Bits: £200 off a holiday for 10000 Avios, 3000 miles for joining Virgin Flying Club

More news in brief:

Save £200 on a package holiday by redeeming 10,000 Avios

You have always been able to redeem Avios points via for package holiday discounts.  The rate was only 0.5p per Avios point, however, which was never a great deal.

Until 21st September, you can receive a whopping 2p per Avios point.  This is a very generous deal – assuming you meet the terms and conditions – and is far better value than using your Avios for a flight!

You need to redeem this offer via which means using ‘Combine My Avios‘ to move your points from British Airways Executive Club if necessary.  Full details are on their website here.

In summary:

You must book by 21st September

There is a minimum spend of £750 per person

You can travel at any point until the end of 2016

Avios can book most of the major tour brands, from Butlins to Kuoni.


3,000 free miles for joining Virgin Flying Club

Whilst I cover Virgin Flying Club on Head for Points, you may not be a member because you never thought it was relevant to you.

This offer may change your mind.  Via the Virgin Red iOS app which I discussed a few weeks ago, you will receive 3,000 miles for joining Flying Club.

You don’t need to do anything.  The miles will be automatically dropped in your account within 7 days.

3,000 miles won’t get you far, especially with the final Little Red domestic flights taking place in a couple of weeks.  However, once you have your account open, you are better placed to pick some miles via the generous credit card sign-up bonus, opening an ISA, buying wine, Heathrow Rewards, Tesco Clubcard conversions or American Express Membership Rewards.

The offer is only available to 2,000 people so I would do it sooner rather than later.

However …. do NOT sign up if you have a Premium Economy or Upper Class Virgin Atlantic flight in the pipeline.  You are better off joining via the standard refer-a-friend scheme, as this gets you 5,000 miles if your first return flight is Premium Economy or 10,000 miles if your first return flight is Upper Class.  Email me at raffles [at] if you are not a Flying Club member but have a cash ticket booked and want to be referred.

Bits: redeem on Cathay's new Madrid route, Swiss J sale to Zurich & Geneva, SAS lounge
(EDIT: Not currently bookable, expired?) - BA Club World to New York for £900 ex-Switzerland (and other deals)
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  1. Good avois redemption discount, though the T&Cs are a bit ambiguous.

    – Do people interpret this as £750 spend post £200 discount or pre-discount?
    – Is this definitely £750 spend per person?
    I’m reading this as this as a single £200 off booking for 10,000 avois, which makes me think the spend (be it £750 pre or post discount) is probably an absolute rather than per person amount.

  2. Just out of interest, how many Virgin miles would I need to be able to purchase something interesting? 3000 avois for free would be brilliant (almost 1 short haul flights worth) but what about with Virgin?

    • I interpret the terms as 10,000 points max conversion giving £200 off holiday per booking.

    • Until the end of September when the services are dropped, a one way with Little Red to Aberdeen or Edinburgh is 3,750 miles. After that, the cheapest ticket is presumably a one way to New York in Economy which would be 17,500.

    • 10,000 miles for a one glass upgrade to most east coast USA destinations. Remember you can also get 2,000 miles for free at the moment by turning Tesco auto convert on, the miles usually post quickly and you can turn it back off again before you actually have to convert anything (ends 15th September though).
      3,000 gets you £50 off an Economy flight at present too (but you did say interesting not sure that qualifies).

      • Sorry, one class not one glass! Also note 10,000 per flight not return.

      • Hi,

        I signed up for auto convert back in August when the bonus came along but I’ve still not got the bonus. When are the points posted? Will I have to contact clubcard?

    • One good use for such small amounts is in long haul economy flights via their ‘miles plus money’ option. For LHR-JFK, return, 3000 miles will reduce the ticket by approx £50.

      These flights do not earn any miles and so are only good for non-frequent flyers. One to put away in the back pocket, personally I’m creating accounts on behalf of my family members on the off chance we do end up needing this.

  3. cheekychappie says:

    Raffles – I thought you already had the ability to refer new members to VA

    Not like you to give up a finder’s fee 🙂

  4. Hello everyone. I would appreciate your advice on this. I am scheduled to fly Virgin Atlantic in Upper Class LHR to HKG in end of September. Return is with Aeroflot. Considering it is only one leg (not a return with Virgin), would I still be eligible for the 10,000 miles through the refer-a-friend scheme? I am yet a Flying Club member. Many thanks.

    • It technically says return but then says the points are added per sector, so you’d likely get half and the next half the next time you flew…

    • The rules are inconsistent. It says that the referrer (not you) gets 5,000 points for each of your first 2 Upper Class segments. For the person referred, it says you get 10,000 points for your first return flight – which implies you must complete a return.

      However, my gut feeling – as I know how they post these points – is that you would get 5,000 points for doing a one way as your first flight.

      You need to decide between definitely getting 3,000 via this link and probably getting 5,000 via the referral route.

    • The terms and conditions say this “For every person you refer who joins Flying Club, you will earn Miles on the basis of the cabin in which they complete their first round trip with Virgin Atlantic” for the referrer and ‘For all persons referred who subsequently join Flying Club and travel, they will earn bonus Miles on the basis of the cabin in which they complete their first round trip with Virgin Atlantic,”
      so according to the rules it seems not. However, I have referred people before and got the miles even when they have only booked a one way, as have they, and they always seem to post immediately after the first flight, however you obviously have no comeback if you don’t get them.

