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Bits: 3600 Avios and £10 off with LEGO Friends, £15 off Lufthansa flights, flying with a Galaxy Note 7?

News in brief:

3600 Avios and £10 off with LEGO Friends

As we covered on Shopper Points yesterday, there is a VERY generous LEGO deal running again this week on Tesco Direct.

As you can see on this page, you will receive 1500 bonus Clubcard points when you spend £75 on LEGO Friends before Saturday.  That is worth 3600 Avios or 3750 Virgin Flying Club miles.

That means you are basically getting the LEGO for half price if you value the Avios points or Virgin miles at 1p each.

Even better, code TDX-PKMH gets you £10 off a £75 Tesco Direct spend.  The snag, though, is that you need to spend £75 after the discount to get the 1500 Clubcard points.  This means that you need to buy £85 of LEGO Friends, for which you pay £75 and get 1500 points.

Oddly – and I tested this – you cannot buy £75 of LEGO Friends and £10 of something else and then apply the £10 coupon.  It wipes off your bonus points.  There needs to be £85 of LEGO Friends in your basket.

Click and Collect delivery is free to your local Tesco store.  You can find out more at Shopper Points.

Lufthansa discount code

£15 off your next Lufthansa flight

Lufthansa is offering £15 vouchers valid against your next flight from the UK to Germany.

They are easy to claim.  Simply go to this site and fill in a few details and then go here to book.

You must book before 11th December for travel between 1st October and 31st March.


Flying with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

British Airways has now issued guidance for anyone with a highly inflammable Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

On US flights, Note 7’s must not be turned on or plugged in during your journey and should be kept in hand baggage.

On other BA flights, the airline recommends:

Turn off the device.

Disconnect the device from any charging equipment.

Disable all applications that could inadvertently activate the phone (e.g. alarm clock).

Protect the power switch to prevent its unintentional activation.

Keep the device in your hand baggage or on your person (do not place it in your checked baggage).

Buy a proper phone next time.

OK, I made the last one up ….

It's back - 10,000 Avios for opening an ISA with Nutmeg
Club Carlson (Radisson, Park Inn, Park Plaza) still offering status matches
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  1. With Lego any resell opportunity?

    • Maybe exporting it to the USA – apparently Lego are actively trying to stop customers there buying Lego, as they cannot keep up with the current demand!

  2. OT: AMEX offer:
    Spend £500 or more, get £100 back

    Save to Card to get a £100 statement credit when you spend £500+ at by 19/03/17. UK departure flights only. Valid once per Card for the first 10,000 Cardmembers to save. Terms and restrictions apply

  3. Reference the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it appears that the FAA and airlines are giving conflicting advice. Although airlines will allow it onboard, and the FAA “strongly advises passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage”

    However, the FAA also states “If a product that is a hazardous material or that contains a hazardous material component (e.g., battery) is subject to a safety recall related to the hazardous material, it must not be carried aboard an aircraft or in baggage unless the recalled product/component has been replaced or repaired or otherwise made safe.”

    • I prefer the FAA version – what sort of security system deems 105ml of water too dangerous to carry, but happily allows passengers to carry a plug-in incendiary device? But if they’ve been recalled, why has anyone still got one anyway?

      • Oh! Matron! says:

        Whilst I found the last comment mirthful, I do think it should replaced with:

        “And here’s a slap across the face for having the stupidity for not having returned it yet”

  4. The £10 off coupon works proportionately. So as long as you are left with £75 of Lego Friends after the discount is applied, you’d still see the 1500 Avios. It could be (say) £80 of Lego Friends & £100 of something else in your order, before discount. But yes – simpler to buy £85 of Lego Friends in the first place.

    Avoid my mistake of buying £80 of Lego in the offer & £5 of Lego outside the offer – doesn’t work. Easy enough to pull up the list of what’s included. You get 15-20 mins to cancel your order online, otherwise you can phone CS.

  5. Lufthansa Group also require the galaxy note 7 is switched off and not being charged on all flights (not just those to the US), there’s an announcement after the safety briefing on every flight I had in the last week or so with them. Qatar didn’t say anything.

  6. OT: is anyone else having problems with the Creation (IHG credit card) website? It’s just timing out for me

  7. Travelled on two FlyBE services at the weekend and they made additional PAs after the safety briefing with the same advice and the instruction to inform cabin crew immediately if such a device had been packed in hold baggage.

