Bits: new SPG Moments concerts at the O2 released, SLICKS backpack Kickstarter

News in brief:

Starwood Preferred Guest launches new batch of O2 concert tickets

Starwood Preferred Guest, the Westin / W / Sheraton / Le Meridien / St Regis etc group, has listed a new batch of redemptions for the SPG Suite at the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

You can find them on the SPG Moments website.

You can book yourself in to see:

  • Strictly Come Dancing Live
  • The X Factor Live Tour
  • Wet Wet Wet
  • Country to Country
  • Mariah Carey
  • Ellie Goulding
  • a-ha
  • Janet Jackson
  • 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Muse
  • ELO
  • Harlem Globetrotters (not singing ….)
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

There were, for a split second, some Adele tickets available as well but they were snapped up so quickly I never even saw them.  The majority of shows are 15,000 SPG points.

All tickets come as pairs with free food and drink included.  You can read a review of my visit to the SPG Suite at the O2 here.

PS.  If anyone is going to the SPG event in London tonight, do say Hi – I will be there.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see  our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

SPG Moments O2 Arena suite 6

SLICKS backpack now on Kickstarter

You may remember that, before Christmas, we gave away two of the innovative modular SLICKS backpacks on Head for Points.

If you found the concept interesting, the company is now raising money on Kickstarter to expand production.  You can find full details here.

BA looking to buy more A380's - and Virgin Atlantic buying A350-1000's
Sales and vouchers round-up - Opodo,, Thistle
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  1. Arg – what SPG event? And why am I not invited? (Don’t answer that.. That’s envy speaking!)

    • Here’s the thing …. I don’t know anyone who is invited. Perhaps it is a trick by the SPG team to kidnap me 🙂

      • I wouldn’t mind being kidnapped myself – I’d love to be more involved with SPG’s operations. I give them all my business, but I suspect I am but a spec on a sea of other specs as far as they’re concerned…!

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks Rob! Picked up a pair of Ellie Goulding tickets. My girlfriend will be happy!

  3. Thanks too Rob! I always forget about this and the wife will be v chuffed to see ELO.

    • Confession time. After I read this yesterday, something in my head persuaded me to play ELO’s Gretaest Hits via YouTube for the rest of the day!

  4. Thanks for this. What would be the quickest and most cost effective way of getting enough starwood points if starting with 0. Is there anything better than the 2:1 amex membership rewards transfer?

    • 10,000 via the credit card (11,000 if I refer you). If you join SPG you may be targetted for a 20,000 point offer if (and it is a big if) they re-run the offer they had before Christmas.

      In general, SPG points are trickier than others to earn which is why they are more valued.

      Perhaps I could get a few for a competition, lets see.

  5. Damn – ran a starwood search in my wife’s email a/c & she got the 20K offer. Back in 2014 🙁

    • An option is to get referred by raffles and spend £1000 within three months and you get 11000 points. Refer a partner/family member at your address and you get 5000 points when they are accepted and they get 11000 points when they reach the target spend. Cancel and apply again after 6 months and do the same again. 27000 easily earned points with very little expenditure if the card is cancelled after a short time so avoiding the majority if not all of the £75 annual fee which is pro rata refundable. Was better when it was 20000 points though. This is also a way of saving up for a five night stay in SPG hotels as you pay the points for four and get the fifth night free. Worth considering for US stays as you avoid paying tax ( but not resort tax on some of their hotels) and helps with the rapidly plunging pound v dollar rate when factoring holiday costs.

      • Forgot to add …. you can merge points from people at the same address, so a couple could get 20,000 points into the same account from two SPG Amex cards.

        Actually, a couple could get 27,000 – I refer first person who gets 11k, they refer partner for 5k, partner gets 11k. You would be at nearly 30,000 points including the card spend needed for the bonus.

        • I have the SPG card at present and just away to trigger the 20k bonus and then cancel. so i should refer my Partner first and she gets 11k and i get 5k for referring her? I take it you must see the points in your SPG account before cancelling?

        • Yes. You get them within 72 hours of her application though.

        • Charlie says:

          Hi Raffles or indeed anyone with SPG experience sound this out? I have the targeted 20k SPG credit card offer and working through the spend now, and plan to refer my wife for the standard 10k bonus SPG credit card. I’m hoping for this:

          2,000 for spending £2000 on the card
          20,000 targetted bonus (lucky me!)
          5,000 for referring my wife

          27,000 points in total.

          My wife:
          20,000 for spending £2000 on the card
          10,000 standard bonus
          1,000 for being referred

          13,000 points in total.

          I then plan to transfer my total of 27,000 over to my wife, so she ends up with 40,000 points (lucky her).

          My wife then converts 20,000 points into 25,000 airline miles, she does this twice, so ends up with 50,000 airline miles (probably with American Airlines, we’re not sure yet).

          Any holes here?

        • Yes, this sounds spot on (and is something I’m thinking of doing).

          The spend target for the “standard” 10,000 point bonus is only £1,000 actually, but the additional £1k spend does seem well worth it for the extra 5k bonus airline miles

        • Charlie says:

          Great minds!

        • I’m doing this too. As Jonny says, it’s only a £1k spend for the “standard bonus” so all-in-all falls 1,000 points short of the 40,000 total. I plan to make that up with some Amex MR points – not the best deal at the 2:1 rate but effectively you’re buying 6,000 Avios for 2,000 MR points so well worth it. Alternative would be to buy the points to make it up to 40k of course.

        • Just spend the additional £1000 on the SPG card (on top of the basic £1k spend for the 10k points bonus).

          The marginal £1000 spend earns the 1000 SPG points required.
          The 2000 MR points required to get the same 1000 SPG points would probably have come from £2000 of Gold/Plat amex basic spend (assuming no 1st yr bonuses etc) so you are “wasting” £1000 of Gold spend by not just spending it via the SPG card.

