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Bits: new SPG Moments O2 tickets available, Marriott & Starwood merger completes, 1000 free Air Canada miles

News in brief:

New Starwood SPG Moments concerts at the O2 now bookable

Starwood Preferred Guest released a new batch of O2 concerts yesterday.  The list, it is fair to say, has something for everyone.  You can catch:

  • Justin Bieber (25,000 points for two)
  • Rod Stewart (15,000 points for two)
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers (20,000 points for two)
  • Madness (15,000 points for two)
  • Status Quo (15,000 points for two)

There are also some Andrea Bocelli tickets (15,000 points for two) left over from an earlier offer.  That concert is 1st October.

Here is Anika’s review of her visit to Muse and here is my review of Sting and Paul Simon last year.  The SPG Suite is fully catered and is a very relaxed place to catch the music, although it is fair to say that if you are a devoted fan of any of these artists you would be better off down on the floor of the arena.

Starwood Preferred Guest is an American Express Membership Rewards transfer partner at 2:1.  You can also get 10,000 Starwood points (11,000 if I refer you) as a sign-up bonus for getting the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express card.  I review the Starwood Amex here.

You can get your tickets via the SPG Moments site here.

SPG Amex

Marriott and Starwood merger to complete on Friday

On the topic of Starwood, the merger of Marriott and Starwood will legally finalise on Friday morning.  This will create the biggest hotel group in the world.

If you are a Marriott Rewards member, you should be happy that Starwood is adding some genuine high end properties to the programme at last.  If you are a Starwood Preferred Guest member, you are likely to be worried that many of the benefits you have enjoyed will be discontinued.

We won’t know the details for a while.  What IS clear, though, is that Starwood Preferred Guest points will convert into Marriott Rewards points in some form.

As Starwood has a UK credit card and is an American Express Membership Rewards partner, this offers Marriott Rewards members a one-off chance to boost their points by stocking up on SPG points whilst they can.  Marriott members may want to think of ways they can take advantage of this given that it is otherwise impossible in the UK to transfer IN to Marriott Rewards.

Air Canada

1,000 free Air Canada Aeroplan miles

Finally, if you have any Air Canada Aeroplan miles you can boost them by 1,000 by signing up for free to Fairmont Presidents Club for free via this link.  You need to add FED16 under ‘Enrollment Code’ and, of course, add your Air Canada account details.

New Club Aspire lounge to replace Swissport in Heathrow Terminal 3
It's back - 10,000 Avios for opening an ISA with Nutmeg
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  1. OT slightly:

    I’ve got 18k spg points. If I transfer in 2k of MR points to make 20k total, can I then convert those to 25k Avios?
    If so can you maximise your MR points by getting the extra 5k per 20k in this way? I have 40k MR and it would be nice to make this 50k Avios.

  2. Rich Spencer says:

    My cunning plan to go and see the RHCP has backfired now they have priced it at 20k.
    Madness it is….

  3. OT-
    Can I transfer Amex MR point to my wife who has same surname and address from my MR account to her Iberia Plus account?

    Also if anyone managed to use 20% bonus from MR to IB+ Spanish, can you please share proper method of doing this? Harry over to you….Cheers…

    • Given Iberia IT, who knows. In theory no.

      I would also be very surprised if you got the bonus as the points are not coming from a Spanish MR account although I accept there is nothing to lose by trying.

    • Roberto managed it but only with Spanish Amex cards iiuic

      • Harry, You do. I did..
        My better half should also get the 20k MR initial spend bonus hit her account before the 9th of October and trusting that the 20% will be applied on top of that too when she converts it to avios.. She is sending from her spanish amex to her UK BAEC program.

    • When I did a UK Amex MR transfer last year to IB, I put my wife’s IB number in by mistake with my details. It got sent to her IB account.

  4. I see there is also an offer to hang out at Donald Trump’s manor. 75k points anyone? 🙂

    • Colin mackinnon says:

      Some of the SPG Moments are stunning – the lighthouse is one, the cruise around Cuba is another.

      The Cuba cruise sells for 20k USD for a couple, so even at 200k spg points it is a steal. Even at 500k I would bid if only I had them!

      Seriously fed up with BA and ridiculous fuel etc charges, higher BA Amex fee etc. With lots of offers on paid tickets – my next trip us paid business class – I think I am going to reduce my efforts on Avios collection.

      The end of Diamond Club is making me re-evaluate.

  5. Colin Denny says:

    Can you refer me for a SPG Amex card please


  6. Just booked Rod Stewart – thanks Rob!

  7. SPG Amex is 1pt per £, am I right? (ie double earning rate of converting from MR)

  8. OT

    I have just signed up for this. I noticed that some have ordered currency for pick up at Terminal 5 and have had success. Can anyone confirm if this is still working as I will be in Heathrow on Monday of next week. Also would I be able to pick up currency for mrs xcalx using her cc . If still working I may as well pick up a couple of hundred US$ on each account.


    • I did this for me and wife in Dec and then again for me on another account in May. But IIRC the card holder must be present when picking up currency. Mrs Genghis wasn’t too happy about me dragging her to LHR for 3k HR points in Dec.

      • Thanks, I may open 2 accounts in my name with different addresses and CC’s . Hate to waste an opportunity for just one sign up bonus.

        • If you want to convert to avios, remember also to send one to and one to BAEC.

  9. OT/ Iberia,
    Has anybody got a method that seems to work to contact / get things done by Iberia?
    (My mistake) But incorrectly misspelt my surname incorrectly when signing up to the program years ago! now have a stash of avios that I’m scared to book or transfer to BA in case my name is not matched.

    I’ve contacted the classic email address and they sent a form in which I have now corrected my details, but its still not reflected in my online account 4 weeks and 2 emails later.

  10. use plata (or oro) instead of clasica

  11. Coincidentally, yesterday I booked for my wife and I to go to the Andrea Bocelli concert next weekend, using 15k points that are just sitting there doing nothing. Thanks for the above info anyway Raffles.

  12. OT Tesco gift cards: just stopped by to get some and they had a notice up saying 150 bonus points offer ends next week so looks like it’s really happening 🙁

  13. I booked Justin Bieber tickets for the Saturday night (and a night at the IC O2 after so I dont need to battle through the Beliebers for the tube!) – should be a great night out for no cash outlay at all! A fun way to use points!

    As an aside, my MR account was not linked with my SPG account so I had to call on Tuesday when I saw the availability. Was told up to 2 weeks for the accounts to be linked and a further 5 days or the transfer to take place; I had the points in my SPG account in less than 48hrs, so dont be put off!

  14. Collected my wife’s lego order today – they cancelled £80 of Lego items OOS but did give me the filler £6 item. All 1580 points sitting in her a/c so I won’t be taking back the £6 item 🙂