  5. Oh, typical! Two weeks after I join Flying Club there’s a 3000 point bonus for joining!!

  6. Do you still earn Avios on the remaining package holiday spend? I have got 10 avios per £1 on my last two Thomson bookings. Losing this would make it much less attractive. Note from terms that 30k avios can be used for £600 discount etc.

    • Minimum spend of £750. Discount will not be doubled up to £400 if using 20,000, or £600 for 30,000 Avios etc.

  7. robstaaaar says:

    Had a heavy night n my head’s still a little thick, but where’s the link to join up with Virgin Flying Club?

    • for the 3,000 bonus miles you need to download the Virgin Red app and join through that.

      • Raymond Hennessy says:

        Not available on Android 🙁

        • cheekychappie says:

          Side load? Or go through Raffles’ link, you’ll still get the 3000 points when you fly plus can start earning points through other means 🙂

        • You can’t sideload an iOS app onto Android 😉 Stupid of VS to limit their platforms like this, but at least we’ve got the Raffles route!

        • cheekychappie says:

          There’s a whole community out there that says you’re wrong 🙂

          No idea myself as I never did that.

          But I did spend hours sideloading iOS & Android games onto a Blackberry Playbook a couple of years ago (for the kids lol) so I am quite aware that with a bit of energy you can usually find a way to sideload apps from one platform to another.

        • Not quite – if you read this and other articles on the topic you’ll see it’s all from a Colombia Uni project called Cider (a variation of the the WINE Linux emulation naming no doubt!), subsequently renamed to Cycada. However development status is marked as unknown and most articles on it either date from August 2014 or rehash the same content/video from that time. Things were quite different for Blackberry where they were actively pushing emulation development to help grow the apps on their platform.

          Regardless in this case Virgin should be developing for at least Android and iOS.

        • cheekychappie says:

          You are right

        • Raymond Hennessy says:

          OK, borrowed the wifes iPhone and joined up. 3000 points credited immediately . Approx 1250 slots still available at 15.30.

        • I’m amused at how quickly they are going down. It had been up for a while when I saw it and only 150 of the 2,000 had been taken. We seem to have taken around 500 between us today!

      • I’ve already got the Virgin Red App but I can’t seem to find a link to join the Flying Club. Feel like I’m having a blonde moment. Any guidance would be appreciated.

        • It was on the home page yesterday and there were still 1,800 of the 2,000 packages left. Try using the search ‘funnel’ at the top and filtering by travel offers. Cannot check myself as daughter is playing Smurfs games on my iPhone ….

        • Can’t find anything on the Virgin Red App. Might just have to go with a referral. Don’t have any plans to fly Virgin just yet but happy to join with sign on bonus if a referral is the next best thing.

  8. The numbers you quote are for REFERERs, referees get 2000 miles and 3000 miles only.

    • It’s weird, I was looking at this just a couple of weeks ago and I could have sworn it was the other way around, that the person being referred got 5000 and the referer 2000. But it does look like it is how you say, now. I wonder if the colleague I referred actually signed up?

      • I specifically looked for the terms around one month ago and I’m sure it was already this way at that time. I referred my Mum this January before her one-way economy flight this January, I got 1000 miles and she got 500.

  9. Axel Heyst says:

    i tried and failed on iphone, then my 9 year old daughter signed up through her ipad forme. We just checked the new vfc account and already 3000 credited! She had to sign up for the app then also sign up again to vfc on the ipad after completing a game/questionnaire.

    She said the app. wants to profile you first e.g do you want to be an astronout or diver before the link appears.

    1300 packages left

    • Finally go it to work after I reset the filters. All good to go. Points have already been credited.

  10. Pat Butcher says:

    Does anyone know if there is a package holiday place that lets you pay off the balance online with 3vs?

    • cheekychappie says:

      Yep, EDF, OVO, EON for starters

    • BA Holidays, I believe! Don’t take that as gospel unless someone else confirms they did it though.

      • cheekychappie says:

        Sure, but why would you take anything but your first choice holiday provider when there’s no need (if you simply need to spend 3Vs)?

        • Remember that booking a rubbish hotel and a flight with BA Holidays is often cheaper than just booking a flight, which is why people do it (and dump the hotel). Getting to only pay a 10% deposit and clearing the rest on 3V is just icing on the cake!

        • cheekychappie says:

          There’s an article in that

    • Travel republic

      • cheekychappie says:

        Kipto – you are well-known here, good info from you, thanks – would you recommend Travel Republic?

        Not too familiar with them.

        • Yes I would. Very competitive price wise and they take 3v. Paid off quite a few hotels using 3v. You can pay the minimum deposit and pay the balance off using 3v as and when you can find them. If you have something booked from January onwards on travel Republic wait until December when the extra clubcard points in the tesco Christmas magazine should appear and there will be a reason for buying the 3v cards as you will be getting 700 clubcard points per £100 spent plus any points from the paying card at the till. The magazines tend to be out the third week in November. Btw thanks for the “you are well known ” it’s made my night !

        • cheekychappie says:



        • Saw your post last night re times of flights being released on from recent (positive ) experience. Bang on 0100

  11. I referred our hairdresser to Flying Club as she was flying to Australia. And her husband. Little did I know they were flying Upper Class…..until the points rolled in!!!

  12. wetboy1uk says:

    Does anyone know of any package holiday companies where you can still book fly drives to florida which would be bookable through avios? Having difficulty finding any still doing fly drives. Thanks

  13. I take it you have ruled out for some reason.

    Go to and click on spend and click on flight plus car.

  14. Signed up, 3000 miles credited. 948 still available.