Bits: 15% off Iberia flights from UK Sun & Mon, craziest trip report ever?, Aeroplan devalues

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News in brief:

15% off Iberia flights for 48 hours

Iberia, BA’s sister airline, is offering 15% off all Iberia flights from the UK.

This deal is only available for 48 hours, today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday).  It is valid on Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional departures.  I don’t have the small print so I don’t know if it applies to UK long-haul flights with a Madrid connection or just short-haul departures to Spain.

The Iberia discount code you need is WTD15GB (knowing my luck this won’t work, fingers crossed!).  Your flight must be booked with a departure date before December 18th.  The booking page is here.

Iberia A330 350

The craziest trip report ever?

Whatever you may have done to collect miles and points in the past is probably nothing compared to this fantastic trip report which appeared on Flyertalk recently.

To take advantage of an offer of 5,000 SAS EuroBonus miles for an Avis car rental, our man decided to rent 37 Avis cars.  Over a period of two days.

Since that wasn’t complex enough, he decided that the best way of doing way was to fly from his home in Sweden to Madeira in order to do it.

The full story is here and is well worth a look.  Thanks to Rich.

Air Canada

Aeroplan devaluation announced

Aeroplan, the Air Canada loyalty programme which is part of Star Alliance, has announced a devaluation of its international awards from December.

I won’t dwell on it here as it will only concern a few HFP readers.  You can find out more at Canadian Kilometres here.

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easyJet revises cancellation and change fees - I compare with BA
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  1. What a trip report ! Fantastic!

  2. I’m amazed at the dedication and planning involved in that points run! I can’t even seen to manage to do the obvious ones – I finally succumbed and bought a new iPhone yesterday from Argos, having kept the old one for 4 years. As I stood in the supermarket afterwards I realised I should have cleared the local Tescos out of Argos gift cards and earnt a bundle of clubcard points from buying it.


    • I didn’t even know tesco sold argos giftcards.

      • Erico1875 says:

        Its a crime punishable with an hour long points lecture in my family for anyone to buy anything from Argos or B&Q without visiting Tesco first 🙂

        • I’ve always been a bit lazy when it came to the smaller amounts of miles but being avios-poor at the moment I guess it’s time I upped my game.

    • Plus use reserve & collect via Virgin shopaway or ba and get 4 per £

  3. This is my favourite trip report:

    2 days in the Emirates lounge during the 2010 New York storm. You have to hunt through the thread for the full report but it’s well worth it!

  4. And I thought I was doing some crazy trips hitting every Tesco Store I could in 2013 searching and buying every 3V card I could.

    • I’m still doing that now 🙁

      • Ps pay.coms are a lot more lucrative than that report though!

      • Fair play to you Jason. How do you use most of the cards these days? They are now different cards aren’t they?

      • Do ypu guys honestly thimk they are worth the time and effort? I processed a carrier bag full of them in the good old NS&I days but it was so painful I’ve never looked at them since.

        • Depends how easy it is to get them. They haven’t re-stocked them for a while and supplies are getting low. I only travel for leisure so they have been a handy way of earning plenty of points the last 6 months.
          They are painful and tedious but I don’t have another way of earning plenty of points, so they work for me, the alternative is to pay £79/£1k, for paid visas, which work out at 0.77p per avios with my Amex gold using tesco gift cards at a petrol station:)

        • Erico1875 says:

          Its all part of the game.
          Its a hobby, so you do ridiculous things to satisfy the craving.Even if I was a billionair, Id still do it 🙂

        • I’m a zillionaire, & I do it too 🙂

  5. OT: In response to the recent question about the IHG free night certificate, IHG have responded to my email by confirming that the certificate must be redeemed within the date of the certificate and it cannot be cancelled or changed beyond that date.

  6. The Iberia code does not work with me, I tried yesterday on a few routes. Why am I the only one? not even the Ba works!! 🙁

  7. Phill Ramsay says:

    Slightly OT but have you heard anything about the devaluation of amex MR rewards to BA which is meant to be happening on the 1st October. Seen it mentioned on a few US travel blogs but cant recall seeing anything here.

    • Would have thought it’s US related!

    • It’s a US-specific thing. Going to be 250 MR = 200 Avios.

      It makes sense for credit card providers/airlines to recognise that earning 1 point per pound and 1 point per USD is not the same thing. Especially for BA. As noted here, US-based card for British Airways had an astounding 100,000 Avios subscription bonus for years before April 15 devaluation, and it was a Visa card. No FX loading too, if memory serves.

      US MR ratio for SPG is 1,000 points = 333 Starpoints (3:1). While UK MR to SPG is 2:1.

      Reflects 1 GBP = 1.5 USD approximately.

      But UK Amex SPG only gives one point per pound…

      • I don’t think making sense in a comparable fashion has anything to do with it. I think it simply comes down to whatever deal a company can negotiate with IAG for the purchase of avios and therafter deciding how they want to use those avios as an incentive to sustain existing business and drive new business.

  8. Thank you Rob. The Iberia promo is also valid ex-EU. The codes are available on

  9. gutted about the Iberia code. We spent £600 on two flights to MAD yesterday to link up with a flight to Cuba we booked using points (thanks to Rob). Still I think it was only £40 in charges for a business seat plus Avios for the Cuba flight at a peak time of year so it’s not a bad deal.

  10. Quite clear MR —> Avios will be devalued UK as well, timing uncertain.

    No point leaving MR points unconverted.

    • Unless you want the flexibility of being able to convert to different programmes. If you are only interested in Avios, then maybe you’re right.

    • No it won’t.

      The US devaluation was done for a specific reason – to make the official BA Amex, issued by Chase, more attractive than having an Amex and converting MR points.

      This is not an issue in the UK, because a) Amex issues both cards and b) the BA cards are already better deals than either Gold or Platinum – because of the annual fees – if you want Avios.

      • This is nonsense. First off Chase issues BA card is by Visa.
        Second, BA is selling Avios. One would assume that BA increased the price per Avios. You now only earn 1avios/$ spent rather than 1.25 Avios/$ on Chase issues BA card. Approximately the same reduction as seen with the new MR to Avios conversion rate in the U.S.

        • Not quite the nonsense. You described the same story. If US BA Card (Visa) earns 1 Avios/USD (was 1.25 Avios/USD), then presumably, BA requested change to 5:4 for MR/Avios transfers (perhaps in the interest of Chase). Otherwise MR way would be more attractive than BA-branded credit card (in the US).

          It seems AMEX agreed to that. They have quite a leverage over the airlines because they are paying cash for points but they also need to offer a similarly attractive option, compared to airline credit cards.

          If the MR-to-airline rate is unfavourable then people stop transferring (and start spending on airline-branded card). Perhaps that is why they were so careful setting the rate as 5:4 (250:200) as opposed to 3:2 and things are approximately equal between US Amex MR and Chase BA Visa to acquire Avios.

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