Alitalia offering a status match (SkyTeam) to British Airways Gold card holders

Alitalia is currently offering a status match to British Airways Executive Club Gold members as well as other top-tier status holders with other airlines.

Full details can be found on the Alitalia website here.

This is, presumably, part of the relaunch of the airline under the pseudo control of Etihad.  Etihad has recently outlined its plans for turning around the struggling carrier and a willingness to match status cards from other airlines – a technique which Etihad Guest has used aggressively – is a way of getting people to try it.

The scheme

The Alitalia frequent flyer scheme is called MilleMiglia.  There are four elite levels which are outlined here.

As a BA Gold, you should expect to be matched to Freccia Alata Plus.  This level is equivalent to SkyTeam Elite Plus which is the equivalent of oneworld Emerald.

Alitalia card

Why you should do this even if you never fly Alitalia

Alitalia is now a member of two airline alliances!

The formal membership is with SkyTeam.  Your Freccia Alata Plus card would get you top tier privileges, including lounge access (except on domestic Delta flights in the US, I think), with the following airlines:

  • Aeroflot
  • AerolineasArgentinas
  • AeroMexico
  • AirEuropa
  • Air France
  • Alitalia
  • China Airlines
  • China Eastern
  • China Southern
  • Czech Airlines
  • Delta
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Kenya Airways
  • KLM
  • Korean Air
  • MEA
  • Saudia
  • Tarom
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Xiamen Air

Alitalia is also a member of Etihad Airways Partners.  This is not yet finalised, but the eventual plan is that a status holder with any of the following airlines – all of which have received equity investment from Etihad – will have reciprocal privileges with the others.

  • Etihad
  • Jet Airways
  • airberlin
  • Air Serbia
  • Air Seychelles
  • Etihad Regional

Alitalia also has partnerships with GOL, Malaysia and Qantas but I’m not sure if they offer any benefits for Alitalia top tier cardholders.

How do I get a status match?

You need to email:

a) a scan of your British Airways Gold card and

b) a screenshot of your online BA account showing recent activity

to [email protected]

Reports to date suggest that they are turning them around fairly quickly but I assume that will not continue if they are swamped.

Most people are being matched until March 2017 although some are only getting March 2016.  There appears to be no logic.

Can I apply if I have a BA Silver card / another Gold card?

You should definitely have a go if you hold a Gold (top-tier) card issued by another airline as long as it is not a member of SkyTeam.

The Flyertalk thread has one person on it who got matched from airberlin Gold, which is a little odd given that Etihad is a major shareholder in both airlines.  If you can read Italian, there is more discussion here.

It is probably also worth a look if you have a British Airways Silver card.  This is because the Alitalia MilleMiglia middle tier, Freccia Alata Club, is ALSO considered to be SkyTeam Elite Plus.  This means that you would get worldwide lounge access with SkyTeam except on US domestic flights with Delta.

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UPDATE: Alitalia / SkyTeam status match now 'officially' on their website
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  1. RIccati says:

    Status matches are actually a powerful device to attract business.

    For the expense of lounge access a few times year and an occasional odd bag, an airline gets cash business.

  2. Have given it a go – nice to maintain top-tier with all 3 networks, even if two are by matches 😉

    For those that don’t know, MileMiglia is an ‘interesting’ programme – it relaunches every few years (currently it’s on the 2013-2015 edition) and members have a short window to make use of their points before their lost when the new programme launches – takes a lot to make Flying Blue look half-reasonable, but they’ve managed it!

  3. I still have until the end of July with the Cathay Pacific gold card that I got free with Amex platinum so have emailed Alitalia looking for a status match from that.

    Are there any other airline programs that I have even a slim chance of a status match from? May as well email them all now before my status expires.

    • Geoggy says:

      try gulf air falcon flyer and then Etihad guest. Done both of these with Cathay Gold

      • John G says:

        I tried Gulf Air twice recently with VS gold and A3 Gold and both times was informed that they are not currently offering any status matches. This must have changed recently as there are lots of reports of matches on statusmatcher.

    • Turkish Airlines is pretty reliable, I got a 2 year Elite card matched from my Aegean Gold.

