TODAY ONLY: Win a return luxury London airport transfer with REAL Transfers

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Thanks to luxury transfer company REAL Transfers, I am running a special giveaway today which will last for just 18 hours.

Between now and midnight, you can win a return Mercedes E-Class transfer from anywhere inside the M25 to Heathrow or Gatwick!

The car can carry up to three people and up to three pieces of luggage.

We ran a competition with REAL back in May and it was a success.  I bumped into their CEO at World Travel Market last month and he was keen to repeat it.  The timing is hopefully right for anyone planning a Christmas getaway from Heathrow or Gatwick.

About REAL Transfers

REAL is a dynamic company specialising in high quality passenger car transfers.  Their core business focuses on transfers to and from London airports and cruise ports, into and out of London and other UK destinations.  Customers are a mix of private and corporate clients, families and holiday-makers.

Unlike London-centric companies such as Uber, they are able to provide cars and drivers anywhere inside the M25 and for travel anywhere in the UK.

REAL believes that quality should be reflected in the appearance of their drivers, how they behave and how their vehicles are presented and maintained.  Every driver who works for REAL is interviewed by their management team.

If you are interested in giving them a try, they are currently running a promotion which offers a free guaranteed upgrade from a standard car to a Mercedes E-Class or equivalent.  Simply enter code RTLUXTD on the REAL Transfers website.

The competition will run for just 18 hours and closes at midnight tonight. I will draw a winner tomorrow morning and pass on their details to REAL Transfers.

You must be a UK resident to enter.  Logically, you want to live inside the M25 as the prize is a return transfer from anywhere inside the M25 to either Heathrow or Gatwick!

Real Transfers

How to enter

I am using the same automated entry software that I used for other recent competitions.

You are allowed one entry per person and all you need to do is complete your email address in the form below.

Your details remain private – they will not be shared with REAL Transfers and will not be used by Head for Points for any other purpose.

The rules

You can see the detailed rules by clicking on ‘Terms and Conditions’ in the entry widget. In summary:

You must be at least 18 years old

You must be a resident of the UK and have a UK postal address. If you are currently outside the UK you will not be able to enter – you will need to email the link to a friend who is in the country!

Entries are limited to one per household

The competition closes at midnight, London time, on Monday 14th December

If you cannot see the entry widget below, please click here and you will be directed to a special website to enter.

REAL Transfers

Good luck! The winner will be notified within 48 hours of the competition closing.

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  1. What a shame “this promotion is not available in your region”. Shouldn’t such opportunities be open to us frequent travellers who just happen to be overseas ?

    • It is recommended you use a VPN when travelling overseas (or even away from home for that matter) when accessing public wi-fi’s. There are several affordable options (e.g. Cloak, ExpressVPN) from around £5 a month and any of these would allow you to enter regardless of where in the world you are located.

    • +1. I’m in NYC for a couple of days and so can’t enter. VPN didn’t seem to work either, sadly..

  2. Sam wardill says:

    Just went to the site and it says it has ended and the winner chosen?

  3. Rob-that link takes one to the previous competition that iit says is closed.

  4. Worked fine for me, not sure if there’s an expiry date for using the free ride but hopefully a nice present for someone as I live outside the M25!

  5. Rob – lots of people spend the night in London before a flight from Heathrow or Gatwick – no real need to live within the M25, you know! :))

    • Even if you don’t it gives you the option of getting the train down to London then getting a transfer from the station 🙂

  6. Think Square says:

    “Unlike London-centric companies such as Uber, they are able to provide cars and drivers anywhere inside the M25 and for travel anywhere in the UK.”
    That sounds pretty London-centric to me.

    • Every time something like this come out people complain.
      The company has to be based somewhere!!. I dont hear Londoners complaining that a Manchester cab company doesn’t do pick ups from London.
      Same as the BA complaints – ‘Should be called London airways’ -well they are a business who can choose to operate wherever they like. If there route network does not suit you then fly with another airline . Simple. You cant expect subsidies either. -I’m happy the free avios connection has been stopped on European redemptions. You wouldn’t hear an American complaining because someone in la was paying more than someone in nyc to get to London. The fact is its a free world & you choose where to live , and ba, real, uber etc all decide where to do business.
      Sorry rant over.