      • I intended to do that and cancel after the shop small promotion. I must cancel today 🙁

  6. Damn! mine haven’t transferred from the 20,000 sign up yet!

    • Check that the promotion tracked properly… I couldn’t see the “spend xx by xxx” counter so called them to clarify and it hadn’t tracked. I just had to send them a copy of the email I received and then they made a note to do it manually…. I recently hit the target and called earlier to check they were going to manually add them – have been told that they should be in my account in a couple of weeks

      So, it could be that SPG just take a bit longer to add the promo points (than eg BA) or it could be it didn’t track… – either way, worth a call to clarify

  7. Waribai says:

    Also, don’t forget the new IC is within spitting distance (almost). Went there on Christmas Eve for dinner and we were treated like royalty, so to speak. Not surprising when they only had 8 rooms in operation! Must say the food was excellent. We even got complimentary drinks in the bar!

  8. O/T – I’m looking at purchasing a Regus BusinessWorld membership (the £49 a month one) – does anyone know if there are any angles with gaining points/miles with this? Would hate to sign-up and then find out that I’ve missed a trick.

    I know they used to give away some memberships with certain airline/hotel statuses – is this not the case anymore?

    • You just reminded me I’ve got one tucked away – poor man’s lounge pass at certain airports? T5/ Gatwick S.

      Dear harry,

      Thank you for joining Regus Businessworld. Your welcome pack, including your membership card, will be mailed to you shortly. Present this email at any of our locations and you’ll also receive 50% off your first meeting room, video conference studio or day office booking.

      As a Businessworld Gold member you can now enjoy:
      •Unlimited, walk-in access to any of our 1500 global business lounges and cafés, with complimentary internet and refreshments.
      •Preferred rates on meeting rooms, day offices and videoconferencing at all Regus locations.
      •Access to professional administrative support, from packing and shipping to document printing and binding.

      • Andrew H says:

        I had that email back in December. I’m still waiting!

        • Mine was sent 01/2014 & they also sent the membership card through OK at the time, maybe yours went missing?

          I gather it expires in 2099, though tbh it’s stuck in a box somewhere.

    • I don’t think there are any Gold offers out there at the moment (other than 1 month free if you sign up for a year) but there are various Regus “Businessworld Preferred” offers available, which give you 10 free Regus business lounge passes. (AA members can sign up this offer for example).

      I wouldn’t expect too much from the LHR & LGW “lounges” though as they are both in the Arrivals areas and are both “Regus Express” lounges.

      • Cheers Tim

        Yeah not bothered about using the Business Lounge at LHR & LGW. I need it for doing work in the West Midlands mainly.

        I’m an AA member but have no status, I’ll check that out.

        • Looks like it’s free
          Walk in, sit down, start work

          Looking for drop-in space where you can work productively? AA members can get 12 months’ Preferred membership – including 10 business lounge visits – by taking advantage of this great offer from Regus.

          No need to book – just drop in wherever and whenever it suits you.
          Access to more than 1,500 global business lounges
          10% discount on meeting room, day office, co-working office and video-conference bookings
          Free refreshments and business-class WiFi
          Access to on-site administrative support
          Two complimentary business lounge guest passes
          Register now to activate your Regus Businessworld Preferred card – simply quote promotional code UKPAA14.

        • It has given me Gold:
          Thank you for joining the Regus BusinessWorld Gold membership

          This email confirms that your membership has been processed.
          You will shortly receive an email containing your temporary
          Regus BusinessWorld card so that you can start making the most
          of your membership.

          Please review the details of your membership application

          Product: Businessworld Gold
          Quoted Membership Fee: £0.00 annually
          Payment Method: creditcard
          Card Type: None

        • Wait until the card comes through. Normally it says Gold but delivers Preferred as the link used to be for gold.

          If it comes through as Gold it would be worth a Raffles article as free golds have been like rocking horse poo for a coue of years now.

        • IOC & CIPS both offer free Regus Businessworld Preferred.

          They should possibly tighten up their membership methods, eg for CIPS you just need a membership number to register here [can be googled, HFP doesn’t like it] – and in a fanciful moment I googled one in about 10 seconds, & yes, it activated the Regus membership, naturally being a good sort I didn’t take it any further 🙂

        • IOD

        • Just to clarify, the AA I was referring to was the Automobile Association, not American Airlines.

          However Harry’s UKPAA14 code should work regardless.

          Your Regus Preferred welcome pack should also come with 2 free guest passes to the business lounges, should you want to bring a guest/client at any point (or at least they did when I last signed up.)

          If nothing else, the 10 pass membership will give you a chance to “try before you buy” if you later sign up for the monthly gold level.

        • Top man, Harry – that code worked – Will give it a trial before I join properly.

          Thanks, Tim – Yeah I thought you meant American Airlines and then realised when doing a google search that it was the AA.

    • I think you get some sort of Regus status through the Virgin Black Credit Card?

  9. Cheers Rob are there set release times for new auctions has been checking daily but nothing in coming soon, can’t believe Adele wasn’t an auction some people got a steel!!

  10. O/T
    Raffles – Lounge Buddy are giving away $25 credit elsewhere incl through affiliates eg

    I reckon they’d give it to you if you asked

    • I got the SPG 20,000 email and signed up. My partner lost his card (additional card holder) in Dublin on the way to the U.S. And Amex turned off my card instead. When I called from America to explain this, and advised I was using the card for most of my spend in the U.S. The kind lady at Amex gave me 20,000 points just like that!!!

    • I was offered it, didn’t find it relevant as TripIt not often here

  11. Just booked for Country 2 Country. Anyone else going? If so the wife and I will be pleased to meet you in a few weeks 🙂