UPDATE: Alitalia / SkyTeam status match now ‘officially’ on their website

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Yesterday I wrote about the status match that Alitalia appeared to be offering to British Airways Executive Club status members.

When I wrote that article, it wasn’t clear if this was a ‘formal’ status match programme or if Alitalia had unofficially decided to start accepting matches.

We now know that this is a formal Alitalia programme.

Details are on the Alitalia website here.


Here are the rules:

You have until December 2015 to ask for a match

The match will last until March 2016 UNLESS your existing status card shows an expiry date beyond March 2016.  If it does, your matched card will be issued until March 2017.

ANY elite status card from an airline which is not part of the SkyTeam alliance will be accepted

As the match is now ‘official’ I fully recommend that you apply.  Even if you have no plans to fly on a SkyTeam airline, you should be able to leverage this card for a match with another airline – possible a oneworld one – at some point before it expires.

There is one catch which is a common problem with most matches involving British Airways.  Most airlines have Gold as their MIDDLE tier.  British Airways has it as their top tier.  You need to be careful, when your match is processed, that your BA Gold gets you a top tier match and NOT a middle tier match.

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Alitalia offering a status match (SkyTeam) to British Airways Gold card holders

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  1. Roger says:

    Oh dear. Trying to join the programme as a prerequisite to request a status match, I’m told I’m already registered.

    Now many, many years ago, I signed up for a lot of accounts and Alitalia may well have been one, but that must have been more than 10 years ago. Redundant ones like Flying Blue still show me as a member and I still have a FB card. But I have no Alitalia card. 🙁 I could spoof a new account, but some details such as my name couldn’t be changed.

    Has anybody advice on an AZ help page or e-mail address? I can see an 0871 phone number, but I’m reluctant to use it in view of the even higher charges for calling such numbers from yesterday.

    Many thanks.

    • Try the 0333 566 5544 number. I called them to retrieve my account number the other day with this number.

  2. Has anyone that has applied since the 30th June had their account upgraded yet? Nothing so far for me…

    • Shayele says:

      Same here still waiting.

      • I’ve just resent mine using a screenshot of my updated Gold card this time (had and out of date scan of my previous before) – will see if that helps!

    • It says on the Alitalia website it will be effective 5 working days after you submit, so I guess next week people should start seeing the accounts change.

      • Ah OK, hadn’t spotted that – initial reports were under 48h but makes sense they’ve pushed out the timescales with the increasing number of requests no doubt coming through!

  3. Henrik says:

    Anyone been matched yet? I sent an email last Wednesday, but haven’t heard anything and don’t appear to have been matched (BA Silver) on the website).

  4. Tim Rogers says:

    Has anyone had any luck with this yet? I applied last Wednesday and am yet to have any luck.

    • According to their website, the status will be matched in 5 working days.
      I sent mine Monday afternoon and was matched yesterday morning.

    • Matched today from Qantas.

  5. Henrik says:

    Still waiting since last Wednesday…

    • Ditto, still no change in status after July 1 application so sent a 2nd e-mail today.

      • Matched today, 1 day after 2nd e-mail, BAEC Silver to Freccia Alata club..

      • Grant says:

        Same for me, a second email resulted in a match within 1 day. Expires 03/2017 🙂

        • Has anyone had joy sending through the soft copy card from BAEC? Or do you have to send a photo of the actual plastic? I can’t find my plastic, only a bag tag but that doesn’t have an expiry date on it…

          • I used a screenshot of the Iphone card on my second e-mail in order to have a clear pic with small size and matched within 24 hours after that.

          • I’ve sent both and still no luck 🙁 Sounds like others have had more success tho – I’m off to email them for the 3rd time!

  6. So would this Alitalia Skyteam Elite Plus card give me lounge access when flying Etihad economy?

  7. Russell Evans says:

    BA Silver matched to Freccia Alata today

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