Bits: extra BA Corfu service, Fortnum & Mason offering ‘eat on board’ hampers in T5

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News in brief:

British Airways adds additional Corfu service for Summer 2015

British Airways is increasing Corfu services for the coming Summer.  The existing six flights per week will be increased to seven.

The new flight will depart and leave on Tuesdays, starting on 3rd May.

If you struggled to find Avios seats to Corfu for the Summer, you may want to look again.  BA will have made the standard two Club Europe and four Euro Traveller seats available for redemption on these new services.

Corfu Airport

Fortnum and Mason in Terminal 5 launches ‘eat on board’ ‘hamperling’

Following the lead of Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food, the new Fortnum & Mason restaurant in Terminal 5 has launched a range of ‘eat on board’ takeaway hamperlings.  You can now feel free to downgrade from Club Europe to Euro Traveller, reinvesting part of your saving into one of these!

To quote:

Adventurers and explorers alike will be able to choose from a range of 5 expertly designed aeroplane menus, to take on-board for their journeys. These feature some of Fortnum’s best-loved produce from the Food Hall including: Smoked Salmon; Lincolnshire Poacher; York Ham; Game Terrine; Rare Roast Glenarm Salt-Aged Beef and Fortnum’s Oscietra Caviar.

Each Hamperling is packaged in an aeroplane-friendly plate format and comes with its own Fortnum & Mason cutlery set and cool bag in signature eau-de-nil, to ensure that all travellers are now able to dine on the plane in style and ease.

The prices range from £15 to £50.  The £50 version is designed for two to share and includes 10g of F&M Oscietra caviar!

Fortnum Mason Hamperling

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  1. Nice image of CFU Rob.

    For those able to drag themselves away from the pool, there are a couple of cafe/bars(centre of image) where you can view all the action at very close quarters.

  2. I can already hear the “pretentios snob” comments and snorts from other passengers in economy. Probably from the crew too mind you! 😉

    • Ha Ha

      I’m confident the hoi poloi won’t have heard of F&M 🙂

      • flyforfun says:

        You’ve never been in F&M at xmas time then! 😉

        I work nearby and popped in at lunchtimes occasionally to see the chaos. It was like all the extras from “The only way is Essex” were shopping there!!

        • Lady London says:

          November is a very good time to visit Fortnum’s. They have all the Christmas decorations out, but not yet the Christmas crowds. Plus tourists have been slightly less in recent years except for peak tourist periods.

          They also run some events for their customers typically one or two might fall around that time and they can be very nice evenings.

          • Lady London says:

            PS Fortnum’s can also be a much cheaper place to pick up your lunch if you’re working near there, than many of the sandwich bars around. Not a lot of people know that.

      • Aeronaut says:

        Like flyforfun says, I’d suggest your confidence is misplaced!

  3. On a quiet day we could open up the debate about CE vs ET: is it worth the extra?

    Looking at RFS (Avios) redemptions, on my fairly typical route it’s 6500/7500 vs 12750/15000 – so a difference of c.7000 – c.£70.

    What do you get for your money?

    – same seat but nobody in the middle
    – emergency exit seats in ET are far better if you’re tall
    – slightly better food in CE
    – better access to the loos in CE
    – cabin crew generally more charming in CE but not a given
    – lounge access for CE & dedicated check-in desks (who checks in? lol)
    – often quicker egress & access to security at destination

    I’ve probably missed out something.

    But not for nothing to many FTSE100 companies have an economy only in Europe policy for flight under 4 hrs. We long ago decided it simply wasn’t worth the money for a 2 hr flight.

    Anybody disagree?

    • depends if you’re chasing tier points 😉

    • Agree with most points, but many people do check in luggage. On occasion I have found it faster to trek down to the far end of T5 to offload my bag in the Club area, then walk back to security, but this is never the case when returning to London

      I only fly CE if wanting TPs or as part of ex-EU.

      European airlines probably should follow the lead of SK and call it Econ+

    • I use avios only for CE flights and would not generally pay for it. I use CE to align myself to a long haul business flights exiting another EU airports. The baggage allowance and relative absence of muppets pushing, shoving and putting the kitchen sink in the overhead is my main reason for flying CE not the seating or food really.

    • As a data point my ex-Dublin flight last week was upgraded to CE, on the flight back the agent at SFO put me in an ET exit row seat so an interesting direct comparison.

      Better legroom in the ET exit row. Same seat. Middle table in CE I found annoying when struggling to get in and out, plus you can’t stretch out if no-one is in the other seat. CE brekkie on the morning Dublin flight was a bonus though I’d already stuffed myself at the hotel. Service in CE is usually ‘sunnier’ and less rushed because fewer people to attend to, also a calmer cabin is nice.

      When I flew to Istanbul CE fasttrack immigration saved me at least an hour so CE was helpful then.