  4. SkyTeam Elite Plus gives lounge access when flying on a same day international flight or domestic connecting flight. So you wouldn’t get access in the event you’re flying domestically *anywhere* (unlikely you fly purely domestically in Europe) but will get Delta Sky Club lounge access in the U.S. if connecting to or from any international leg.

    You’d also be eligible for unlimited complimentary upgrades on DL domestic flights, free access to “preferred” and “Comfort” seats on domestic DL flights and discounted access to “Comfort” seating on DL international flights (but don’t get excited – we’re only talking a bit more legroom and recline, not a different seat).

    • Actually, scrub that last past – looks like Delta removed Alitalia elites from free upgrade eligibility. Only Air France / KLM and Virgin Atlantic elites are now eligible – and even then, only after all Delta’s own elites’ upgrades have cleared.

  5. Howard says:

    I applied using my Cathay Pacific Gold card which expires in September.

    I did eventually use this to get Etihad gold status.

    • idrive says:

      it seems you do not need to send the statement, only the card. do you agree?

      • Mazin says:

        True. I sent the card (BA Gold / expiry end Aug15) only and got Alata Plus/Elite Plus within 48hrs. Didn’t get a reply but learnt about it when checked my membership profile.

  6. I have Cathay Gold from the Amex Plat offer, and recently leveraged it to gain Etihad Gold through their status match offer. Which of these would you suggest asking Alitalia to match?

    • Did that not expire some time ago?

      • David says:

        The CX Gold offer is indeed no longer available for new signups, but the status I obtained is still valid through the end of August, so I’d like to make use of it while I can! Any thoughts on my original question re whether using CX or Etihad is more likely to be successful?

  7. Howard says:

    I never sent statement to Etihad and have not with this status match. I have only sent Cathay Pacific.

    • idrive says:

      AH! i did not send it to Etihad i thought a card would not be enough!! 🙁 is it done, finished now?

      • Dave H says:

        I have just had a negative reply from Eithad, stating they have no status match at the moment.

      • I tried to status match with Ethiad with my CX Gold (which was only 2 months left) when they were offering status match, but they never reply.

        Looks like I should have try harder…

        • Charlie says:

          It worked for me, although I accidently ignored the email informing me of the status match, and only discovered when logging onto Etihad!

  8. I just sent an e-mail out asking for a match from BA Silver. Let’s see what comes out of it. Anyone try matching with BA Silver?

    • If you google the email address, you’ll see several website explaining the match options.

  9. It’s on the official website too:

    Seeing that BA Gold has been matched to Freccia Alata Plus, maybe BA Silver will be matched to Freccia Alata.
    Both Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus are considered Skyteam Elite Plus status.

  10. Cheshire Pete says:

    Is anyone else getting an ” error in service” when signing up to Millemiglua? And it doesn’t complete the registration and then says on resubmitting “user already exists”

    Perhaps HFP readers have broken yet another IT registration system! Lol….

  11. nufnuf77 says:

    Just to let you know why some are getting March’16 and some March’17, the Alitalia website does make this clear on their status matching page:
    “The new, recognized status will be valid until March 31, 2016. If the status in the existing Frequent Flyer Program expires after March 31, 2016, the equivalent status recognized within the MilleMiglia Program will be valid until March 31, 2017.”

      • Yes, just saw this, makes sense. Annoyingly I don’t have a status card which runs that long. It may be better if I hold off until later in the year as long as I am convinced Alitalia won’t pull the match early ….
  12. Shayele says:

    Do I need to open an account with Alatilia before applying for the status match?

  13. AlanC says:

    If you applied for a status match with Gulf Air Falcon Flyer last year you are sent another card this year valid until 03/17 even though i never actually earned any miles with them!


  14. I was wondering if there is a ‘best’ time of day to look for availability for BA Executive Club reward seats to the U.S.?

    Sometimes I see seats appear and than disappear and than reappear.

  15. Tim Rogers says:

    Has anyone had any luck with this yet? I applied last Wednesday and am yet to have any luck.

    • Tim, I have sent mine the same date as yours and also had no reply as yet !

      Would be nice to receive can acknowledgement that it has been received ok !