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Bits: Etihad business sale with triple miles, sale

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Some news in brief:

Etihad business class sale

Etihad is running a business class sale until Thursday – see here for full details.

Alongside it, they are offering double miles in economy and triple miles in business class and first class.

Both the sale and the triple miles deal are for travel until 15th June 2016.  You must register for the triple miles offer via this page – you do not get it automatically when you book a sale ticket.

Note that Etihad does not provide its free chauffeur service on heavily discounted business class tickets.  I would imagine, but am not certain, that these fares do not qualify.

Etihad 350 72-hour sale

Finally, is running another 3-day sale until Thursday.  These deals can often be a little, ahem, ‘suspect’ but you do find the occasional bargain.  If you’re booking hotels at the moment it is worth a quick look.  The sale page is here.

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BA Sale
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  1. What kickback are you getting from Propeller? I find as an impartial website the amount of advertising you’re giving this agency lately is somewhat OTT for my comfort levels.

    • The blog costs money to run, e.g. over £1k on FCA licenses alone. Give Rob a break, he has been upfront about the partnership from the outset. It’s up to him what he posts and up to you whether you read and use it or not. It’s sort of funny no readees complain about the benefits they receive themselves from the site but some often moan about Rob getting anything for his efforts.

      • Question for C77 5:25 am:

        Would you be prepared to run an impartial website and how would you fund it?

      • 100% agree, James67. If you really want to be sold to, go to BoardingArea, where every other post is about a credit card. It’s a shame now that the discussion of this topic will be taken up in discussing this, rather than the amazing savings that Etihad have in place. I had a Kayak alert in place for flights from AUH->SEZ and they went off 2 days ago due to this deal, which will now cost £2500 vs £4000 previously. It’s well worth taking a look at.

        • Just booked my family Cairo – Bangkok for £630 each in business! Cairo is cheap normally but this is a great deal. (Yes they live in the area anyway)

      • It was a fair enough question I thought. I come here for a wide selection of reasons, notice plenty of banners which I can click onto if I want to. Im not here day in day out and was just aware I hear their services being plugged an awful lot and was curious what the deal was that’s all.

        • Fair enough!

          The deal, basically, is that they can book better luxury hotel deals for you than you can book yourself, and so save you considerable sums of money.

          They are never mentioned as an option unless there is a genuine reason why you, the reader, would be better off using them than going it alone.

    • Do you know of any good alternative agencies with the hotel upgrade/benefit options and allowing use of GUV2? I haven’t used their services yet but have kept them on file for those reasons – most TAs don’t offer as many FHR-style perks or handle the vouchers.

      • For those like me with little or no hotel status it is a good way of getting added benefits if we want them so I appreciate Rob highlighting this and other similar companies in the past. Also have not used them but planning to give them a try for our Euro rail trip next spring.

    • Rob reports on agencies (airlines / hotels etc) that have new offers. If that causes them to offer more benefits to get exposure then it’s a win-win situation.

    • mrsilver says:

      How much do you earn?

    • erico1875 says:

      Start your own blog.

    • Bearing in mind that Propeller help to book hotels to use the status many acquire, through Raffles’ articles, the promoting of Propeller seems excellently placed 🙂

    • gregorygricks says:

      I don’t think it’s any of your business what “kickbacks” Rob or anybody gets. By the way, what’s your salary ?

  2. Off-topic but quite fed up with BA. There is a flight available for £300 on an exotic destination but nothing for Avios availability for months around the dates.

    BA prefers to sell that seat for a small sum in a fierce competition with other airlines in the corner of the world it has no interest in.

  3. The Avios business is not going to make Rob a millionaire any more, so forgive him in for looking for other revenue streams! He does this site for our enjoyment, and for his benefit, and that is fine, cause boy the enjoyment you get. Thx rob, my morning coffee would not taste half as good without your articles!!!

  4. +1 up to you how you use the info provided. Come on be honest, for many this is having a lifestyle we would not get otherwise and for me personally helped improve the experience and generated a side hobby, plus saving money on daily basis. with all the knowledge i gained over the last three years i saved sss of £ in several occasions! I just would like to see us all having a drink at a meetup. Would be fun.

    • Lady London says:

      +1, “with knobs on”.

      My other half once said “If you have a nice shiny wonderful fast car that does everything, in America they think “if I work hard and pay attention, I can have one of those too”.
      In the UK, they scratch it.