      Despite all this positivity about CE, bar the tier points, if I was paying I’d take the exit row every time as I’m 6-1! With redemptions I’d be more inclined to go for CE.

      • Gavin,

        You can get rid of the table in the middle on CE; depending on the age of the seat row will determine how you fold the table up. You can then lift the middle arm rest – Have a look on Youtube.

        • Might try that next time on a longer flight, again it depends if anyone is in the other seat!

    • As a couple travelling with a (currently) 16 month old it can be a fine line between 2 adults and an infant in CE or 2 adults and a child in ET… once she is over 2 and needs a full seat I imagine ET will be a no brainer the majority of the time!

      • We always fly CE – I am Avios-rich so it makes sense. For a family of 4, 2×2 seating also makes more sense.

        Your chance of getting the exit row without status is slim. Similarly, if you don’t have status you also get lounge access as well.

        • Even with status you can lose the exit row. We booked ET over the New Year and had the exit row booked . BA then kept moving the CW rows from row 6 to row 12 and kept dumping us at the rear of the plane every few days. I thought I had the exit row on the outbound flight as CW ended at row 9 but no got moved again within 24hrs. At check in the agent saw all the seat changes and blocked the middle seat in row 13 as the flight was not full.

        • I’ve gotten the exit row on every single BA ET flight I’ve ever taken with no status… (Granted I mainly fly LCC in Europe, but I still fly BA around 6 times a year).

          Even on my last two flights that were HBO, so no seat choice at all, I’ve convinced staff to move me to an exit row!

          • I have always managed to get exit row window in the last couple of years as well, you just have to be quick on the draw at T-24hrs or else maybe I have a lucky route where people are loth to pay in advance for seat reservations.

    • I always fly CE when possible (low cash rate, upto £100 more than Y, or Avios redemptions available).

      As a late twenty something, with a somewhat expendable income, a unfounded ‘fear’ of flying, and an urge to reach at least silver each year; I really value the relaxing and rush free benefits when flying up front.

      Being Silver I find getting the front row with the little extra room pretty easy 90% of the time. I always try to take full advantage of the lounge and drinks on board. Leaving the plane first is also valuable to me when you need to get through immigration get to the taxis quickly.

      I think the Silver status is my main pull towards flying CE – with two or more long haul flights with friends/family on redemptions I really value the free seat selections.

      I only really question myself when I’m on the return flight with a poor lounge and having to drive once landing back in the UK.

    • I think this would be a great debate to have.

      One more thing to add to your list is boarding priority; this can be important to nab space if you are taking full advantage of your hand baggage allowance on a busy flight, although less of an issue in CE.

      Also status is an extra complication, if you already have lounge access /priority at security etc, that reduces the additional value of CE still further

      • I have silver from many many short haul economy work flights.

        Never book CE despite being 6″2. Got upgraded a few times and don’t understand the point when most of the benefits come with my status anyway.

  4. Last week I booked a CW one way redemption with BA, found out I could not select a seat and had to pay! is it normal, since when? As I usually pushed all my bookings via CX Gold (not this time), I never realized before. I know instead that Status does not help for HBO fares, but this was a full Avios redemption..

    • Lady London says:

      It’s a particularly miserable policy of BA that they can charge you for a Business Class seat and not allow you to select your seat immediately.

      What you don’t know is that for every corporate account I’ve worked for with every corporate travel agent they DO give the ability to select the seat immediately upon booking.

      It helps a lot to be corporately connected if you’re flying BA in particular.

  5. Ref the F&M “doggy bag”: Just let me step from my Ivory Tower – Lidl should get in on the act at the departures terminal; everything in the photo above you could get in Lidl for less than a third world country’s yearly council tax, and very nice food I would assume it would be.

    Whilst the Lidl logo would not get you any Brownie points from admirers in the jet-set, it would probably save you and the family being linched and made to walk the plank for being a smart ar%!e in Euro Traveller. ;-}

    • 1000000% agree.

      I find it hard to eat healthy in T5 and the GR lunchboxes are great but no reason for the cost.

      In australia they have make your own salad bars in departures…

  6. Briefly putting my head above the Parapet; I wonder how Lord Sugar would asses the “hamperling” ?

  7. dicksbits says:

    I remember being really surprised a few years ago when I booked my first Club Europe seat as a Bronze member of the BAEC and finding out I had to PAY to select my seat in that cabin.
    I still think it’s ridiculous. Sure, keep the front row for Gold and Premier members, but the rest of the seats…?

  8. Just where is F&M in T5 & how far from the BA lounge? I never have enough time to shop in T5. As I travel to/via U.K. Once or twice a year, get all my TP via BA & oneworld. Now achieved tier I value the fast immigration (as non EU passport), the extra luggage allowance, check in & lounge. I always seem to go to uk with over 40 kg & return the same with uk products, my contribution to the local economy. Never enough weighs. Yes do fly CW in Europe for TP. Maybe 1 year will be able to achieve Gold!

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