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Bits: 1200 Avios for paying at Tesco with PayQwiq, 25% off Heathrow Express

News in brief:

Earn 1,200 Avios via Tesco with PayQwiq

If you live in a participating part of the country – and it has now rolled out in quite a few places – you can earn 1,200 Avios points or 1,250 Virgin Flying Club miles (ie 500 Clubcard points) by signing up to the PayQwiq app.  All you need to do is use it to make five purchases of £1 or more at Tesco before 15th January.

Full details are in this Shopper Points article today.   If you haven’t taken advantage of a PayQwiq promotion in the past, now’s your chance.


25% off Heathrow Express tickets

Heathrow Express has launched a new 25% discount promotion.

It is only valid on FULL PRICE Express Class (ie standard class) single or return tickets bought via the Heathrow Express website or mobile app.  This saves you up to £9 per ticket.  Tickets must be bought, and travel completed, by 23rd December.

The Heathrow Express discount code you need is HEX25.

The offer should ‘double dip’ with the ‘£10 cashback on £50 HEX spend’ currently showing on many American Express accounts.

The offer does not work on the site which award Avios points with your booking.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Amex Connect also has a £10 back on £50 online spend with HEX until 11 December. Presumably you could double dip (2 Express Class standard returns in one transaction would do it)

  2. PayQwik. Signed up for PayQwik when the first trial came and got 500 cc points. Half heartedly used in for last promo and surprised that 300 cc points were dropped into cc account the other day. I think I’ll use it a bit more now (if can get a further 200 cc points) considering almost no effort.

    • Did you delete the PayQwik app and sign up again when you got the 300 points the second time? Or just use the app as you had been for the first trial?

      • I deleted the app after used if the first time (saw no reason really to use it) and then reinstalled it though used the same PayQwik account login details.

        • Genghis

          couple weeks back u said you were gonna let us know your success or otherwise on your virgin black mbna churns..

          have you done the maths on it yet?

          cheers fella

  3. Not sure if it’s been covered here before: Flybe has announced an end to its franchise agreement with Scottish airline Loganair, which will now operate under its own brand. This will probably mean another huge blow to people in the remote regions of Britain. While they already have to spend up to an extra 9000 Avios just to get to LHR (1-2 extra legs, one way), they probably won’t be able to use Avios for the first leg at all anymore. Rob, if you want to use Avios for your long-planned beach landing on Barra, you better hurry up…

    • Didn’t see that, thanks.

    • Concerto says:

      Do you know when it’s happening?

    • According to The Orcadian (, the BA codeshare agreement will still continue:

      “Loganair’s codeshare arrangement with British Airways will also continue, enabling customers to make a single booking for a journey from points throughout the Highlands and Islands to London and onwards to British Airways’ worldwide network.”

      • That’s something at least, but if only codeshare then won’t be able to redeem Avios for them.

    • Brighton Belle says:

      I did the beach landing this summer and it’s worthy of it’s reputation. Loved the luggage carousel . . a rack by the bus stop. Best Avios I’ve used. Was going into Benbecula next so losing Loganair on Avios is a swizz.

  4. GLH sale – so those lucky enough to stay/checkout between 19 & 23 Dec could double dip with the Amex GLH offer on £100+ spend if choosing a suitable rate! The T&Cs say book pay stay by 23/12 but anyone know if pre-paying would mean we could stay after 23/12 in reality?

    • Sometimes hotels like to ‘do you a favour’ and not charge until the day before you arrive.

    • We stayed in a GLH hotel a couple of weeks ago and used the Amex offer. Rooms were less than £100 but adding the parking charge in advance brought the total above £100. A non-refundable rate was booked but my card wasn’t charged until check out. Got to stay by the 23rd I think. Sorry!

    • Thanks Jen & Rob – guess non-refundable/prepay works out differently depending on hotel chain then – when I don’t want to prepay I have to, but when I do (with GLH) then it’s non refundable but I pay on check out! 😉

  5. Re Thistle/Amba/GLH – this will stack with current £50 off £100 in Amex.

  6. OT: Did anyone get points at pizza express for linking the Bink App with avios account?
    This should trigger 1000 new partner bonus but it’s been three day and no sign of the transaction.

