uber.

Your odds of winning should be decent – few people in the UK outside of the HFP readership will have registered so far.  If you are happy to plug away requesting a car continually between 2pm and 7pm, you will probably get lucky in the end.  There will be 460 winners across 5 cities so roughly 90-100 in London I assume.

Full details can be found on this page of the Uber blog here.  Good luck – if you win, please let me know how your in-car ‘experience’ went!

PS.  Starwood has confirmed that rewards stays DO count as stays for the purposes of activating your Uber earning.  If you have had a reward night since 1st January you will start earning points via Uber immediately.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I was sat in a pub in London Bridge hoping someone would get dropped at The Shard – and they did 🙂

  2. koroleon says:

    With only 75 or 125 winners and so many successes reported so far, is it safe to conclude it’s over now? I had no luck getting picked up from a residential part of Islington.

    • Can you see a purple car in the app?

      I can no longer see it on the app, maybe because it recognises i’ve already taken a ride…

  3. It’s 5.25pm. Should I just pack up or keep trying? Any news from their twitter handle?

  4. Agreed Rob, time to pack up. Was a great promo. Thanks for all your help. Congratulations to those who bagged a ride!

  5. It was not great for me.

    A lot of frustration about SPG option not coming up in my app despite accounts being linked, while someone who created a new account and linked just today, got the option to call an SPG ride.

    Not possible to register another account for me as Uber is linked to a phone number.

    If they did those 5 rides per car in the first couple hours, without spreading geographically and uniformly in time between 2 and 7 pm, that’s bad execution on Uber part.

  6. Did anyone actually get the email receipt from uber mentioned on the card in the car?

  7. Got one too! I live in E14 and was literally constantly tapping for about an hour before it popped up. So a little over excited when it arrived.

    A nice S-Class, unfortunately Sheraton themed, but beggars can’t be choosers! 😉 Got a set of Reidel glasses worth around £35.00 I would say, plus the points means it was very much worth it!

    Thanks Raffles!

  8. I won this yesterday (it was very exciting!) but I’m a bit worried they won’t post the points because I’ve not had a hotel stay this year. Their T&C don’t mention IT *for this competition* but for some reason the SPGassist Twitter account linked me to their normal T&C when I asked when I was going to receive the confirmation of my ride. Any input on this?? How can I fight this if they try not to give me the points?

  9. I was working in the city yesterday. Opened up the Uber app at 2pm but there were no SPG cars available. Kept one eye on the app for a few hours. Every now and then a SPG car would pop up and then disappear instantly! However at 5pm I finally managed to get one. BMW 7 Series rolled up and I took the ride home to Clapham Junction. My gift bag was Meridien themed and it came with a nice white Moleskin notebook and a few other bits and pieces.

    Like others – I never received a follow up email from Uber with details on how to redeem the 15000 points.

    Thanks HFP for the heads up on this promo!

  10. Peter says:

    Am really sorry to recount but I found this to one of the most frustrating promotion in a very long time. I moved overland (to ensure I didn’t minimise my potential chances) across several key central London areas (the City, Fulham, Bond Street and Westfield White City) between 2pm and 7pm constantly looking at my Blackberry and there was not one single instance where a SPG Uber vehicle was available. Being new to Uber, my “fat” finger also meant that I twice “requested” by accident a UberX vehicle which I had to immediately call up and cancel and have only found out only today that as I did not cancel using the Uber app I have been charged 2 x £5 cancellation fees. Big learning lesson for me!! Any other painful SPG/Uber experiences out there from yesterday?

  11. According to @spgassist, follow up emails will be sent the day after the ride.

  12. idrive says:

    I am very disappointed with this promo. I was in a prime location,Mayfair with lotsssss of uber cars around of any sort. I have been trying requesting a car for some 100 times, whenever the SPG car was available it would instantly disappear after requesting the car (1-2 sec max) and I was very quick, no way. I sat around from 3.30 to 6. got zero. from 4.40 till 7pm there were no cars at all!!

    • Sounds similar to my experience, albeit that I only had about a 45 minute window before 4pm when I could do that. After 5pm-ish I realised the game was up!

      • I think was just luck of the draw. I was at Green Park and tried at 2pm on the dot. Saw one but it disappeared before I got it. Walked around for a bit and tried again. Couldn’t believe my luck when I got one about 10 minutes later, lucky timing!

        Similar to the above, the driver said he had to do 5 rides (I was his second) and got the freebies (Le Meridien, although I personally would have preferred one of the other brands…but heck the whole thing was free!)

        Still no sign of the follow up email from Uber about the 15k points though…

      • idrive says:

        which is not fair as the promo was due from 2 to 7. that is discriminating people who could join in a particular timeframe. i thought the system would randomize the rides. does it make sense?

  13. vonnie says:

    Email received confirming points within 3 weeks.

    Thanks again Rob for the heads up

  14. pazza2000 says:

    I missed a good one. What a coup to the chap who ‘won” twice. The Luxury Collection ride sounded the best on the gift bag front.