Best ever Heathrow Rewards sign-up deal – 3,000 Avios, Virgin, Lufthansa, Etihad or Emirates miles!

Heathrow Rewards – the loyalty scheme for Heathrow’s duty free shops – has launched a new sign-up promotional bonus in association with British Airways.

This is the most generous sign-up deal that I have seen for Heathrow Rewards.  I think the previous best offer was 2,500 points.  With this deal, you will receive 3,000 bonus points (= 3,000 Avios or miles) when you spend £100 in one day before 28th February.

(Someone needs to tell them that 2016 is a leap year!)

Heathrow Rewards gives you 1 point for every £1 spent in Heathrow (1 per £10 on foreign exchange) or on Heathrow Express tickets (online bookings only).  Heathrow Express bookings do count for points but unless you are spending £100 in one go it won’t help you trigger the bonus as you cannot control what date the transaction posts to your account.

You can redeem your 3,000 points for Avios (in either or British Airways Executive Club), Virgin Flying Club miles, Etihad Guest, Miles & More miles or Emirates Skywards miles.

Alternatively, you could take £30 of Heathrow shopping vouchers or Heathrow Express vouchers, or £60 of vouchers towards the official Heathrow car parks.

Full details of the Heathrow Rewards scheme are here.  The offer itself appears on the Heathrow Rewards website here.

Heathrow Rewards

Whilst British Airways is sponsoring this promotion, you are not obliged to send your bonus points to Avios. You can redeem for any of their airline partners or for something else.

Here is the small print:

*3000 bonus points offer is available to new members of the Heathrow Rewards programme only who join using the above link or register their card and enter promo code BAAMNOV15 before 28 February 2016. Points will be awarded when £100 or more of qualifying expenditure is made in a single day before 28 February 2016 and the Heathrow Rewards card is used. Only one offer per member on the first £100 of spend only. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other joining offer.

You may well already have a Heathrow Rewards account. If so, you have three options:

open an account for someone else who shares a BA or Avios household account with you, then transfer the Avios to that account

Heathrow Rewards now lets you transfer points between different people – you could get a card in a random name, spend £100 and then ring Heathrow Rewards to transfer the points to yourself

if you have only previously converted to one airline programme, you could open another account in your name (different email, different postal address) and then send the points over to Virgin, Etihad or Miles & More if you usually send them to Avios (or vice versa). Do not use the same Avios number on two accounts.

If your card does not arrive before your next Heathrow trip, don’t worry. Save your receipts and scan or post them to Heathrow Rewards and they will add them manually.

PS.  If you have the Etihad credit cards, issued by MBNA, you receive a free upgrade to the Heathrow Rewards premium tier which earns double points.  Full details are in this article

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  1. The wording suggests spend in a single day is required, not a single transaction. Or is the ‘single transaction’ part deeper in the small print? Not easy to see.

  2. Would buying £100+ of foreign currency work for this?

    • 1 Point per £10 exchanged at Bureaux de change

      • Despite what is says below, there’s no way they will know you have bought gift vouchers, though (unless the HR scanning machine malfunctions & you have to submit a manual claim). Since there’s plenty of time to try it more than once, I would suggest this route might be easy.

        You will not be awarded Points for expenditure in the following outlets: betting shops, Post Offices, vending and gaming machines, petrol stations, Regus Business Lounges, Louis Vuitton, temporary retailers/services; or for Transactions in relation to the following: lottery tickets, tobacco products, medicine, prescription items, infant formula, the retailer’s own pre-paid gift vouchers, postage stamps, Pay as You Go Internet access, or flights and/or hotels booked at or for Transactions paid for using Boots Advantage Card points. We reserve the right to change outlets or exclude products from time to time. Participating outlets may also change from time to time.

  3. You don’t need to wait for a physical card if you have iOS as you can add it to Passbook once you sign up. Passbook will allow multiple HR cards up be stored as well

  4. You have to sign up from the IOS device you’ve got ‘Wallet’ on to use use the immediate download option from the final confirmation page. If you signed up on another device (like I did!), there’s no option to then log in from the device and download card to Wallet. All you can do is bring up a ‘virtual card’ from the ‘My Account’ section by clicking on your number. Just keep this page open on Safari while shopping. Bit awkward but should work. You can wait for a promotional email with a download button, but that could take days. No good if you’re travelling today.

  5. OT but in the same BA email there is an offer for an extra 1,000 avoid when you order £600 of currency from the Amex site.

  6. Do W H Smith at Heathrow sell gift cards?
    Our local branch has a good selection including John Lewis/Waitrose

  7. Rob, as much as i like reading your blog, actively promoting fraud (opening a new account in random name) isn’t really on.

    • oh there’s always one :-;

    • Don’t be a bore!

