Virgin offering £1,000 Upper Class flights from Manchester to Boston

Virgin Atlantic has launched some aggressive Upper Class fares from Manchester to Boston this summer.

How aggressive?  We’re talking ‘£999.62 return’ aggressive.

If you are looking to earn some Virgin tier points cheaply or simply want to fly to the US in style – and US fares in economy are not exactly dirt cheap in summer – this is well worth a look.  Even if you are London based, the train trip up to Manchester is not too painful.

The £999.62 price is widely available as long as you look at least 4 months ahead, although you certainly need to be flexible with your dates.  It is easy to find relevant dates because the Virgin website lets you search for the cheapest combination of dates over a 1 week or 5 week period.

delta airline virgin atlantic

The fare rules for the £999 fare are:

Book 120 days in advance

Stay at least 3 days

Book by 7th February

No limo transfers included

Fare also valid on Delta where Delta flies the route – apparently it prices via JFK too with a connection to Boston on Delta although I did not see this

The best thing to do if you’re interested is visit the Virgin website and check out potential dates using the ‘one week’ or ‘five week’ view modes.  Thanks to Barnaby for this.

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  1. SlimpyJones says:

    Just to add to this, if you use the booking engine to search for I class fares, it only adds a few hundred pounds more to the price. I class fares qualify for the car transfer at both ends and net you double tier points (200 each way) than the low Z class fares (100 each way).

    This is an extremely cheap way to bag VS Silver with one RT, or 40% of the way to Gold.

  2. James A says:

    This fare has been around about a week, along with £641 + PE to many east coast destinations. Singapore PE is £633 to Houston from MAN also (total bargain if you have some KrisFlyer miles to upgrade with).

    • ankomonkey says:

      I needed a flight to Mexico City and ITA Matrix threw up a really cheap Singapore Airlines option from MAN via Houston.

  3. Shame Little Red is no longer in service to get us London folk up to Manchester! We should consider adding the price of the train fare to Manchester onto that £1000 ticket too! What’s the cheapest train prive from London these days? Virgin Trains?

    • Genghis says:

      I paid just below £40 return (standard) a few months ago and that was not in any particular sale. That was to Piccadilly though.

    • Booking in advance, but the other way, we paid £23.40 in first class from Crewe (you can get a direct train from Crewe to Manchester Airport-30mins)

    • Matthew says:

      You’d pay extra for airport parking anyhow…

    • david cliff says:

      I travel 2/3 times a year from Manchester Airport to Gatwick via Euston, and off-peak fares are usually £26.50 each way. If you travel on a Sat/Sun you can upgrade onboard the train itself to First for £15 extra.

    • Can I just say that I am the original anon (that likes the Maldives), not sure who this another anon is… 🙂

  4. Heathrow to Manchester of course is 9,000 avios plus £35, and you don’t have the hassle of getting fro station to airport.

    • Genghis says:

      Assuming you live close to LHR. I’d prefer to let the train take the strain for cost, time and comfort

    • Err, at MAN, BA is at T3 and VS is at T2, and the train station is in between them

  5. Damn, if I hadn’t already booked my summer holiday to the US (well, Canada but driving down) I’d be all over this!

  6. I used to fly this route regularly with AA before they pulled it. It’s a good fare without doubt but the return journey is very short (not much more that 5 hours usually) so UC might be an unnecessary indulgence.

  7. Tempting. Slightly OT but has anyone done a reception with VS miles on Delta in First? They seem to offer EDI-JFK-BOS but with First rather than Business for an UC redemption.

    Also, how bad is the new Virgin website? Almost impossible to find redemptions, especially as you have to search each class individually and specify the return date (eg exact trip length). The old grid showing E/PE/UC dates for both legs was so much better. It’s as if they’re trying to make it as hard as possible to redeem your miles.

    • You can search for 5 weeks at a time? – in the advanced search options.

      • ThinkSquare says:

        You can search 5 weeks at a time for the outward date, but Fraser is correct that you have to specify the exact trip length. If there’s no availability on the return leg, it won’t show you the outward.

        I still found it much easier than BA though.

  8. Cheap ways to get to Manchester from London? Well, the trick is to split the Virgin train component from the Airport component.

