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Win a share of £1,000 of Amazon vouchers by testing a new rewards app!

This is something a little different from your usual HFP article or your usual HFP competition!

Over the last few months I have been doing a bit of (unpaid) advisory work with a company called Internet Light Industries (ILITEAM) on their new app, 3More.  

3More is a new style of market research platform that will theoretically allow you to earn miles and points in return for completing surveys.  There is a FAQ at

This is NOT another version of e-rewards or Rewards for Thoughts.  I want to make that clear from the start.  Both of those companies tend to make you sit through lengthy desktop surveys in return for earning a handful of miles.  e-rewards also has a habit of throwing you out of surveys after you have wasted a few minutes completing pre-qualifying questions.  Forget all that.

3More will be a very simple platform, designed for the smartphone era. It introduces the concept of nano-surveys, which are surveys consisting of just three questions. They call them ‘triplets’.

What is a ‘triplet’?

The idea is simple.  As an alternative to building and distributing lengthy market research surveys and waiting for results to come in all at once, 3More delivers a nano-survey consisting of just three questions which you can answer in seconds.

The company sponsoring the survey will receive the (anonymous, aggregated) replies to their survey in near real-time.  This makes it more attractive than traditional market research.  3More users can answer surveys in their ‘down time’ (on the train, in a taxi, watching TV) with just a few swipes on their phone.

What’s in it for you?

You accrue points for every survey response and those points will be transferrable into a wide range of travel and shopping-related reward schemes.

My role in this has primarily been introducing the team to the relevant people at Avios, Virgin Flying Club etc.  The final line up of reward partners has not yet been agreed, though.

Win your share of £1,000 of Amazon vouchers!

The 3More app is still being tested and finalised.  The company is looking for a number of Head for Points readers who are willing to download it and answer a few test questions over the next few weeks.  The current version of the app runs in any web browser though it is optimised for mobile devices.  The beta test will help ILITEAM produce the iOS and Android versions of the app. 

Remember that each survey question will be multi-choice and can be answered with a simple swipe of your finger.

You will earn 3More points during the beta phase but they will only be for test purposes.  When the app goes live, all points balances will be reset.  However, all Head for Points readers that help with the BETA will get a bonus earning rate of 25% for their first year of using the app.  

Additionally, every reader who uses the 3More app and answers a minimum of 50 triplets (they take about 10 seconds each to complete!) by the end of September will be entered into the draw to win the following prizes:

10 readers will win a £50 Amazon voucher

50 readers will win a £10 Amazon voucher

Because this is a small scale trial, your chances of winning are good.


How do I take part?

Just point your browser at Choose a sign-up method and you’re good to go. 

Things you should know:

This is a test version so sometimes things might not work quite as expected.  If you have any problems you can contact ILITEAM by sending an email to [email protected] or by visiting their online HelpDesk at

Please do not contact Head for Points!  I am only acting as an intermediary here to help the team recruit some beta testers.

A note on privacy. The data you share when answering triplets is anonymous.  The organisations asking the triplets don’t know who answered them.  Using 3More will never result in our users getting unwanted messages, ads or spam from anywhere, nor will it put their personal information at risk.

Good luck with the competition!

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  1. Lewis Watson says:

    How do you know when you have completed 50?

  2. Very impressed to already have a reply form James (CEO) regarding test questions – they’re adding a catch-all option but branching logic, etc will be coming soon and is more just a feature of these being test questions as many of us thought. Very impressed with the speed and thoroughness of reply – bodes well!

  3. rams1981 says:

    mine stops and says no more at 5100 points. Will check later

  4. Brewed for good times says:

    5030 – no more tirplets available.

    Seems a flaw in the system though: it takes quite a while for each question to load, but in the meantime if one clicks any of the options and then selects ‘next’, it submits the response and progresses the survey before the questions have loaded.

    Makes it very quick to progress the surveys but doesnt give accurate or honest answers.

  5. It seems to be very simple. Must have the possibility of being more rewarding than e-rewards

  6. O/T
    I hear that a choice of starters is back in Club World for September.

  7. I have now maxed out at 5,435 with no more triplets available. Darn it I was hoping to get to 10,000 over my lunch break ! I have the time and inclination just not the opportunity…..

  8. Very O/T – but does anyone have the link to the AMEX Gold to Platinum upgrade link whereby it gives you 15k points on £1k spend if you upgrade.


  9. I am surely not the only person to receive an invitation from IHG to join Opinion Check-In, and earn 1,000 points for completing the first survey. It is obviously hosted on the same platform as Rewards for Thoughts, with 50 points for completing a survey but 5 points if you do not qualify unlike RfT.
    You can sign up at It does not seem to be targeted as I have signed up myself and my wife there.

    • Yes had a few goes but didn’t meet the criteria for a survey so have earned a massive 10 points

      • I have got 1045 so far

        • I have picked up a bonus 1000 points for doing a survey having tried again, credited instantly which is nice.

          Doubt I will bother again for 5 points / go but an easy earn.

    • Yeah me too, came here to mention it but see you already have. Not strarted yet but have been busy with e-rewards and opinion rewards for klm miles! I’m all surveyed out!

      • Well, attempted 6, one didn’t work at all, failed all the others so have 25 points to show for about 30 minutes effort including sitting through a rubbish advert for moneysupermarket! Not impressed

  10. Is anybody experiencing problems with triplets? I signed up and got 500 bonus points but so far not doing very well. It lets me answer maybe one question and than freezes… tried few times, on mac, on laptop and iphone and the same problem each time??

    • They’ve sent out an email saying they’re having a bit of trouble scaling the service thanks to so much interest from HfP – hopefully should be better soon 🙂

      “Hello from the team at 3More,

      Firstly, a huge thanks to all the HFP readers that signed up today to help us with our test. We really do appreciate the support and all of your constructive comments.

      We have received a number of tickets via our helpdesk and are diligently working through them. A key issue is about performance. As you will appreciate this is our first large scale user test and it is exactly this sort of issue that we want to identify. I do appreciate however that it is frustrating as an end user when things just don’t work.

      As I write this our team is investigating the performance issue. We will be trying very hard to solve that one first. That said, as a group, you have also identified a number of smaller problems that are easier to fix. We will also be getting to as many of those as we can over the next few days.

      Finally, there were some concerns about not being able to answer the minimum required 50 triplets. There are actually 56 test triplets on the system. Rest assured that there are more coming. Everyone who wants to will be able to achieve the minimum target well before the end of the September deadline.

      Again, thanks for the support, your comments and feedback.


      ILITEAM CEO & Co-founder”

      • Thanks Alan,
        It seems to be working now… completed all available triplets and on 5145 points (whatever that means in the real world 🙂

    • Still “slow” or not quite working this morning, have started a triplet and stuck on the second question after Next – will hold off and try a little later. Other than that, nice and simple to do the “surveys”.


  11. They’ve now added the requested functionality with regards number of triplets answered 🙂

  12. Alan, where can I see that information?



    • It’s showing on the homepage for me – “You have xx points. You have answered yy triplets.’

  13. Just given it a try, looks good, however system has locked up after the second question. I will stick with it though.