  8. I had a couple of flights with American last week and they are making the same announcement about the Galaxy Note both onboard and at the gate. It was on the news a lot as well after the FAA announcement with it being commented that it’s impossible to enforce.

    • Virgin are doing the same, a PA after boarding saying it must remain off and not charging for the duration of the flight

  9. OT
    The 5000MR points for adding an additional supplementary Platinum cardholder posted yesterday for me. I had issues applying and ended up getting the same person THREE (!) supplementary cards…and got 3 bonuses, though it was only meant to be for one extra card.

  10. S7 (the airline!) and Lufthansa are both issuing warnings with the pre-flight announcements (a bad time if you ask me, as many frequent fliers will be doing all they can to avoid hearing this!)

    However I do not recall either making any mention of S7s (the phones!) in checked luggage…

  11. Lady London says:

    Poor Samsung. What awful publicity for them. Never been a fan of their phones myself, but I have always like the look and screensize of the Note series.

  12. Just had a call from Tesco Direct to say three of the items I ordered yesterday as part of this promotion were now out of stock, but they had sent the other items. I questioned if I would still get the 1500 clubcard points, and was told I would (although they didn’t sound very convincing).
    Does anyone know if I am likely to receive the points?

    • If you don’t. complain to clubcard and they will give you some points as compensation (and you can probably return the items too – presumably you don’t really want them)

    • I don’t think you will – I’d be happy to be proved wrong – because they cancelled £75 out of an £81 order for me 🙂

      I’m going to pick up the £6 item just in case.

  13. Another O/T data point :- My 500 bonus Virgin miles for the train journey “I took” in July posted today. Mrs Roberto who “accompanied” me has yet to have hers allocated thus far.

    I emailed [email protected] forwarding the booking conformation from VT together with my VS ff number and a short request for my miles. They did ask to see a copy of the email I received from them promoting the offer in the first place as I don’t think they quite knew anything about the deal.

    Anyways we are half way there, I trust her miles will follow later this week..

    • my wife & I both now got the 500 Virgin miles – I sent chaser emails maybe 10 days ago but not sure if this helped

  14. OT/
    SPG Moments has loaded another round of o2 events!
    Rod Stewart, Red Hot Chilli Pepers, Just Bieber, Andrea Bocelli, Madness, Status Quo,

    Best Credit Card sign up value around!

  15. Sorry O/T. I have had to cancel my Hilton free weekend night booking for this weekend in Dubai. I called and they said it will be going back as points. Is this correct? It says that it is worth 60,000 points. But, if I decide to stay at a later weekend this year, the rooms are 80,000. Would they honour the voucher or will I have to find an extra 20,000 points?


    • Interested to see the replies for this. My wife has a Hilton voucher that needs to be used by mid November which we don’t intend using. Is it therefore an option to book one night knowing we won’t be staying there and ring up to cancel nearer the time. Is 60000 points the set amount or does it vary depending on location ?

    • they’ll crystallize the points & that’s it

    • I cancelled 2 seperate bookings and hoped I’d get points back – no such luck unfortunately

  16. seen this Raffles?

    50% off Saudi Airlines

    don’t chop my hands off 🙂

  17. Ha!

    Just discovered that an Amex Plat obtains entrance for self plus a guest to the Virgin Lounges in Australia, while PP does not.

  18. The skater native = iPad autocorrect for The alternative.

    • I assumed that it was a colourful Australian term.
      This is just one reason (but sufficient) why I would never buy an Apple product.

      • if my kids’ opinions mean anything, you might reconsider!

        I was lucky enough to win 2 iPads and they say they are in a different league vs other tablets

        and my wife got a cheap 2YO iPhone from work for my daughter when they upgraded everyone’s mobiles and she says it is miles better than the bracket we got them before (about £60)

        (speaking as somebody who wouldn’t dream of paying new prices iPhone/ iPad & with a brick in the glove compartment for breaking down on the motorway/ no tablet for me of course)

  19. Shame that it’s Lego Friends and not just any lego – with three nephews and just one niece the LEGO friends offer doesn’t quite work for me.

    I’ve become quite the expert at buying lego through Tesco direct thanks to you Raffles. My niece and nephew think that I’m amazing because I always turn up a couple of times a year with lego sets for each of them.