Bits: 3000 miles in 33 schemes with a hotel booking, new £50 coin at face value

News in brief:

3,000 airline miles with a hotel booking, including Avios and Virgin

Rocketmiles, a clone, is a hotel booking site which offers airline miles with every booking.  You won’t earn points or status benefits from the hotel itself but the miles from Rocketmiles usually make up for it.

If you book before Saturday night for any future date, you will receive 3,000 bonus airline miles in your choice of 33 programmes if you are a new Rocketmiles customer.  Any cheap one night stay somewhere will count!

As well as Avios and Virgin Flying Club, they also partner with American, Etihad, Flying Blue, Qatar, Singapore, United and many others.

You need to book via this link and be a new customer.  Thanks to Rob.


New £50 Royal Mint Britannia coin available

Royal Mint has launched a new £50 Britannia commemorative coin as you can see here.  It has a face value of £50 – and you can buy them for that.

If you have a bank which accepts them, and I know that one HFP reader does have a very flexible HSBC branch near him, these are free miles via your credit card.

Royal Mint does not take American Express so you need a Visa or MasterCard with a high earnings rate.  The reader who contacted me has the old BMI MasterCard paying 2 Avios per £1.

This is a little risky unless you are absolutely sure that your bank will accept them, as the running around required to find a suitable one could easily be more trouble than its worth.  Thanks to Tim.

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  1. RIccati says:

    Rocketmiles, a clone of Kaligo!? Rob!

    • Was writing that one of the conditions for Kaligo to sponsor the recent competition, Rob? :))

      • I would like to cover Rocketmiles more but, despite sponsoring a competition last year, they are not very forthcoming in terms of news on new offers etc. Anything I write about them I have dug out myself or been sent by a reader.

        PointsHound is even worse, I don’t even have a contact there.

    • I know that! However, as HFP readers are more familiar with Kaligo, it made sense to write it that way.

      The Rocketmiles guys did well, selling it for $20m after a couple of years. I should probably ask for shares in Kaligo given the volume of business I send them …..

      Setting up one of these is fairly easy – hotels come from just a couple of suppliers, the software is off the shelf (which is why Rocketmiles looks like Kaligo), the airlines are happy to promote you for free to their email list as it means they sell more miles …..

      • You mean, Kaligo looks like Rocketmiles… :))

      • Richard says:

        Think about it, Rob – if someone else now set up a website just like HfP, how would you feel about being called a “clone” of them? It’s good to be concise, but it’s even more important to be accurate 🙂 …especially when you need to tread the fine line between giving trustworthy editorial recommendations, and running promotions which feature a particular company.

  2. Sandgrounder says:

    According to Crunchbase:
    Kaligo founded 1st June 2013.
    Rocketmiles founded 1st November 2012.

  3. I booked with Rocketmiles in October when there was a promo first booking 4000AA for £10 more than official Amelia rate. Went very smoothly and miles posted within a few days.

  4. OT OMG I just got status matched from my Spire Elite to HH Diamond Elite ! I was hoping for Gold and was amazed to get Diamond. A result!

    • Sandgrounder says:

      Great news! I am waiting for my match to be processed, fingers crossed for the same result.

    • Me too as I mentioned yesterday.

    • James67 says:

      Just off the phone with them Declined at three separate ATMs in Bangkok today. It was same last Saturday. MBNA say no issues with them, supercard agent on Saturday told me it was due to a timrout error at atms, I think more likely an error at supercard. The worst news is I have just checked my mbna account and one of the declined transactions has gone through and been charged at almost £250. I will not be using it again until issue is resolved to my satisfaction.

  5. OT tried using my Supercard yesterday in Munich linked to my Virgin Visa card but was rejected twice – anyone else having problems with it. So much for saving on FX fees!

    • If you do more than a few transactions it seems to be blocked by the card issuer as they look a bit dodgy. It is the most frustrating part of the card.

    • Mine was rejected every single time I tried to use it in Italy a few months ago. Totally pointless if it can’t be relied upon

    • Also some retailers don’t accept prepaid visa cards, which is what the supercard looks like to the retailer.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      I had issues in Germany yesterday as well. Card machine was responding ‘system failure’ rather than declined auth though so no idea what’s up.

      • Hey….same here in Thailand…just error message..not even declined.

        Nor sure this is worth the agro…. Virgin visa card earns 500 miles on £1k overseas spend…. reckon it’s time to rely on the clarity. …

        Just my pennies worth

    • I’ve had varying sucess with this card so I always take a backup solution.
      Good when it works, frustrating when it doesn’t.

      It is still in BETA testing supposedly…

    • I got my Supercard (linked to Virgin Black Visa) rejected four times in the last two weeks. Twice for cash withdrawal in India, once for purchase in India, and once for purchase in USD online. Having said that, I’ve made more than 15 other transactions successfully in the same period. Looks like these rejections happen at random

      • Oh, and I must add, after the purchase in India was rejected, I noted that the Supercard was automatically ‘turned off’ in the app. I had to turn it back on to continue transacting.