      • While I agree with the sentiment, that’s probably because Americans generally don’t pay more (in miles) to get to London from LA than New York!

      • You are ‘happy’ with other people’s misfortunes, really?

        Oh, and by the way, it’s ‘their’ network, not ‘there’ network ….

        Merry Christmas!

        • I’m not unhappy at others misfortune, I just feel that its a fairer system now. I agree the regions should get free ling haul connections. But on a flight to Brussels for eg. The free connection from Edinburgh was a longer flight than the short hop to Brussels. -which simply wasn’t fair or viable for ba.
          Appologies for

        • I’m not unhappy at others misfortune, I just feel that its a fairer system now. I agree the regions should get free ling haul connections. But on a flight to Brussels for eg. The free connection from Edinburgh was a longer flight than the short hop to Brussels. -which simply wasn’t fair or viable for ba.
          Merry Xmas to you too. I do know the difference between there, their & they’re – it was simply a mistake. But thanks for pointing it out. I hang my head in shame.

        • You need to keep in mind that EasyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian et al are constantly expanding up here. Whereas 15000 + £35 to Malaga (for example) ‘was’ a good deal, 24000 + £70 isn’t especially given you can get a cash fare on the right day for little over £120 now.

          Regardless, it is what it is and us ‘debating’ here won’t change it …. genuinely, have a good Xmas!

  7. For those of you that are overseas – consider the use of AdFreeTime – its a website or an app (depending on device) where when working over wifi, you can register the ip address you are using, then point the DNS settings at AdFreeTime’s nearest server and it enables you to select the “country” that you would like to be in (as well as blocking annoying ads)! For those of you that travel a lot, you can also use it to watch BCC iPlayer and other location specific services while abroad. It does however cost the princely sum of $2.99 USD per month…

    • I need a service like this, had found Hola (which is free) although yet to test it out. You ever had the chance to compare?

    • Mike, please spare a thought for website owners when using Ad Blocking software. By using ad blocking you may find that useful websites like Head For Points cease to exist.

      I’ve no idea how much revenue Rob makes from running ads but it must count for something otherwise we wouldn’t see them. No website owner wants to run ads but it’s a necessary evil.

      Running a website of any size is NOT FREE whether it’s HfP or Facebook, servers cost money, developers cost money, creating content costs money… it all has a significant cost and trying to starve any website of it’s income is pretty mean and ultimately you (and the rest of us) will lose out!

      I say all this with a friendly smile on my face but please allow websites small and large to operate a sustainable business.

  8. Would the return address have to be the same as on the outbound trip [providing they are both within M25]?

  9. SpeedbirdABZ says:

    Would a LHR/LGW return work for us oop naath?

  10. I will visit London with family in Feb, this is very pity only for UK resident but I am in HK…:(

  11. O/T
    Does anyone know how long it takes for Amex MR points to be transferred to BAEC account? Have seen some flights and want to know what the timelines are.

  12. Did a Kabbee booking LHR-LGW last month, Ford Galaxy like Addison Lee.

    Nice driver, £59 to Kabbee, tipped him a fiver.

    Would use again, esp. If I got another £10 evoucher.

  13. Rob you fixed the link from the widget but not the “if you can’t see” link

  14. hi, one question which has nothing to do with the post sorry. BA just advised me about a flight changes (flight moved 20 min earlier), am I entitled to cancel the whole flight and get reimbursed (both avios and cash)? many thanks for your help

    best, Jay

    • Not unless the time change is more than 2 hours, or the original flight was cancelled.

