Free Miles & More (Star Alliance) Silver status for oil, gas and energy sector employees

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(EDIT:  Unfortunately, Lufthansa closed the Oil & Energy Club on 1st August 2016.)

Lufthansa – because of its global network which penetrates a lot of major oil and gas producing countries – has, for a while, been making a play for the business of energy sector workers.

Running flights from Frankfurt to Aberdeen is part of this strategy, allowing easy onward connections – and if you are starting your journey in Aberdeen, connecting in Germany is no more painful than connecting in London.

The Lufthansa Oil & Energy Club offers several valuable benefits to employees in the sector. Most valuable is immediate promotion to Miles & More Frequent Traveller (Silver) status, which gets you lounge access whenever you fly Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, LOT, Croatia, Luxair, Brussels or Adria. The card also gets you the generic Star Alliance Silver benefits – see here – although those don’t amount to much.

Lufthansa OIl and Energy Club reviewed

The full list of Oil & Energy Club benefits is:

Miles & More Frequent Traveller status, giving lounge access whenever you fly Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, LOT, Croatia, Luxair, Brussels or Adria

Europcar discounts at Frankfurt and Munich airports

Use of a day room at Frankfurt or Munich on stopovers of 6 hours or more

Free food and drink vouchers for use in Frankfurt Airport

2,000 Miles & More miles with your first flight

So, if you work for Shell or someone similar – and Lufthansa DO vet applications for this scheme – then it is a very decent deal.

You can sign up via this website.

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  1. Lady London says:

    IIRC KLM/Air France have the same. Gets access to a reasonable lounge at CDG if you’re passing through, also, I think, some overnight accommodation there for some people whose flight works out that way.

  2. If you’re flying BA and your onward flight is from T5 then I can’t think of anything easier than connecting at T5. As a DOM-INT flight then flight connections consists of a boarding pass scan then up an escalator into the main part of T5.

    Unfortunately the return part isn’t as straightforward involving passport control and security.

    • Colin mackinnon says:

      Am I doing something wrong? I seem to have to go through the security scan hell too. Or go to T3 for Denver!

      • You only avoid security hell in T5 when connecting *within T5* from UK domestic – if going to another terminal or connecting *to* UK domestic then sadly you’ve got the full fun of LHR security!

  3. harry says:

    Nothing to stop a chancer applying with the a UK business address of (say) BP. Lufthansa use your existing Miles & More number & your personal details incl address will remain unchanged. I doubt if there will be much more than a cursory check that the business address stands up to scrutiny. They won’t be phoning HR asking them to confirm if Mr harry works there.

    • Fraud?

    • Lady London says:

      they checked when I worked for BP. They wanted a work email which they tested. Luckily mine was, of course, a BP email at the time.

      They’ll also expire your status in due course if you do not do enough flights, even on this scheme.

  4. Any bargains on ABZ fares to Frankfurt tho, Avios with BA to LHR is much cheaper or almost free if connecting to Long Haul.

    OMG – Is that me giving ProBA biuas???? lol!!! 😀

  5. David says:

    Do you reckon they’d approve a student doing a Masters in petroleum engineering? Not working in industry yet but a future employee.

  6. Steve says:

    I do work in the oil idustry and live in ABZ. I applied for this and approval took 6 weeks, however approval did indeed happen, and I have no idea what they did to verify my industry status.

    I had to supply my emplyer details and valid emploiyer email address.

    Might actually start using Lufthansa more on my several trips per year to Houston in Y, as my preferred BA flight has now moved to a 787-9, and I really found that really uncomfortable compared to the Lufthansa A380 from Frankfurt.

  7. MoNkEyMaN says:

    Would a part time job stacking shelves at the petrol station count?

    • Lady London says:

      Yes, although it would be better if it was fulltime. Probably you will need to provide a personal company email address at the relevant oilco though. I am sure that technically the office cleaner at Shell would have qualified if they’d been directly employed and had a relevant email address.

      This isn’t one you can fudge based on my experience.

  8. Feldmarschallin says:

    Slightly OT, but thinking of industry recognition schemes, does anyone know of benefits for NHS workers? There are a lot of us! Hilton has something I think, any others…..?!

    • harry says:

      Codes NHS (and RAC) get you a very good discount at Purple Parking. However, last time I checked, it was better to go via Virgin Atlantic Flying Club portal.

      • Tom H says:

        +1 I am NHS too but the VFC discount was £20 cheaper for terminal 5 PP than the RAC / NHS discount codes (thanks to Harry who mentioned in comments previously)

      • Aeronaut says:

        A bit of a long shot I know, but whilst we’re on the topic…

        Any codes or routes for cheaper ‘official’ i.e. on-airport parking at LGW?

    • Raffles says:

      Don’t you get discounts via the union on various things?

      • LOL there’s more than one TU in healthcare and most discounts aren’t that great

    • Theres the Hilton Public Sector offer

  9. Wes Guest says:

    I’m an Oil and ~Gas worker and tried signing up to this a while back but was told i wasn’t eligable as had no flights booked on any of there oil routes.

    I am part of the flying blue petrolium club though but their lounge isnt in CDG, its at the pullman hotel a short bus ride away and is nothing more then a hotel room with a couple extra sofas instead of a bed

  10. FT status only gives you access to Lufthansa lounges, so in particular you don’t have lounge access in Aberdeen, though if course it’s still nice in particular when connecting in Frankfurt and also Heathrow has one in the new T2.

  11. Planeflyer says:

    LH don’t pay for LH Silver members to get into 3rd party lounges, so really there are very few lounges available outside major LH family hubs, inc ABZ. That aside, M&M is an awful program unless you’re paying full J. Compared to BA, you will need to take a LOT more fights to get a comparable award ticket, especially given the high taxes on Euopean tickets.

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