      Seems this is the kind of mindset we’re looking at above.

  5. OT – Any news of a new Accor promo this quarter?

    • Supposedly 3 x 2 night stays for 10000points coming soon but I know no more than that. I’m avios poor at the moment so hoping we might get something like 2000 avios per stay again this coming winter.

  6. @C77 – Rob was quite clear from the onset that there is a collaboration between Headforpoints and Propeller. Nobody cares about your comfort levels, to be honest.

  7. Hi Everyone,

    Rob posted multiple times that we share revenue with Head For Points.
    This adds value to Rob’s readers and helps this site. If you have a major blog
    about frequent flying and spent years and years building – we would love to work
    with you as well. That said, in the UK , I find there is simply no other option that
    doesn’t try to stick an affiliate link to you in every single post trying to get you to
    get a new Amex.

    I have been a Head For Points reader for years prior to approaching about our services
    and I can promise you that no one gets rich from running a travel agency or from being
    affiliated with such.

    Lets look at value and benefits and get some more avios (I’m a GGL myseld and ex-HON), more interesting.

    • wow, spelling errors when typing on a phone while being in an uber. sad. apologies*

      p.s – Book SPG paying the same price you would online with more benefits (where available) and get an Amazon voucher – gets you pure benefit. (of course you earn all your SPG stars and nights as usual), and costs the agency many times more than the night’s revenue (but hopefully allows us to wow you with our service), so again, not much getting rich there.


  8. The reason I brought Danny onboard is that he can offer you something that you cannot get yourself – ie access to ‘preferred partner’ packages at luxury hotels and GUF2 booking if you are BA Gold Guest List.

    Feel free to book your Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental stay etc directly if you like, but you will get a worse deal than you would from a ‘preferred partner’ agent, There are very few of these agents in the UK – I was previously using one in America – so the Propeller deal is genuinely adding value.

    I only mention them when they can offer you something over and above what you can get yourself. On a £300 night at a Four Seasons you would get around £200 of extra benefits via Propeller (free breakfast for 2, $100 of credit towards in-hotel spend, upgrade if available at check-in) and I get about £10 in commission. I think we can see who gets the best side of this deal!

  9. Rob deserves any revenue stream he could get. It’s not easy for everyone to understand how much work is required to create multiple contents daily for a few years running unless you are a blogger yourself (I was). Even harder to juggle it with your day job / family / other commitments.

    Back to the Etihad promo, they’ve been running these many times already – though the bonus miles never seem to be credited to my account!

  10. You like maximising the value and fun of travel and you’re not interested in Clubcard points? Wow! You need to read this blog more!! :))

    • What can I say – I shop at Waitrose!

      • That’s no problem. Buy 3V giftcards. Use them to buy Waitrose gift vouchers at Then shop at Waitrose, smug in the knowledge that you are getting 150 Clubcard points for every 50 pounds you spend there!! It’s what I do with both Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

        • Ta for that 🙂

          • Leo, you need to read more and be more creative:-)

          • I just pick and choose how much effort I expend. I admire the commitment of others to the “hobby” but you know life is short….

        • I wish I could “buy 3v gift cards”! I got four x £25’s at my local Tesco a month ago, and have spent many wasted visits there hoping to find them again.
          Are they still available at other Tesco stores? Am I just unlucky with timing, or do some stores simply not stock them?

        • Jeeso!!!! I missed the trick on …….I’ve been buying small amounts to pay Scottish Power …. Thanks for this !

  11. Totally OT, but as this is a “bits” post I don’t feel too guilty.

    For the Accelerate IHG promo I have the pitiful amount of 600 points available for spending $39 on food & drink, and I was wondering if paying for breakfast (for 2) on a reward night redemption at a Crowne Plaza would be applicable towards that target?

    The 600 points are pretty irrelevant, but it will help me knock off one of the targets to get the achievement bonus pretty easily.

    • Good question. There has never been a condition like this in an IHG promo before so it isn’t clear if reward night spending would count. Reward nights DO count as qualifying stays towards status but, of course, do not count as qualifying stays towards doing ‘x nights’ for this promo, so it could go either way.

      • Exactly the same target for me ($39 on food & drink) and be interested to hear how this is captured when in a UK hotel spending £’s… straight forward exchange rate conversion, or swap the value of $39 for £39?

        What are IHG like for crediting points for these promotions – is it likely I would need to chase them regardless?

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