    • Although I agree that people should not abuse promotions, Rob did not suggest to commit fraud. He suggest that one could sign a family or friend up for the promotion and pool the points. I think this well within the rules (provided the person is consenting). This is not the same as signing yourself using a different e-mail address etc. Heathrow Rewards would encourage people to get family and friends to sign up.

      • To be fair to gs, he has a fair point and I did consider whether I should write that last bit. As Heathrow Rewards has never spent a penny on advertising here, nor sponsored any competitions, or even bothered to send me their press releases even though I am one of their biggest drivers of new members, I decided no harm would come of it!

  8. Hi Rob, if I’ve already used a BA account to move over rewards in the past. Can I transfer the reward to my avios account and then transfer over to BA? Thanks!

  9. Barry Stanley says:

    Possibly car parking may count? I know you can enter the Heathrow rewards number when pre-booking

    • Yes, in the official Heathrow car parks you earn points and it would count towards the £100

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        Careful though – I’m not sure when the “transaction day” would be for car parks. The points themselves don’t post until a few days after you’ve actually parked your car. If your parking is less than £100 then you might have trouble getting it to stack with other purchases to get you over the same-day threshold.

  10. Actively encouraging fraud, nice

  11. Is it the case that the HR website does not allow more than one registration per household?

    Just tried to register my husband – red text everywhere saying – ‘an account already exists at this address, only one account per customer’ – well, I would agree we’re close, but we’re not *that* close, we are in fact, different people.

    • I think 10 & 10a count as different addresses even if the rest is identical

      • Hmmm….Not sure I fancy making up addresses so as to confuse my postman any further. He has enough trouble delivering to my address when letters/parcels are correctly labelled.

    • Correct, one per household. Add an 4a or your office.

    • Yes, they can manually override this though – phoned to make a sep account for my Mum (Dad already had one) so they could transfer some expiring Emirates Skywards miles in and the helpful team were able to manually create the account! 🙂

  12. Will the £100 spend count if it is partly made in £5 Heathrow Rwerads vouchers?
    I have a few of them to use up soon.

    • Yes, historically points have been based on gross spend ignoring vouchers. Unless things have changed you’d be OK.

      • Indeed they seem to view the vouchers (correctly IME) as a form of payment hence it’s just like paying £5 cash and the rest on card.

  13. To qualify would you need to spend £1,000 on Forex at a Bureau de Change? Surely £100 would not qualify.

  14. Don’t forget you can pair it with this promo

    15,000 extra points on jewellery, watches and technology at Heathrow

    Extra points offers on jewellery, watches and technology from 31 October until 31 December 2015 inclusive.
    500 points when you spend £150 – £349.99 at Dixons Travel, Swarovski and Tiffany & Co
    1000 points when you spend £350 – £1,499.99 at Dixons Travel, Swarovski and Tiffany & Co
    5000 points when you spend £1,500 – £3,999.99 at Dixons Travel, Harrods Fine Watch Room in Terminal 2, Harrods Cartier in Terminal 5, Watches of Switzerland and Tiffany & Co.
    15000 when you spend £4000 or more at Dixons Travel, Harrods Fine Watch Room in Terminal 2, Harrods Cartier in Terminal 5, Watches of Switzerland, and Tiffany & Co. Heathrow Rewards card must be presented at time of transaction.
    Only one offer per transaction. Points will be deducted from accounts if items are subsequently returned. See Heathrow Rewards general terms and conditions for full details.

  15. Seems like the Link to register your HR card on the etihad website is disabled at the moment – I get this “LHR Registration to promotion is temporarily unavailable”

  16. Sorry too late for most 🙂
    Double your money (before fees) @ Argos
    Get rid of those Argos cards lol
    toys buy 3 pay 2 expires tonight
    gives you a decent chance to hit spend targets
    ker-ching another 6000 Avios plus (I reckon) about £2.5K profit on £3K spend after fees
    no hints on what to buy as you will be competition 🙂

  17. Not travelling until April 2016
    Hello to trigger this 3000 bonus points – can i become a member and book parking?
    As transaction will go through now will that trigger the points?

  18. I’ve signed up for a new account using the link but notice I’ve already been awarded the standard 100 points ‘enrolment promotion’ on opening. Is this awarded as standard and I’ll still get the additional 3000 for the £100 spend, or has the 3000 promo code been missed and I need to reapply again?

  19. I made a huge mistake. Opened two Heathrow rewards account for my wife and myself. Bought stuff over 100 each. She got the bonus 3000 and I did not. Turns out I did not use the code while registering my account. Missing out on 6000 avios !

    • You’ve got me wondering now whether I added the code or not. Is there anything that shows the code has been registered – had a bit of a look around my new account and can’t see anything.

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        If you clicked through the link from the home page (as linked to in the article) then the code is pre-populated…