Expedia launches their loyalty scheme in the UK

After its launch in Ireland last year, Expedia has now introduced its loyalty scheme Expedia+ to the UK market.

But don’t get too excited…

Though you can collect points on flights and car rentals as well as hotel stays, the actual rewards aren’t that great.

Expedia Plus

What is Expedia +?

There are three tier levels: +blue, +silver (£5,000 spend or 7 hotel nights) and +gold (£10,000 spend or 15 hotel nights):

You earn 2 points per £1 spent on hotels, flight and hotel packages, excursions and most car hire

You earn 1 point per £5 spent on flights

You earn 1 point per £1 on flight and car packages

+silver members get a 10% point bonus, +gold members get a 30% bonus. Status members also get special benefits at selected hotels. +gold members receive room upgrades at selected hotels and flexible check-in and check-out times.

You can earn points for ALL travel booked through your Expedia account, irrespective of whether you travel yourself

For every 3,500 points you get an Expedia gift voucher worth £25 off a hotel

This is pretty underwhelming. You would need to spend £1,750 on hotels to get £25 back which is a rebate of a little under 1.5%.

The most attractive part of the scheme may be the hotel benefits, but these are only valid at a selection of hotels branded +VIP.

Bearing in mind that Hotels.com and Expedia share the same ownership, it is a bit surprising that Expedia+ isn’t anywhere near as generous as Hotels.com Rewards.  This is why we like Hotels.com Rewards so much.

Despite this loyalty scheme not being very attractive, it is still more rewarding than no loyalty scheme. As Expedia+ does not interfere with any other programmes and you still earn Nectar points with your bookings, you might as well join.

You can find out more about Expedia+ here.

PS.  It is worth noting that HSBC is currently giving out Expedia+ gold level membership when you take out either the free or paid version of the HSBC Premier MasterCard

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  1. Hi
    Does the expedia gold level apply to existing members and also HSBE Elite mastercards?


  2. Genghis says:

    Received an email yesterday saying I’d been offered Gold status. I’m a very light Expedia user but a heavy hotels.com user and not part of HSBC elite. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Same. Very occasional expedia user, across at least 3 of their portals! Have been offered some kind of VIP + membership in Ireland, Malaysia, and now the UK (gold offer by email yesterday).

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Yep same assumed it’s linked to my hotels.com as same email adress

      • I use different emails for each, so have just switched so they are the same. Wonder if that will get me an upgrade!

  3. Why use Expedia or hotels to book hotels and then loose the benefits of booking direct.

    I would never use a portal to book a hotel that is larger than a B&B.

    Flights ok. Although only takes one airline to say book direct to get benefits and they will all follow.

    • Well because sometimes (lots of times actually) non-chain hotels have no benefits for booking directly with them and quite a lot of locations have no chain/points opportunities anyway. Or you just want to stay in a particular hotel where the above is also the case. Sometimes a 4pm checkout and a couple of bottles of water or a free drink in the bar are not that valuable if you don’t actually want to stay in a particular hotel in the first place.

    • Because you’re getting 10% back as future credit, and upto 8 Avios per £1 at certain times using hotels.com with no brand loyalty required. You pick where you want to stay, not the hotel group you need. Downside is their VAT arrangement is a bit odd for business.

    • Pangolin says:

      If you’re talking about Expedia then I agree but Hotels.com Rewards makes a lot of sense if you book a non-chain hotel. Sometimes you end up in places where there is either no suitable hotel tied to a loyalty scheme or an independent niche hotel looks much more interesting. In this case I’d use the rewards scheme via Hotels.com.

  4. Offtopic
    I am going to spend a significant amount at John Lewis in store. How do I maximise the avios earned? Tesco stopped their gift card promo afaik

  5. Premgenius says:

    Sadly the Expedia loyalty would not allow points to be earned if the booking was made before the program launch but the trip it still to be completed post the signup, tried the customer service that this is not possible 🙁 at least others allow for backdating and espeically even the travel is post signup

  6. My other half has the HSBC Premier MasterCard. Would the Expedia+ Gold membership be given to existing members?

  7. Waribai says:

    Slightly OT. Flying LGW-TFS in June. Have made an avios booking for wife and 8 year old daughter in Euro traveller and then after added availability arose, made an additional avios booking for myself also in ET. Wife now wants to fly in CE so as to make BA Silver and leave my daughter with me in Eutotraveller 🙂 Will she be able to cancel her name from the booking but let my daighter’s name stay on the booking. I know BA website doesn’t let you make standalone bookings for minors so I thought this might the tricky

  8. Worth noting that HSBC customers also get 10% off voucher valid until 1st Feb