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Bits: why companies should listen to ‘Super Consumers’ like you, Global Entry, 1000 Miles & More with Hertz

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News in brief:

How companies should treat their most enthusiastic customers

The Economist has a very interesting article on ‘super consumers’ this week.  By ‘super consumers’, they are talking about people who have a lot of passion for companies they trade with – such as the relationship Head for Points readers have with airlines and hotel companies.

Here are a couple of extracts:

But the most important role of super-fans is to force companies to focus on their core business. Managers love to immerse themselves in the side-disciplines of business—analysing big data or re-engineering supply chains. Super-consumers remind them that these are just a means to an end. Executives need to make sure that they often spend time with them—sitting in on product tests, joining chat rooms and hanging out at customer conventions.


There are, moreover, plenty of super-consumers who are as obsessed with solving problems as they are with the products themselves. Eric von Hippel of MIT’s Sloan School of Management has found that about 80% of breakthroughs in scientific instruments came from “lead-users” rather than the manufacturers. Even super-consumers who are fixated on old or existing products (such as fans of vinyl records in an age of digital music) can provide companies with lots of valuable advice and insights on stuff that makes money. Analysing big data is all very well. But nothing beats hanging out with your biggest fans.

The full article, which is well worth a read, is here.   Thanks to Alastair.


Global Entry appointments at the US Embassy

A quick heads up that, as of last night, a lot of new interview slots for Global Entry accreditation had appeared online for early January.  Our article on the new UK interview process for Global Entry is here.


Up to 1,500 Miles & More miles with Hertz

Lufthansa Miles & More has a new offer with Hertz which looks OK if you need a car soon.  (Although not as good as the ‘18,000 Avios for an Avis rental‘ deal running this weekend!)

For Hertz bookings made before 31st December, for rentals completed by 31st March, you will earn:

1,000 miles for 1-3 day bookings

1,500 miles for 4+ day bookings

You will also get a free additional driver.  (Avis offers this as well if you book via and not the main Avis site, if you didn’t know.)

You need to use CDP code 646999 and promotional code PC 203267.  Full details are on the Miles & More site here.  Bookings can be made via the Hertz site here.

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  1. Sam wardill says:

    On the superfans point, is there still a BA lurker on the Flyertalk forum? Will they sort out incorrectly denied EU261 compensation?

  2. I’ve had GE for a couple of years now and absolutely love it! On a recent Florida trip all non-US visitors were being shunted off into a massive side holding/queuing area, US citizens were waiting 1h+ to be seen and my friend and I (both with GE) just bypassed all those queues, straight to GE machine then waved through before going to skip the massive customs queue with the specific GE lane. We were at our hotel and having a relaxing meal before we would have even reached the start of the US queue without it! Saved us at least 2h (if not more) and paid for itself pretty much with that trip alone! For internal US flights it’s also really handy having TSA Pre.

    • Was at MCO 2 weeks ago, 90 mins queues, chaotic organisation too.

      As much as I love Virgin PE/UC products, makes me consider Aer Lingus for pre clearance in Dublin.

      IIRC GE only worth it if your visiting multiple times per year.?

      • Yes, I’ve been 4 times already this year (probably average) so feel I’m getting value, esp with TSA Pre when doing a TP run! $100 cost for 5y, I already had a police certificate from work so nothing extra there.

    • Scallder says:

      Alan I’m not sure if this would have helped your situation but having an ESTA allows you to use the automated entry gates which MCO has:

      From DHS website about who can use the automatic entry gates:
      Visa Waiver Program visitors must have Electronic System for Travel Authorizations (ESTA) approval prior to travel and have visited the United States on at least one occasion after 2008

      I’m flying to MCO on Boxing day so very much hoping to be able to get through quickly using this (made it through MIA in under 5 minutes using this approach last September)

      • No, it was so busy that without GE you wouldn’t have got near those machines – all non-US visitors were hived off into a holding pen (sorry, queuing system!) way before then. Even for US residents the machines seemed busy. GE uses different machines and had no queue. Also once through the CBP officer there’s then Customs – GE has its own queue, the main customs one was looking pretty hefty!

  3. Mark LLL says:

    Ref a recent (now closed) Miles and More promo – Best western 70th anniversary sevenfold miles –
    The bonus M&M points, due after 31st October, arrived in my M&M account last night.

    I know from reading comments, elsewhere this forum, at least one other HfP reader was chasing up these promo points with Lufthansa Customer Services.

    Big thanks to Rob and Anika for highlighting these points offers.

  4. Aaarrrrghhhhh ! I count 4 video adverts autoplaying when I load this page. Is this new ? Rob, please make it stop !

    • Must be the agency dropping them in – if there are 4, Google is doing it too. Will take a look later. I don’t get paid extra for them.

      • That was quick: thanks.

        I’ve been lurking on HfP for a while and this was the first time I’ve had videos playing, or at least the first time there’s been audio which has made me aware.

        Subsequent page loads in the last few minutes haven’t carried further videos. HTH.

        • Lady London says:

          We don’t need audio suddenly playing when we’re sneaking a look at head for points in boring meetings 🙂

    • I’ve noticed them a lot recently too – thank goodness Chrome highlights which tabs are playing sound!

  5. p.s. Rob when are you dropping into the CX lounge at T3 ? We are there tomorrow evening for a couple of hours before QF2 leaves (which is 20.30-ish).

  6. Would picking up a Hertz hire car in your Avis hired car be too cheeky 🙂

  7. Picked up the Avis this morning, and the chappie confirmed that the Iberia promotion applied.

    Lots of pfaffing – was unavoidably late and they give the reserved car away even though it is paid for, but have a Fiat 500X, which is a ridiculously fat pseudo-crossover. Have it until Tue for £49, which is decent value.

    • the real harry says:

      we all hope you get the points 🙂

      somehow I doubt it

      • Rest assured, I’ll be on the case if they don’t post in reasonable time.

        They’ll sit nicely alongside the 18k from the recent Avis competition-looks like I might have been the Seventh HFP winner! 🙂 .

      • It will be fine. There is absolutely no get out for Avis. They set this promo up with very clear guidelines which everyone has followed. They do not have a leg to stand on.

        You also need to remember that Avis Corporate is separate from the (mainly) franchised Avis network. The depot gets paid as usual, Avis Corporate settles your 18,000 Avios bill from the marketing budget. The bill may be bigger than they expected but that’s life sometimes ….. ask Melia about the drinks bill from the HFP party last week 🙂

        • Yes, will be fine.

          Last rental with Avis was in March and will be looking to book with them next time as they’re first on the list.

          You might need to set up a behind the scenes counselling facility for Squills and Genghis as they dipped out on this one 🙂 .

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Not sure how they can refuse as long as you have the car for the qualifying time over the qualifying dates.

        Maybe they were overly generous but I have screenshots of the offer and T&C’s

  8. Also have about 30k Lufthansa Miles to chase from Best Western.

  9. How long are Global Entry interviews going to be possible at the embassy in London? Initially I believe they said 60 days, but it was never clear if those were calendar or business days. I just applied for GE, so hopefully I can get approved and snag a London slot so next time I visit the US I can enjoy the benefits.

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