Bits: BA transatlantic promo, 12,000 Avios with a Hotpoint washer, Uber launches in Wakefield!, South West Trains £15 tickets

More news in brief:

British Airways transatlantic promotion launched

Yesterday I mentioned a transatlantic bonus from American Airlines.  I suspected a British Airways version would be around somewhere and now I have found it.

Full details are here on  Once registered, you will receive 1000 bonus Avios for full fare economy, 2500 for World Traveller Plus, 5000 Avios for business and 7000 Avios for First Class returns to the USA, Rio or Sao Paulo.  You must fly by April 27th and travel can be on either BA or American Airlines.

Note one tweak.  The BA version says that only W and E booking classes in World Traveller Plus earn the bonus.  The American Airlines version says that W, E and the cheaper T booking class count.  This may be a typo or there may be different earning rules.

Need a new washing machine?!

Tesco Direct is offering 5,000 Clubcard points with a £370 Hotpoint washing machine.  Take a look here.  That is 12,000 Avios points or 12,500 Virgin Flying Club miles, on top of your base points.  The offer runs until April 7th.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

South West Trains

South West Trains £15 day trip tickets

Reader Davide sent me details of this interesting promotion from South West Trains.

Until April 4th, you can travel almost anywhere on their extensive network for a flat fee of £15 (£7 for children) for an off-peak day return.  You cannot travel on Sunday or Monday and there are some exclusions west of Salisbury and Bournemouth.

If you have some time off over Easter then this might be worth a look.  Full details are on the SWT website here.


Uber launches in Wakefield

Of all the places Uber could have picked for its 5th UK city (after London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham), I wouldn’t have picked Wakefield! This is an interesting move for them – if Uber can make money in Wakefield, which has a population of only 75,000 in the central urban area and 300,000 if you add in surrounding districts, then there are few boundaries.

If you live, work or occasionally visit Wakefield, remember that you can get £15 of free Uber credit by signing up via our refer-a-friend link or downloading the app directly to your phone and adding code ‘HEADFORPOINTS’.

£10 Kabbee sign-up code still available

Finally, as we’re talking taxis, Kabbee has extended its exclusive £10 sign-up code for HFP readers to the end of March.  If you are in London, especially outer London, it is worth a look.  Kabbee brings together cars from over 70 minicab firms in one seamless app.  The links you need are in this article.

500 Avios points sign-up bonus with Iberia Plus
Three lots of bonus Hilton HHonors points on 2015 Conrad and Waldorf-Astoria stays
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  1. Tim Millea says:

    Wakefield does make sense for Uber. There are many large towns in West Yorkshire with no direct rail link to London and Wakefield is the nearest mainline station for them. Added to that is the state of the few connecting services that do run and you have a compelling reason to get in a taxi to and from Wakefield. The wider area is over a million with poor or no rail connection to a mainline station.

    • Blenz101 says:

      I understand Bradford is next – all run from the Leeds ‘community manager’.

      Plus many of the drivers live south or west of Leeds so the service was de facto already these areas anyway.

  2. Dominic says:

    The SWT link doesn’t work for me.

  3. Manuel says:

    I cannot register for BA-bonus.

  4. Richie says:

    It’s not all returns to the US that earn the bonus. Only a few destinations on the list

  5. Thanks for the tip off. I’ve got a pre-existing booking to Chicago next week. It’s WT+ booked into T bucket and upgraded to club both ways with avios, will be interesting to see what – if anything – I get.

  6. callum says:

    Southern Railway do a similar thing all the time – unlimited travel on the entire network during off-peak for £18 (half that if in a group of 4).

    And I don’t see why Uber couldn’t make money in Wakefield – they’re effectively a taxi firm (with virtually no overheads), and even small villages have them! It does seem a weird choice while coverage is so patchy though – maybe a lot of drivers registered an interest in that area?

  7. I thought this BA promotion had been on for a week. I certainly registered last week

  8. Gregor says:

    Re the washing machine offer, Which? says of the Hotpoint SWM9437:
    “A loud spin aside, there’s nothing actually wrong with this machine, but it’s still not good enough to be classed as more than mediocre. The cleaning power, rinsing and water use are all average. It has a couple of pros, such as being easier to use than some models, but all things considered, you will be better off with another machine.”

  9. Re Uber are there any UBER (or any other taxi company for that matter) discount codes that can be used abroad? We are going to Paris later in the year so it would be good to get some free credit!

    • Is Uber actually operating in Paris or not? It seems from their website that you can book a journey in Paris but I understood the service had been effectively banned in the city following massive protests from Paris taxi drivers back in December?

  10. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    This Wackfield sounds great. Can anyone tell me what zone it is in and do I need to open an Iberia account first?

  11. Think Square says:

    Does the £10 Uber credit have a ‘use by’ date? I don’t have any immediate plans to use a taxi in Wakefield or anywhere else, but a bit of credit would be welcome just in case.

    • No, I don’t think so. I had a credit sitting around for over 6 months when I first signed up and it was still valid when I eventually used it.

  12. James67 says:

    I had £25 credit on my account I planned using in Januay. Could not see it on my account but after contacting CS they assured me it was still there. However, it was not used against my trip and when I asked why I was told it expired end of the year. Ended up paying £40 fo a trip I thought eoulf cost ne £3 at most. Traffic was horrendous though and three of us in car so still better than train or tube despite detours and gridlock. Still not too happy CS was not better so undecided whether to use again.

  13. BA’s offers – why do they need to be so bloody complicated?

    You would think that given the tsunami of bad news BA has sent in the direction of its BAEC members that they might just have a promo that was simple and straightforward.

    The transatlantic deal has more holes than swiss cheese and so whilst I have registered suspect I will never see a bonus. Arghhh “its the way they make you feel that makes British Airways, a Bloody Awful airline.

  14. I am confused am going to Toronto in Sep 15 and have asked Uber for a price from airport to downtown (at several times of the day).
    The say C$100-113 for UberBlack whereas the controlled fare is about C$60.
    Does this sound right? I thought that they were cheaper?