Accor Happy Mondays – the best last-minute hotel deal in the UK – now bookable two weeks in advance

The Accor ‘Happy Mondays’ deal is the most generous hotel promotion available for last minute weekend rooms in the UK.  

If you find yourself in need of a hotel room for the coming weekend or the weekend after, it is definitely the first place you should look.

You will find Mercure, Novotel, Pullman and Ibis hotels at excellent prices.

It is nice and simple, and potentially a good deal. Every Monday and Tuesday, Accor makes a raft of UK hotel rooms available at discount prices for the coming weekend and the following weekend.

(You used to be restricted to booking ‘Happy Mondays‘ for just the current weekend but you can now book up to two weeks ahead.  You can still only book these deals on Mondays and Tuesdays though.)

Accor Happy Monday

If you need a hotel for a date further in advance, one option is book a reward room with another chain now – just to guarantee a bed.  Make a diary note to return to this page on the Monday or Tuesday before your stay and see if you can get a ‘Happy Mondays’ deal.  You can then cancel your reward night with the other hotel.

How to book Happy Mondays

The dedicated Happy Mondays booking page is here.

Occasionally the site is not updated on a Monday or the calendar is broken.  Don’t panic!  Instead, you should book by using the promotional code MONDAY on the main Accor home page.  Note that the box from the code sometimes does not appear until your start typing in a city name.  You then need to click on the icon marked ‘Preferential Code’ and enter the word MONDAY.

Here is a summary of the Happy Mondays rules:

These are ‘room only’ deals and only some Accor hotels will be participating on any particular date

The headline prices are:

£25 – Ibis province hotels (some ibis Budget hotels in London show at £25 as well – Ibis Excel London Docklands is often available.)

£40 – Novotel and Mercure provincial hotels, ibis London hotels, selected Mercure and Novotel London hotels

£60 – Mercure, Novotel, ibis styles in London

This offer can be booked online by using the ‘preferential code’ of MONDAY or via the Happy Mondays page

Bookings will earn Le Club AccorHotels points

This is a pretty decent offer, especially in London.

It has to said that there are currently fewer hotels participating in Happy Mondays than usual.  I am hoping that this is temporary and down to higher weekend occupancy rates as the tourist seasons picks up.

The only good London deal for the coming weekend (these examples refer to July 2016 when this article was originally published) is the Novotel at Excel for £60.  This is a very expensive weekend in general though – the Novotel Blackfriars which I reviewed here is £250.  Looking forward to the following Saturday – as you can now book two weekends ahead – it is a lot better.   The Pullman St Pancras is £90, the ibis Styles at Southwark is £50, the Novotel Excel is still there at £60 and the ibis Earls Court is £40.

If you get lucky, there are some excellent deals to be had here.  And, now you can book up to two weeks in advance, it is easier to plan around the best offers.

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  1. Simon Schus says:

    Do you think that Accor Happy Monday’s change was a planned change? or is it a knee jerk reaction related to reduced post-Brexit travel activity and bookings (e.g. to take advantage of post-Brexit international travel reduction and veering customers towards last-minute domestic bookings). Or is it completely unrelated haha? I thought it might be too early for Brexit to impact sales strategies but then again many of the businesses focus on their quarterly profits so will take swift action in face of uncertainty. Honestly, I am just musing and wanted to see other’ thoughts- I’m likely entirely off piste.

    • Erico1875 says:

      I think it may be seasonal. Many Brits may be going abroad for summer hols. International visitors to uk will probably have prebooked accom

  2. What is defined as a weekend?
    What about a long weekend, would bank holiday Monday night be counted?
    Can you book other days next to it, eg Thursday night?

    • On bank holiday weekends, they usually extend it and let you book Monday night too. At Easter you could four days at these rates.

  3. Loola says:

    Does anyone know if Accor have a Happy Monday’s type promo for global hotels, particularly in Europe?