    • Talking of which, BA have downgraded my mum and me from First to Club on an upcoming Avios redemption trip next year (aircraft change, so no longer a First cabin). Shame, as my mum’s never experienced First, and this would probably have been her only chance. Interestingly, they initially listed the flight as cancelled and replaced with an identical one – same flight number, route, departure time etc, just a different aircraft. I wonder if they do this to get out of their EU261 obligations? (I gather cancellations notified more than two weeks out do not incur compensation, whereas there doesn’t appear to be any similar time constraint for involuntary downgrades, from what I can tell – and invol downgrades incur a refund of 75% of the ticket price apparently, so I can see why they might want to avoid it ;-). That said, they haven’t actually notified me – no email, no call, no apology, not even a refund of fare difference, never mind anything in the way of compensation or EU261 rebate etc. I only found out by chance because I happened to go into Manage My Booking to check something. Not particularly helpful on the phone either – I used a 241 voucher, so no option to switch to another airline, and no First availability on other flights within a few days; and if they do switch back to an aircraft with First, they won’t automatically re-upgrade us, it will be up to me to keep checking and hope for the best. I assume at some point they’ll at least refund me the Avios fare difference (not sure how, if at all, they’ll account for the effective devaluation in my 241 voucher…) but I’m curious to know whether EU261 applies and if so, how that would be calculated, given the 241… Anyone had any similar experiences? Thanks,

      • Lady London says:

        British Midland once sent me a flight cancellation email for an award booking I had made. I checked online. The flight was a few weeks ahead. It was still available online, still the same flight number, and it was still possible to purchase new seats online. I phoned the airline. They said my flight had been rescheduled. They said I was now on a flight 4 hours later. They told me I would receive an email telling me this in the next few days.

        I commented the flight was still there on the schedule, still the same flight number, and it was still possible to purchase a new seat on it. They said the flight was overbooked as it was a perfect timing for the end of an important football match in the city that day. I thought huh? if it’s overbooked then why is it still possible for me to book a new seat online then? I explained I already had a 3 hour wait at the airport for this flight. I did not want to make it a 7 hour wait. They put me back on the flight. I concluded the airline decided to offload an award booking passenger in order to resell the seat at a high price. Could this be your case Jon? I am wondering if they feel they will need your First Class seats for a revenue booking. As it means so much to your mother, personally I wouldn’t leave it there or would try to cancel completely and get something else to use your 2-4-1 in First.

        • Thanks Lady London – that wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest 😉 But apparently in this case it is due to an aircraft change, with First no longer being sold on that flight. These things happen – but what annoys me most is the complete lack of communication from BA. If I hadn’t happened to log in to MMB I’d still be none the wiser… :-/

        • I use ‘My Flights’, which is a really useful apps which notifies any changes to bookings well before any communication from the airlines.

        • Agree it’s a great app (and website too for those of us not on iOS!), unfortunately AA block 3rd party access to their reservations – particularly annoying given they’re the airline probably most likely to make schedule changes!

        • Thanks Danny and Alan. I’ll check it out. Although I still think the onus should be on the airline to proactively notify customers of changes – I mean an email can’t be that difficult, surely (they have all my details on file)…

        • Totally agree, Jon! Sadly I also find their systems are pretty useless at picking sensible alternative flights and acknowledging or picking new flights never seems to work online, with BA at least.

  15. I assume I’m being thick, but I can’t find anything about return journeys on their site. Do you have to book two singles?

    *waits for someone to point out bindingly obvious ‘RETURN’ option*

  16. “you can win a return Mercedes E-Class transfer FROM anywhere inside the M25 to Heathrow or Gatwick!” – (capitalising is mine).

    I assume that means you can’t originate at the airport, i.e. the journey must begin at your home / office / airport etc.

    Pretty silly restriction if that’s the case.

    Also, how long is the prize valid for? Can you make the journey in June 2016 for example? Poor attention to detail all round imo.

    • Hardly. These are intelligent, reasonable people.

      If you won it & wanted to go Airport – Hotel/ Office – Airport, I am sure they would be perfectly happy to help.

      • Exactly. REAL is a small hands-on business and I’m sure they will do what they can to fit in with your requirements. Going back to the story of the Qatar prize winner from the weekend, for example, I was obliged to give him the small print talk over availability – in reality, he rang Qatar, told them the flights he would like, the London office said they were not in the ‘free travel pot’ but they would speak to Doha, and two hours later he had the exact flights he wanted – forthe longest flight he could possibly have requested, New Zealand. Similarly, the person who won our Air New Zealand competition has a family and ANZ was happy to do them a deal on an extra seat to go with their Skycouch.

  17. Well then isn’t it prudent to state that in the article? The validity period still remains a mystery though…

    • Robbie if you have a problem with the competition then move on and don’t enter it, nobody else seems to have an issue, just apply common sense.

  18. And the winner is ….. ????

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