Bits: Win 1 million Amex Membership Rewards points, win a trip to New York with

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News in brief:

Win 1 million Membership Rewards points!

American Express launched a competition yesterday to win 1 million Membership Rewards points …. but it comes with a catch.

1m Membership Rewards points would get you 1 million Avios points, 2 million Hilton HHonors points, 3 million Club Carlson points ….. or £5,000 if you redeem them for shopping vouchers.  It sounds a bit less exciting when you look at it that way though.

To win, you need to make a Membership Rewards redemption between yesterday and 31st December.

However, there is a catch – ‘An eligible redemption excludes points transfers to hotel, airline and retail loyalty programmes.”

The means you are left with the following options:

Redeem points for any merchandise item
Redeem points for any gift cards, gift vouchers and e-codes
Shop with points at
Use points towards purchases redemptions
Use points with SafeKey redemptions
Redeem points for travel booked through American Express Travel Online
Redeem points with Ticketmaster
Redeem points with any charity partner
Redeem points for credit

In general, these are all poorer deals than redeeming for airline miles or hotel points.  You will not get better than 0.5p per point.

There are three prizes of 1 million points to be won and you can get a maximum of three entries.  This means that if you were planning to redeem some points for, say, Amazon gift codes you might as well break down your redemption into three smaller ones to maximise your chances.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend redeeming Membership Rewards points for any of the relatively weak options above just to be entered in the competition.

Win one million membership rewards points

Win a trip to New York with

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Hotels. com are giving away a trip to New York.

The prize is a holiday to New York including flights, a four night hotel stay in a 4* hotel, Marvel Super Heroes 4D VIP cinema entry, an indoor skydiving experience (!), entry to the “Dungeons of Elements” escape room and a helicopter tour over New York City.

All you need to do to enter is fill out your details on this page of the website.  By doing so you agree to sign up for the email newsletter, if you are not already receiving it, although it only takes a few seconds to unsubscribe later.  You will automatically be entered into the prize draw.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Swap your Avios for beer ... or wine .... or Bollinger!
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  1. So Amazon gift code is the best value redemption?
    Is 200 MR point the minimum redemption threshold?

    • roberto says:

      Not seen a 200mr redemption anywhere. The lowest is 500 as far as I know but have a hangover on no glasses on so probably way off the mark.

      • Travel Yoda says:

        Points towards purchases min 200. So 3 of these for 3 entries?? Or I missing something?

        • william merrett says:

          That is an extremely quirky little way of emptying MR’s you have found there. Very well done indeed!!!!

          I used to send them to Nectar, but I might just push them to amazon instead now when I’m clearing an account out.

  2. Is the competition targeted? I can’t find any mention of it on the amex website.

  3. O/T – bonus BA avios for a new conversion posted this morning

  4. whiskerxx says:

    As Christmas is looming, why not consider breaking the habits of a lifetime and GIVE (yes that’s right GIVE!), rather than looking to get, for a change?
    Would 3 x 500 points to a charity work?

    • Peter K says:

      I find it insulting that you assume that none of us already give to charity.

      • the realharry says:

        yep took a too-small kid’s wetsuit to the charity shop just today 🙂

        not that I’m insulted – I do get the post!

      • whiskerxx says:

        PeterK – for clarity – I don’t give a monkeys that you feel insulted

        • Come on people, the comments here have been excellent for years. No need to be so presumptive or so defensive.

          Good suggestion for charity if it is indeed qualifying, it was framed in a way which could get people’s backs up though.

        • Peter K says:

          Fair enough 🙂 But if you are trying to motivate people then knowing how to do so and when you have taken the wrong angle is useful to learn.

          If I then were to end the above comment with the expression:
          “I GIVE (yes that’s right, GIVE!) you that little lesson for free.” it then becomes a lot more irritating 🙂

          • the realharry says:

            heh heh 🙂

            and this is the whiskerxx who upbraided me for posting off topic posts lol

    • I’d really like to donate several chunks of unusable points to charity, but they are below the minimum transfer amount, so just sit there.

  5. whiskerxx says:

    Mine posted today too.

    Just donated them to 3 charities at American Express.

    So, I feel good about the facts that:
    I got the bonus.
    I spent it on something worthwhile.
    I got 3 entries for this competition.

    Crusade over.

  6. Andrew H says:

    I’ve also got my 1000 from BA, for a Tesco conversion. So along with the bonus for the same thing, that’s 2000 avios + 1200 avios, all for a couple of voucher conversions!

    I’m impressed that BA and have really been on top of this promo.

    To put it into perspective, I’m still waiting for my 500 Virgin FC miles for buying a train ticket. As are many others, I suspect.

    • the realharry says:

      I got mine x2 – but only after emailing Virgin to chase the extra points – arrived pretty promptly after that – [email protected]

      btw this is my first post for 10 days or so – I think most of you already worked out some joker is posting in my name in various guises so thanks for ignoring them

      I might try that icon thingy someone mentioned, I know just the icon 🙂

      • Andrew H says:

        They emailed me on 23rd September to say they’d chase it up but I’ve heard nothing since. I’ve just emailed them again, hopefully it might work this time!

        • Genghis says:

          When I chased they processed the 500 points very quickly.
          I included:
          The promo ref: PART375
          The date and time of booked train (stating whether it was VT or VTEC train) and the booking ref.
          Hope this helps.

          • Emailed again after not receiving a response after 30 days.

            Next time will not bother with virgin promos they are useless in crediting extra points.

          • Andrew H says:

            I agree. and BAEC’s relatively fast awarding of these bonuses puts Virgin Flying Club in a poor light. On both occasions where they offered me a 500 mile bonus I’ve had to fight to get the points three months down the line.

          • the realharry says:

            they were pretty good with the ISA points 🙂

            must try & see how the Virgin ISAs are doing – I suspect extremely well given the way Brexit has affected things – all providing you went for the low risk stuff of course

            high risk has its plus points provided you choose well…my wife’s pension fund is up over 25% yoy but that’s mainly because my strategy with this one was 10×10% in various China/ SEA Opps…which are denominated in USD…now to minimise the effects of the reversal when GBP comes back…got about 2 years on that I reckon…but nothing like 2 years on USD dropping IMV…

            Virgin x6 instalments must be nearly finished, reminder to self: check that 🙂

          • Andrew H says:

            Thanks Genghis. I did send them the journey details, but not the promo ref (I didn’t know there was one).

    • Not had points for either BAEC or conversions yet.

  7. OT. How long do flights take to credit to Avios(.com)?

    • Michael says:

      Looking at my statement it looks like it takes between 8-10 weeks. That’s Flybe flights.

      • Jeez, I wonder why so long? Hopefully my BA flight I’ve just credited will post by mid Nov to earn the new partner bonus

        • Michael says:

          Looking at the terms and conditions they’re supposed to post within thirty days of the flight. But they cut it fine as I flew near the end of September and don’t have the points yet.

      • the realharry says:

        lucky to get any posted at all with Flybe, they are hopeless @ posting points & don’t offer ‘no Avios’ remedies

  8. wouldn’t the best way to enter the competition be to do safekey redemption of a minute amount of points?

  9. How can one use this 1000 point offer for kids BAEC account?

  10. Charles says:

    Wouldn’t the easiest way to enter is to buy yourself 10p Amazon giftcards and redeem 2 MR points for 1p towards the payment? 🙂

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