    • I’ve got rejected in Greece over the past days, they told me that this is due to change of address. I have changed house recently so I believed in that.

    • roberto says:

      Me too. Supercard was a superdud in Spain yesterday and refused to work all day. I spoke to them and they said they would get back to me.. Thus far they have not.

    • On a recent journey to the US (via Gothenburg & Helsinki) my Supercard was rejected in all 3 countries at a variety of ATMs and stores. CS suggestion was that I switched back to Tesco Mastercard as the donor card rather than the Diamond Club or Hilton Barclaycard. Not tried it since my wife confiscated it after countless embarrassing rejections in the US.

  6. Wow – Britannia is looking very foxy on that coin! 😉

  7. I’ve bought ‘face value’ coins before. So much for face value; so much for ‘legal tender’ – can’t get them accepted anywhere, not even at Bank of England. Unless it’s a coin of value that is already in circulation, you have a 110% guaranteed outlet for them or you’re a collector, I’d steer very clear.

  8. Ditto – neither HSBC nor Natwest in South Kensington will take Royal Mint coins.

    Does anyone know anywhere in this part of London that definitely does take them? I have a £100 coin sitting in my drawer gathering dust…

    • Tim Pike says:

      HSBC Bishopsgate accepted the £100 coins from me, took a while (about an hour of checking and phone calls etc.) and they were obliged to inform me that they might be worth more in Silver than their face value, (I wish), but they took them off me and credited them to my account immediately. The Royal mint Website stresses on the £50 offering that these are legal tender. I went for them and they have been dispatched, so I will attempt to pay them in next week and will be happy to let you know if how I get on.

      • ” The Royal mint Website stresses on the £50 offering that these are legal tender.”

        Yes the RM website does say that, but “legal tender” has a very narrow definition in law and, unless you are settling a debt in court, the phrase “legal tender” is next to useless in practicality.

        Elsewhere, the Royal Mint website also stresses:

        “Legal tender has a very narrow and technical meaning in the settlement of debts. It means that a debtor cannot successfully be sued for non-payment if he pays into court in legal tender. It does not mean that any ordinary transaction has to take place in legal tender or only within the amount denominated by the legislation. Both parties are free to agree to accept any form of payment whether legal tender or otherwise according to their wishes. In order to comply with the very strict rules governing an actual legal tender it is necessary, for example, actually to offer the exact amount due because no change can be demanded.”

    • Supposedly you’re able to pay with commemorative coins at post offices in exchange for ‘goods and services’. Never tried it myself though

    • I haven’t tried it this year, as it was a bit of hassle last time I tried. However, the HSBC at Covent Garden did accept my £25 coins last year.
      Other branches just told me they cannot take it, but the branch at Covent a garden was very helpful, they made a couple calls to check and eventually let me deposit the coins to my account. The waiting time for my 2x £25 was about 30 minutes…

      • Yes, it’s clearly not worth the bother! If you need to meet a spending target, buy a supermarket gift card – easier to use and no aggro.

        • Exactly, rather bizarrely i was able to buy a £50 Mark and Spencer gift card in Tesco today, getting the 150 bonus club card points. I can now go spend the card at Tesco’s competition!

        • Too true.
          I used to buy 3V cards from Tesco and use them to buy Waitrose vouchers

        • Erico1875 says:

          Tescos profit on the M+S gift card will probably be more than M+S’s.
          I hope you put in 2 magazine vouchers for the 200 extra CCpoints

  9. Just for information my Hyatt Diamond got me Diamond with Hilton today

  10. Sussex bantam says:

    OT – Amex offer from TfL – 5 credit on 5 spend. On my plat card – not on others

  11. I wonder if it would be a good idea to start a list of bank branches that accept commemorative face-value coins?

    Would that lead to the “golden goose being killed” (potentially leading to hordes of people doing the same), or increased awareness with respect to the bank staff (potentially leading to greater acceptance at more branches)?

    Gotta think this through before I share a list of bank branches that do accept this up here in the Northeast 😛

    • FormalHall says:

      I can’t see the golden goose issue applying to listing individual bank branches, as the bank incurs no loss in accepting these other than the teller’s time – so the more familar they are the better! I have had luck depositing these with Barclays in Notting Hill, but as they have withdrawn their tellers in favour of machines it is a time consuming business waiting for the one human left on the front line in the branch!

      • Possible doomsday scenario:

        List of banks gets viral -> public knows about it -> Royal Mint’s face value coins sell out in seconds -> people rush-in to deposit -> long lines form at most bank branches -> regular bank customers (that actually bring in revenue) complain that each customer in front is taking half an hour as their commemorative coins are being verified for authenticity -> bank limits it to 3 commemorative coins deposit per visit or bank limits commemorative coin deposit to their premium customers only

      • Or worse, card issuer implements new rule on no miles earned for face value currency purchases.

  12. Update, just deposited my £50 coins with no issue, but a great deal of curiosity and interest. They were delighted that I was back as it makes their day when they see something new. Even the Manager was down and approved it and was very curious.