  4. Andi Hawes says:

    i noticed this last week while trying to book the Excel Novotel for the weekend just gone. As usual, the one time i need to book it, it wasnt available. Book myself into the IC O2 instead to see what that was like…

  5. Chris says:

    Does anybody know if any of the Happy Monday hotels offer much for Accor Plats?

    • Usual benefits apply.

    • Stephan says:

      I stayed in the Mercure Bighton (hard to recommend!) and Novotel Manchester at the Happy Monday rate earlier this year and received the usual Accor Platinum benefits.

      • The_Real_A says:

        I am torn between the IBIS Brighton center and the Mercure… I heard the Mercure is very run down.

        • Brighton Belle says:

          Brighton’s my city. Location is the decider. Mercure on the seafront. Nice weather means pop out for a stroll. Coffee on the seafront at the Meeting House Cafe on the prom. Ibis is newer next to the station. 10 min walk to the beach but a few hundred metres nearer the shops and restaurant action. Street view will help

      • Mark1980 says:

        How did you find the Novotel Manchester, Stefan?

    • Fenny says:

      I got Accor Plat benefits at the Pullman St Pancras on a HM deal.

  6. OT.

    If i book an IHG property through BA’s package flight & hotel deal, will I receive IHG points for the stay or does it count as 3rd party?

    Many thanks

  7. HayMow says:

    It’s even better than next 2 weekends – it actually includes ALL the days in between now too! ie. 15-25 July inclusive until today (must check out by the Mon 25th) – was able to see some (albeit patchy) availability for midweek dates, including ibis Styles London Excel for £40.

    • That must be a bug, surely?!

      • Brian says:

        It probably is a glitch, but it’s definitely there. I’m seeing Mercure Bloomsbury for mid-week stays at £60, which is a bargain for London during the week.

      • HayMow says:

        Might be just for the summer weeks,… but even the words on the promo page say “FOR STAYS FROM 15 JULY 2016 UNTIL 25 JULY 2016”

  8. Dave R says:

    It’s a great promotion. It’s a shame there is rarely any availability for family rooms.

  9. Any previous experience on how likely it is that I might be able to get the Oxford Novotel in the HM deal in a few weeks? I have something cancellable booked elsewhere but wouldn’t mind paying £25-60!

    • Brian says:

      Hadn’t realised there was a Novotel in Oxford! The Mercure there occasionally appears and is as well-located as any Oxford hotel, so an absolute steal at the HM rate, but it’s very rare, unfortunately.

      • It is a Mercure, my bad.

        I’m still at the “pre-coffee” stage of my morning!

        • Brian says:

          Ok. As I said, the Mercure is very rarely offered, but Sundays do occasionally appear. Definitely worth checking, just in case.

  10. signol says:

    I had last Saturday night at the Ibis Budget LCY for £25. Budget here really does mean budget! But at the price can’t complain. There was interesting availability showing though, 3 different ranges of hotels on the main website, mobile website and app.

  11. Concerto says:

    I really don’t like Accor and it’s archi modern French style. Just completed two weeks in an Adagio in Aix-en-Provence and was so glad to leave at the end. But these are excellent deals none the less, especially for London.

  12. Concerto says:

    No, I’ve done them all, don’t worry. The only one I found pleasant was Sofitel.

    • Concerto says:

      PS, “done them all” means tried all the separate brands.

    • Lady London says:

      Yes the orange boxes, extrovert-coloured murals and general plasticky-ness can be a bit overwhelming at some of the Accor brands

      I’m all agog to see what they will do with Fairmont, Raffles, and Swissotel. Did you know that gives them the Savoy Hotel in London, for instance?

  13. Accor related – having had my account blocked/closed having made use of thier points quiz and auto-transfer to Iberia. I’m pleased to report it was reinstated with a 300 point good will gesture following some emails, they also auto-converted my points to IB. Which has made me much warmer to Accor than I was a few weeks back. Does anyone know how long the conversion usually takes?

