EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: The great new Eurostar lounge in Paris

Anika was in Paris on Friday for a private view of the brand new Eurostar lounge at Gare du Nord.

It seems that it could, potentially, be the smartest railway lounge in the world.  It opens to the public today (Saturday).

We will have a full review on Monday.  In the meantime, here is a 77 second video tour we made:

And here is Anika with Raymond Blanc, who has overseen the creation of a signature gin for the new lounge!


More on Monday.

(PS.  If you are a regular Eurostar passenger to Paris, remember that American Express Platinum gets you into the Eurostar lounges in London, Paris and Brussels.  You can’t bring a guest but, of course, you can issue your partner a free supplementary Amex Platinum of their own.)

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  1. Johnny_c-l says:

    Sounds promising; looking forward to the full review.

  2. the real harry1 says:

    that big cheese looked good (and I don’t mean Raymond Blanc!) 🙂

    not sure about the faux fireplace or the idly placed violins & violin big brothers lol

  3. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    Hopefully not too OT, but as Amex Plat Supp card was mentioned, I have a question.

    Is the holder of the Supp card also entitled to Hilton Honors Gold status? It was mentioned in the comments section of HfP but reading the T&C’s this isnt clear.

    Thanks in advance

    • Can’t personally speak for Hilton but my wife has SPG, Carlson and (rolled over) Accor via her supp on my Plat. Her Hilton Diamond was status matched off Accor last year – I can’t remember what it was before.

    • Genghis says:


    • Yes the plat supp holder gets a priority pass and can also apply for all the hotel statuses.

      • Simon Schus says:

        AMEX once told me that after the first Platinum supplementary cardholder, additional cardholders don’t get a Priority Pass even if one pays for those supplementary cardholders to have the Platinum card. Might have been incorrect info though, as I didn’t ever follow through. I might this summer though for my parents.

        • Simon Schus says:

          (but not the for the Priority Pass, more for the Delta SkyLounge benefit whereby a guest is not included in the lounge benefit of the AMEX Plat).

          Hopefully they were wrong.

  4. Interesting to spot an Enomatic dispenser for wine. never seen that in a lounge before, and cant imagine why it would be needed given the speedy turnover of bottles. How is it deployed?

  5. Daniel Evans says:

    According to Amex’s website:

    “Share the benefits with up to five complimentary Supplementary Cards with no annual fee (one Platinum and a combination of up to four Gold or Green Cards).”

    So wouldn’t that mean the other card holders would not get lounge access as they would only get the benefits of a Gold card?

  6. Genghis says:

    Looks great. But gare du nord need to sort out Eurostar security. It’s a joke at peak times.

    • RussellH says:

      No point getting security speeded up if the immigration is going to be slowed down. After all, we MUST keep those damn foreigners out. And no true blooded Englishman should be going across the Channel anyway.

      I have an image in my mind of Ian Duncan Smith and Bill Cash walking into the mouth of the Tunnel carrying backpacks full of Semtex.


  7. Guesswho2000 says:

    Very OT, apologies, but has anyone received the promised 250 Avios from signing up to AerClub before 7/1, yet?

  8. Nice video!

  9. I have been in the lounge this morning – very very impressive. I liked to old lounge, but this is a real step up in gear.

    Nice coffee, simple but effective breakfast selection. Good range of Newspapers and Magazines on display.

    Lounge was quiet (as to be expected at 630am on a Saturday morning).

    Currently on the 713am train to London and looking forward to getting home!

  10. Interesting indeed. But would be even more interested in the BA Gatwick lounge opening.

  11. Looks stunning!
    Hopefully they’ll move those large jugs of juice from the top shelf, that’s an accident waiting to happen.

  12. With the new lounge location; is there no more direct access to the trains?

  13. the real harry1 says:

    the idea of a signature gin is frankly ridiculous – sack the marketing bod behind that particular initiative! half-assed idea

    what a waste of energy & focus

    people just want the regular premium gins

    • BA just got one for The Concorde Room ….

    • Signature “artisan” gins are all the rage.

      • I think avocado and mango is still seen as exotic in Harry’s neck of the woods 🙂

        • the real harry1 says:

          got an avocado bathroom suite last year, yeah baby

        • My parents had one of those!

        • the real harry1 says:

          seriously, artisan gins are going to do precisely zero positive impact for your lounge – so why bother?

          you think that I might slightly prefer it (to the bench) if you have an artisan gin?

          or get in there by chance & think I stumbled on something excellent?

          adds nothing – Leo says they are all the rage but I think he’s talking about gastropubs & restaurants ie retail – nobody sane (in a lounge) is going to pay much of a premium for or ascribe value to artisan gins, they’re simply not better than a decent gin such as Plymouth gin or basic Beefeater/ Gordon’s.

          More to the point: a Eurostar gin is clearly a vanity project and vanity projects always mean rubbish work and sack/ retarget the instigator if you’re his boss.

        • I reckon you would be MORE interested in a lounge. It is an environment where you can try drinks without having to commit to buying a bottle.

          You are a bit off on the gin market though. Doubt there is a single bottle of Beefeater in any house inside Zone 1!

          If you don’t think premium drinks make an impact on a lounge, look back at the critical comments on the Dubai Concorde Room when I showed a photo of the drinks cabinet.

    • Gin and Tonic Please says:

      Completely disagree. I’ve tried that gin (it’s been there a while now) and really liked it. And as you can tell by my handle, I’m quite a gin fan… it’s made by he guys at Silent Pool, and you can buy it here, if you’re interested:


  14. Lady London says:

    Long overdue. Waiting for Eurostar in Paris has been horrible.

    I will be particularly interested in what other ways than Amex there are to access this. I’ve gone Priority Pass with an excellent deal which has once again lessened what I look to British Airways for and I’m not planning to sign up to Amex in the near future. But I would be very interested in accessing this lounge.

    I wonder will the rules for accessing the lounge in Brussels, Paris and London be the same? or whether some memberships will work in one lounge but not in the others.

  15. TGLoyalty says:

    Looks good unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way I look at it I’ll probably never use it.

    Just me that thinks the refrigerator set up looks a bit naff and juices in jugs that high up is asking for trouble!