    If that far in advance (but not too far, 8-12 weeks), you can get singles each way for £22 standard, £43 first (drink and food included), if two of you buy a two together railcard and you can save more in First and be valid for a year:

    Standard: 4 x 22 = 88, railcard = 88 *2/3 + 30 = ~£88
    First: 4 x 43 = 172, railcard = 172*2/3 + 30 = 114 + 30 = 144

    Return from Manchester Picadilly to the airport = a tenner per person.

    Trip Euston to Manchester Picadilly = about 2 hours 15 minutes. I know people reduce the trip from Heathrow to like 45 minutes, but after you add a 2 hour checkin, flight and baggage pickup its about an hour longer even if you start at Heathrow (vs start at Euston).

    • VTWC + connections advances EUS-MIA (MIA = Manchester Airport station) starts from £23 in standard and £46 in first, though there are very few tickets in the lowest bucket if any; generally the lowest will be £27 and £57.

      No point paying £22 and another £10 to the airport…

      The food offering on VTWC 1st is not great especially on weekends, especially when compared to VTEC. There is no lounge at MAN for the moment though. Still I’m not convinced that £20 is worth it, just bring your own food, or you can be like the recent FT poster who paid £100 to upgrade to CE because he was afraid of the BOB service being too slow

      • Couldn’t agree more about the food not being worth an extra £20. especially on weekends it’s terrible, sometimes I’ve ended up with some fruit and biscuits only.
        be much better off hitting the multitude of improved food outlets at Euston beforehand and spending less

      • Depends if its weekend, you’ll get a couple of drinks on a weekday. VTWC does have the nicer seats, and of course not the hell of standard class train travel which is delivered.

        What happened to the VTWC First class lounge in Manchester? It was there a few years ago.

        As for the price difference vs direct to the airport, as a long time VTWC traveller, I can tell you that you’ll usually get loads of advances £43 to Manchester, but once you add on a non VTWC ticket into it, that advance will jump loads. Books first class in the airport leg, not sure if there is a FC in that leg. So £43 FC to Man and fiver to airport is pretty consistent.

    • You’re better off going Euston-Wilmslow, same train as the Piccadilly one but only 1:50 travel time. Direct train from Wilmslow to Manchester Airport 7mins (15 mins from Piccadillyto MAN).

    • Stockport and bus is my favourite cheap way to the airport by train.

      The bus that comes over the peak district then runs fast from Stockport (near, not at the station) to the airport.

      The bus is on plusbus but it’s cheaper just to pay cash.

  9. OT but Virgin related. Can I uase my Virgin points to redeem a Delta flight Seattle-Las vegas? Avios is not giving me the option, i guess because AA do not have a direct flight.
    Any thoughts? Thanks

    • Yes but must be a return.

    • Alaska Airlines flies the route (many times daily too), but will not show on BA. Use the American Airlines website to see Alaska partner availability (Alaska’s website has dynamic pricing with extra seats that is not usable by partners)

  10. Typical – all the best deals are in the regions…

  11. the real harry1 says:

    Decent triple Avios deal at the Economist

    I’d like to know how they can get the Avios back if you do decide to cancel after a couple of months (Avios are awarded after 28 days).

  12. FrequentDriver says:

    Worth noting that OW is matching these fares to East Coast, MSP, SAT and possibly others (well almost – £1004 was the best I found so far).

    Horrible timings but it is also possible to route MAN-HEL-JFK-xxx and back, which pulls in a nice little stash of BA Exec Club tier points…

  13. Michael says:

    I’m also pricing MAN-JFK-BOS as £1K return with AA on almost any range of dates throughout the year. MAN-JFK is in Biz, with JFK-BOS in First.

  14. barnaby100 says:

    Just to add. I didn’t need book 120 days in advance. It only starts at the end of March on that route and you can book from then all the way through to when it ends in October.

    AA via JFK seems to be price matching- as is Virgin via JFK and then Delta to Boston- so Virgin are basically price matching themselves.

  15. I have checked the Virgin website several times today to look for these flights but can’t seem to find anything below £1250. Can anyone help advise where I am going wrong ? Thanks

  16. They are only available until June and on Wednesdays eg May 31st – June 7th.available 5 minutes ago.

  17. Bridget Stewart says:

    Looking for the Virgin fares to Boston in Upper Class, can’t find any under £1,000 return. I was looking beginning of July. Virgin tell me the fares start from £1399! Any suggestions?