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All this week, Head for Points is running an exciting competition in association with hotel booking app HotelTonight to promote their current ‘£30 off your first UK booking’ promotion.

We have a prize of £500 of hotel credit to be won!  One lucky reader will win see £500 of credit deposited into their HotelTonight account.

The prize will be valid for 12 months and can be used at any of their properties in over 500 cities.

In addition, every reader who downloads the HotelTonight app will receive £30 towards their first UK hotel booking, valid until the end of 2015.

What is HotelTonight?

HotelTonight is an app which allows you to book a carefully curated selection of hotels, at all price points, up to seven days in advance. By restricting itself to seven days advance booking, it can persuade hotels to offer discounted prices because they will know by that point that they will not be full.

The company operates across the UK, Europe, North America and Latin America with over 500 cities currently covered.  Last week the company opened up in Australia with Sydney and Melbourne the first cities to be included.

Hotel Tonight

HotelTonight is only available as an app. There is no website through which you can book. Restricting access to deals to registered users is another way that the company can persuade hotels to offer deals through the platform.

The iOS app can be downloaded here

The Android app can be downloaded here

The Windows Phone app can be downloaded here

HotelTonight is currently offering a £30 credit to new users.  To receive your £30 credit, valid for UK hotels, you need to enter the code HEADFORPOINTS on the sign-up page.

(On Windows Phone, there is no ability to enter a promo code.  You need to contact customer support and ask them to add £30 credit in relation to the HEADFORPOINTS promo code.  Apologies for the extra effort required.)

IMPORTANT: the £30 will show as a coupon on your account under the “Redeem promo code” section. It does NOT show as a £30 credit and your ‘Credit’ total will still show £0.

You have until 31st December to redeem your £30 sign-up credit so there is no rush to use it – but you should download the app ASAP whilst the code is still available.

The £30 credit is only for first-time users of the service and a £70 + taxes minimum spend at a UK hotel is required.

What can you win?

We are giving away ONE prize of £500 HotelTonight credit.

The prize will be valid for 12 months and can be used in any of their properties worldwide.  As you will see from the app, the company operates in a huge number of cities so you won’t have any problems using your credit.

How do I enter?

You need to download the HotelTonight app for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device and claim your £30 of free credit by using the code HEADFORPOINTS.  That is it!

There is NO requirement to make a booking.

If you have already downloaded the HotelTonight app over the last couple of months and used the HEADFORPOINTS code then you are already entered into the competition.  You do not need to do anything.

The competition will close at midnight UK time on Sunday 12th July. The winner will be picked at random from all valid downloads.

The other rules

The competition is only open to residents of the UK.

Under UK law, I am obliged to make the names of the winners available on request. The joint promoters of the competition are HotelTonight and Head for Points, contact details available on request.

Good luck!

Comments (32)

  • david rolles says:

    Have just installed Windows version if Hotel Tonight, but it wont let download your promo code, saying that I need to update to latest version of the app?

    I’ve emailed their helpdesk.

    • Chris says:

      Same for me, not a good start

    • Rob says:

      You are not the first person to mention this, I was hoping they had fixed the Windows Phone issue by now. Apologies.

  • Oh! Matron! says:


    you may wish to feedback that the lack of password validation, and the minimum 4 character password is not what I would call secure, or good practice.



  • The_Real_A says:

    Shame there is not a website. I cannot think of anything worse that typing all booking into a mobile device.

    • Rob says:

      The app works very well – as there is only a limited selection of hotels per night you are not faced with a huge list of properties that, say, the Expedia app would generate.

  • Simmo says:

    If you have already downloaded the HotelTonight app over the last couple of months and used the HEADFORPOINTS code then you are already entered into the competition. You do not need to do anything.
    The competition will close at midnight UK time on Sunday 12th July. The winner will be picked at random from all valid downloads.

    – SO how about everybody that signed up when you originally shared this app? (Back in may 2014? – with you other sign up code RBURGESS15?)

  • Eshaq Choudhury says:

    Nothing for Europe?

    • Rob says:

      The £30 code is UK only, unfortunately. As usually happens with HFP competitions, whilst they are often sponsored by companies which operate globally, you need to remember that I almost always deal with the UK office which has a marketing budget to promote the UK side of the company.

  • dirtyneedlebluesky says:

    shame i’ve registered already – it won’t allow me to add another promo and the original promo seems to be worth just £15

    yes I know I could enter another email to register for the current £30 offer 🙂

    • Dan says:

      Same here too unfortunately.

      Is there a way of fixing this Rob? Seems a little unfair that regular readers (that took up your original Hotel Tonight code last year) are barred from entry?

      • Rob says:

        Obvious way round it is to encourage a family member to sign up ….

        HT and I bounced around a few ways of structuring this and what you see is the compromise we reached which I felt was as fair as we could manage.

  • Tom1234 says:

    Off topic and probably frowned up on HFP… But does anyone know whether you are okay to manufacture spend on an mbna cards to hit the sign up bonus in 3 months? Ie book refundable hotel and then cancel once you have spent £2k/£3k over a 6 month period. Full repayments each month. I have read that it’s best to make sure the first and threshold spends aren’t refunded.

    • Rob says:

      Not frowned upon by me, I have run a few articles on this topic! What I would do is book some refundable flights or pre-paid but refundable hotels and then cancel them to match your monthly spend. So, for example, you book 4 x £500 refundable hotel booking and then (assuming you spend £500 per month) cancel one per month to match your spend. This means that you will never go negative with your miles. This does require you to fund the £2,000 though.

      Far easier, of course, is to buy a pile of supermarket or garage gift cards for wherever you do your normal spending.

    • ScotlishZander says:

      It’s something I did with the Virgin Atlantic cards, booked a fully refundable flight 3 months in advance and then cancelled after my spend bonus registered and it’s something I tried with AMEX as well and then the MR Points were clawed back… Not sure if this is usual practice and not done it since.

      • Rob says:

        In general, Amex only claw back if you refund the transaction that takes you over the spend target. If a different transaction is the one that actually kicks you over the line, you are OK – usually ….

  • david rolles says:

    HotelTonight say that ‘The Windows Phone app does not support promo codes, but we’re working on it and we hope to have an update out there for you soon’. However they will credit the £30 directly, if you email them the HEADFORPOINTS promo code.