Bits: Did you get 15,000 free Avios?, 20% off Loyalty 2017 tickets, Etihad / Times promo

News in brief:

15,000 free Avios from American Express

I got a very pleasant surprise when I ran my AwardWallet update yesterday morning to refresh the balances of all my loyalty accounts.  My British Airways Executive Club balance had gone up by 15,000 Avios!

When I looked at my account at the description was:

“Special Promotion   15,000 Avios”

which was not very helpful!

However, opening up the BA app on my phone was more useful:

“Special Promotion -) BA Amex cobrand 15yr Surprise and Deligh    15,000 Avios”

Whilst I have not received an email about this – I get a feeling that my card may be set to ‘no marketing’ – other people have had an email from BA confirming that this is to thank them for being a cardholder for 15 years.

BA told me that this bonus is going to 6,500 people who have held the card for 15 years and are ‘active’.  If your free BA card has been in a drawer for the last three years, you don’t receive the points apparently!

15,000 Avios is certainly not to be sniffed at.  If I was being cynical, you could argue that this is a fop to long-term cardholders who may be thinking of cancelling now that the annual fee has been raised to £195 whilst the value of an Avios has been devalued – but that is a very negative way of looking at it.  Even on my low valuations, 15,000 Avios is still worth over £100 so I won’t say no!

British Airways Premium Plus

20% off Loyalty 2017 tickets

This is one purely for the industry readers of Head for Points.

Next year the massive annual Loyalty conference heads to London for a 3-day stint at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington from 20th to 22nd February.

The conference website is here.  If you look at the agenda for Wednesday 22nd you will see that muggins is speaking on “The Role of Bloggers In Your Communication Strategy”.  Please note that I did not write the slightly cringe-worthy description of what I will be talking about!

If you are in the trade and want to sign up to go along, HFP readers can get a 20% discount using code RGP21485.  The booking site is here.  You enter this code on the first page of the booking process and it gives an extra £299 discount on top of the current ‘early bird’ discount.

Etihad 350

Etihad clarifies the rules of its Times promotion

Etihad has clarified the rules of its current promotion with The Times this week to give Etihad Guest status to anyone who signs up and takes one flight.

The offer is only open to new members of Etihad Guest who sign up via the link on this page.  If you already have an Etihad Guest account which is empty, you may want to create a new one with different address and email details.  This isn’t ideal, of course, but Etihad should have made the rules more flexible …..

You will receive Etihad Silver status if you take an Economy flight with Etihad before 10th May 2017.

You will receive Etihad Gold status if you take a Business or First Class flight with Etihad before 10th May 2017.

The following rules have now been added:

your flight must depart from the UK

your flight must be a return flight

….. which means no short hops from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back!

It is worth noting that a similar deal for Silver status (but not Gold) is freely available to everyone, all year round, if they take out the Etihad Guest credit cards.  Full details are in my Etihad Guest credit card review.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

First Class domestic redemptions on American now (permanently) half price
New - use your Avios for low tax redemptions to Miami with Aer Lingus
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  1. OT I am about to book a stay on Homeaway , there is a referral programme where If I am referred you get £50 I get nothing. If anyone is an existing member I will use your code ( not open to new users, if it had been I would have found a work around) and you will get £50. I will hold off booking for the next hour.

  2. +1

  3. Baggageinhall says:

    My BA Amex says ‘Member since 01’. Now, does that mean an Amex member since that date, or that particular card? No bonus for me thus far.

  4. Another O/T

    Can anyone tell me if flights on AerLingus or AirBerlin can be upgraded using the Lloyds Avios upgrade voucher? Having difficulty finding a redemption with low taxes. Thinking of using it on Club World from LGW-NYC, though taxes alone are more than I’d generally be spending on tickets.

  5. OT Does anyone have any experience of churning the Lloyds avios cards (or simply reapplying)?

    I understand I wouldnt be eligible for the 4.5k avios bonus for each of myself and referrer but I was thinking more for the 2.5avios/GBP in first six months…

    • I have churned them, the only issue I had was that even after 6 months post-cancellation the card still showed on my account, (with a NIL balance) and a new application filled out came back not eligible. One phone call said the account wasn’t actually cancelled, the next person said it was cancelled over 6 months ago and was able to remove it from my online account, and 10 mins after the phone call I reapplied and was approved.

  6. OT re churning

    My omission but it may help others.
    I recently had an Amex Platinum for a short time. I applied for the hotel status benefits except Hilton because I am already Gold until 3/18. I should, however, have applied for my wife as she is only silver. I should get Platinum card again in May and we don’t go until June.

  7. Hooray just checked and got the 15,000 avios too!!!

  8. the real harry says:

    O/T get your Amex cards out – giftcards, anybody?

    Hat tip swooper7 HUKD

    ‘Just spotted a whole pile of banners and advertising in Morrison’s advertising spend £50 in store and receive 10p off per litre of fuel. not entirely sure as to the start date but as it’s part of their “black five days” instead of black Friday deals I imaging withing the next few days this will go live.’

  9. TGLoyalty says:

    Takes a couple days but I already have it set up. unsure if it was the same when first set up

    FYI worth a go as even a small transfer will trigger it

  10. Just under a week usually.

  11. Janeyferr says:

    For me, to BAEC took 3 days, to Avios 7.

  12. Cool thanks will give it a go!

  13. Bits: A350 flying into Stornoway 🙂

  14. Same for any withdrawal method I believe.

  15. My AMEX BAPP a/c says “Thankyou for being a card member since 2001” but no sign of the 15k Avios. Is the award being rolled out or have the lucky 6,500 card holders received their bonuses already?

    • I’ve had the BA free Amex, and now a Premier one since 2000 and I haven’t had a bonus either 🙁

  16. +1

  17. Did anyone get the leaflet in the post a couple of months back from BAPP offering 10k avios for spending £10k between 1st Sep and 30th Nov?

    That’s the one myself and the wife are nearly finished working on at the mo on both accounts. Just need some more B&Q vouchers.