  7. Duncan Stevenson-Price says:

    As much as I’m an Apple Pay fan, I think Tesco’s system is pretty great on the basis that you don’t have the scan your clubcard AND payment method. You just use one barcode and it does everything. Not sur about Bonus points as I’ve been using it for a few weeks now.

    • Although I’ve found that sometimes when I load the app the barcode doesn’t appear and I have to out and back in, which is a bit annoying.

      I’ve found they did post but it took a variable amount of time. Awaiting final 100 but Tesco Twitter team are able to see when you’ve used the system and happy to add manually after waiting an appropriate number of weeks if required.

      • I chased them up after several weeks for 2×500 pts. TEsco contacted Payqwiq while I waited on the phone so the guy could get confirmation of the transactions and the OK to post the points manually which he did – then 2 days later they posted properly by Payqwiq so I got 2000 pts in total!

        If I delete the app from our 2 phones can I reinstall and set up 2 other accounts using the same phone or do I need to use other family member phones. Has anybody tried that?

        • Haha that worked out well! Nice 🙂

        • Yes you can 🙂

          I’ve collected the 500 bonus points over 4 different Clubcards during the last one. After the 5th transaction on each one I didn’t even delete the app, just logged out and then registered the next one. You need a different payment card each time. I’m
          Going to try it again with the first CC I used and see if the bonus posts again…..worth a try!

        • OK Great!

  8. O/T

    Hilton Gold back for Amex Platinum.

    Plus 5,000 bonus points for 2 nights stays:

    ‘And for a limited time, you can earn 5,000 Hilton HHonors Bonus Points when you stay two or more nights at any of Hilton’s 13 hotel brands and pay with your Platinum® Card2. Offer ends 28 February 2017.’

    To match the Visa offer most likely. Doesn’t mean much here vs. Virgin Black but choices nonetheless…

  9. OT. I’ve been trying to transfer those free 900 Hertz points from a while ago, to Accor, but it has never gone through. Now the Accor option seems to have disappeared! Do we know if this is a permanent thing? Hope not as it’s the only reason I went through the faff!

    • I’ve had exactly the same. I emailed Hertz, who say they have manually transferred them and should appear within 10 working days in my Accor account. The 900 have certainly gone from the Hertz account but no sign of them in Accor yet (but only been five days).

  10. the real harry says:

    O/T Eurostar from London to Paris, Lille or Brussels from £19.00 each way – £38 return @ Eurostar Snap
    Get the best Eurostar deals, just by choosing which day you’d like to travel.
    It’s easy.
    1. Choose your destination and add your fellow travellers
    2. Pick a date and whether you’d like to travel in the morning or afternoon
    3. Et voilà – the deal is yours.
    Très simple.

  11. I just received an email today from Tesco with an offer to receive 200 clubcard points for answering a short survey about payqwiq. Took maybe 3 minutes to complete. Not a lot but still more avios than I earn for an average short haul HBO flight!

  12. OT. There’s a Tesco deal on certain gift cards, no points but 20% off their value. Including Pizza Express and Monsoon.

  13. O/T I see IHG have sent out a ‘clarification’ email after the kerfuffle and confusion from the member update….

    We recently sent an email about changes to your member benefits that come into effect at the beginning of next year. We’ve realised that some of the details may not have been very clear, and we’re sorry if we caused any confusion. etc etc…

  14. Hi Rob – how does it work with a household clubcard account? Does it matter which cards are linked or is it 5 transactions on that clubcard account?

    I could in theory also set up a separate clubcard but assume it couldn’t then link to the same Avios/FC? That question might be linked to the way Clubcard linkage works itself?

  15. Cheers Rob – will let you know how that pans out!

  16. Sam wardill says:

    Payquik seem so to sign you out if not used for a while. How daft. They pay you to try it then make it a pain to use again!

  17. I recently got my 500 cc points for using the Payqwik app during the last promotion. I want to do the promotion again but I didnt delete the app after the 14 days requirement. What is the best way to go about doing this promotion.. can I just continue using the app or shall i delete then reinstall with the same clubcard number and maybe a different debit card. Thanks guys.