    • roberto says:

      Still can’t get my auto convert to iberia ( on my 5 of my HH accounts ) to work.. grrrrrrr……

      Waiting to see if the 1000 accor meeting points hit to push them over the minimum to manual transfer before the 1100 points in each account expire..

      Tried everything from different browsers to different trousers..

      • harry says:

        You saw that it was recently confirmed to still be working fine? Not a solution for you but maybe enough encouragement to try something different.

    • harry says:

      ISTR it was very quick

  14. Olivier says:

    Any recommendation of an Accor hotel on a sea-side town within an hour of train from London to spend a week end this summer? Looks like the 2 Accor properties in Brighton have mixed reviews

  15. Adrian says:

    I did my auto convert and it worked fine after a couple of goes, I’ve tried 20 times to do my wife’s and nothing works!

  16. Result!
    Cancelled a fleixble 3 night booking for Thurs-Sun next weekend saved over £200 with 3 nights in the IBIS Styles in Southward for £150, including breakfast and free wifi!

    • Mark e says:

      My handy hint for that hotel, bring a double plug if you have two mobiles, only one socket available when I stayed and It was impossible to gain another by unplugging the TV or kettle.

      • Oddly I was thinking last night, in Hamburg, that I need a double socket Euro converter plug!

      • Fenny says:

        Or a multi-USB charger that runs off a single cable. I have a Euro cable that came with one of my appliances that fits my charger. I also carry a UK 4-way extension lead that I can plug into a single EU/US adaptor, which usually reduces the need to find lots of sockets.

  17. If you have any contacts in AsiaPacific, this is the ONE promotion that I am missing now that I’ve relocated from the UK back to Australia. I loved the Happy Monday sales!

    Very much supported my last minute travel plans for weekend getaways to get some content for our travel blog!

  18. I’ve just left the Mercure London Bridge after a 3 night stay for £60 a night, after finding the opaque sites very expensive even on Sunday night. It’s a great location and a very decent hotel, given that they warn the standard rooms are ‘cosy’, ie a bit smaller than average but fine as long as you don’t have a huge amount of luggage. So, thanks to Head For Points for the Happy Mondays tip 🙂

  19. Louie says:

    Is anyone else finding this is down (“A technical problem has occurred on our site. Please try again. If the problem persists, send us a message using Contact form”) ?

  20. Fraser says:

    A big thank-you for the reminder about Happy Mondays. I had booked the Crowne Plaza near ExCel on points for 2 nights due to the high pricing for the convention at the venue. Cash price would have been >£250 per night.

    I found it odd, with 60,000 people attending ExCel over 3 days, that the Novotel directly opposite had spare rooms, and even more so that they were willing to sell them for £60 when they could have sold for 4 times that price.

    Nonetheless, I went ahead and booked for 2 nights at £120, and cancelled my IHG booking, getting my 90,000 points back. I know the value of those exactly (£357.59), as I bought 120,000 IHG points using the 100% bonus offer recently, so I make that a saving of £237.59 thanks to Happy Mondays. (Oh, and I got an upgrade to an Executive Room and the usual welcome drink thanks to my Accor Platinum card via Amex Platinum).

    That’s on top of the £176 I saved versus cash prices by using said IHG purchased points instead of cash for a few nights last month in France (including the Intercontinental Grand Bordeaux, again thanks to HFP!).

    Currently writing this while charging devices and enjoying a free coffee from Pret via the My Gatwick scheme, which is better than nothing given the No.1 Traveller lounge in the South Terminal is (inevitably) full and my Virgin status just dropped back to silver 🙁

    • barafear799 says:

      An update on Happy Mondays.
      I booked yesterday – and it allowed me to part pay for my stay with points.
      Happy Mondays rate has never previously been a “pay with points rate” –

      unfortunately my £25 room was too cheap as the minimum conversion is for 2000 points = 40 Euros = more than £25!!!

      But managed to pay for my £40 Novotel rooms mainly with points earned from their generous promos in the last couple of years.


      • Interesting. The pay with points option never appears for me with HM… I wonder if there’s a trick to making it appear.