Bits: new Iberia wine deal for 500 Avios, decent Miles & More / Hertz promo

News in brief:

New Iberia Plus wine offer for 500 Avios

Iberia’s wine partner, Vinoseleccion, is running a new deal for UK residents.

For £50, you will receive six bottle of rioja plus free delivery plus 500 Avios in Iberia Plus.  These can be moved across to BAEC or using the ‘Combine My Avios’ functionality on any Avios website.

£50 is advertised as ‘half price’ but you should always treat these claims with caution where wine is concerned.  That said, Vinoseleccion seems to have a decent reputation overall.  Full details of the offer are here.

Vinoseleccion 350

Miles & More launches new promo with Hertz

Miles & More, the Lufthansa Group frequent flyer scheme, has launched a new promotion with Hertz.

For bookings by 30th June, for rentals before 30th September, you will earn 1500 Miles & More miles per rental.  You will also be entered into a competition to win one of 20 prizes of 50,000 miles.

There is no minimum rental length so this could be good deal for one day hires.

Full details, including details of the codes which must be added to your booking (and which may or may not end up inflating the price of your rental) are here on

Don’t forget that Virgin Atlantic is also an excellent place to park miles from Hertz rentals see here for details – earning 1000 miles every time.  That is where I sent the miles from the Hertz rental I did last weekend.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Is there a way to combine this with another valid CDP one might be entitled to use or is it “either or”?

    • You can can only use one CDP at a time.
      This is from where your rate is define.
      It cannot be changed afyter the booking of course.

      You can combine it on rare occasions with a promo discount, but really on rare occasions.
      But that’s a promo code not a CDP.

      My experience is that CDP from airlines are only interesting if you rent for more than 3 days or during the week-end.
      One or two days are most expensive than non airlines CDP if you have one.

      I do not really credit my rental days to airmiles FFP.

      I rather like to keep them at Hertz and transferred them when I need to IHG for instance.

      Everyone has a different requirement anyways.

  2. Neil Holland says:

    Btw that’s a lot of Rioja for the money not just any old plonk.

    Buy, buy, buy…

  3. Sounds expensive for the Rioja – reserva in Aldi is a lot cheaper and just as good.

    • Genghis says:

      I’ll be sticking to Majestic Calais

    • Linda Wardley says:

      Aldi do not take Amex though

      • Genghis says:

        Does a shop not taking Amex (which is cheaper) drive you to shop elsewhere (which is more expensive)? Sounds like some expensive points you might be picking up.

        • Linda Wardley says:

          No need to make assumptions Genghis, was just stating a fact, when I typed the post I did add an emoji but it doesn’t show.

        • Worzel says:

          Genghis- maybe you need to get yourself on that Telepathy refresher course!

          🙂 .

        • Yes if you add old-school character emoji the system converts them to display as icons, but icon-based ones don’t seem to be accepted 🙂

      • Try aldi website instead

        • Genghis says:

          Still seems to just be MC and Visa? Didn’t realise Aldi deliver wine though. There’s Xmas booze sorted.

    • David P says:

      This reserva is made by CVNE, one of the better known wineries in the rioja region. General retail price in this country will be somewhere north of £13 per bottle for the reserva, although I think current stocks are of the 2010 whilst this offer from VS is for the 2012.

      With all due respect to Aldi’s rioja reserva, which is a wine which I think is quite nice for the price point, the CVNE reserva is streets ahead in terms of quality so for me it’s definitely one to buy.

  4. Alex W says:

    For anyone chasing a Marriott travel package (there seem to be quite a few on here!):

    Save up to 35% on base rate
    2,000 Marriott Rewards points on rentals of 2-4 days
    5,000 Marriott Rewards points on rentals of 5 or more days
    Use CDP# 154080 & PC# 169680

  5. Bought some from last offer and quality was great. Just re-upped on this offer but nowhere to insert IB card number so have had to send tedious follow up email to VS. Yawn.

  6. Concerto says:

    Trouble with the M&M offers at Hertz and Europcar is that they often do not track and it’s almost impossible to reclaim the points. So it ends up irritating me and I stopped using these promotions.

    Avis is somewhat more reliable and thanks to FT I have a contact email address to fix uncredited rentals. Does anyone have similar contacts for Hertz and Europcar?

    • I have heard contacting them via twitter usually works to get issues resolved

  7. OT – waitrose spend has started tracking on Shop VS again. looks like minimum of 2 points per transaction (lots of my transactions are between £1 and £3), but a tx over £15 came through as 14 points. Also, the newish Waitrose near Victoria doesn’t seem to track.

  8. Sussex Bantam says:

    Completely OT – but need some help on churning strategy following the demise of the 20K upgrade to platinum offer.

    Mrs SB has a gold card which is approaching the one year anniversary. My options are:

    1) Refer myself for gold card = 9K for Mrs SB, 22K for me
    2) Refer myself for plat card = 9k (I think) for Mrs SB, 35K for me
    3) Upgrade Mrs SB to plat and then refer to gold card = ??
    4) Upgrade Mrs SB to plat and then refer to plat card = ??

    Can anyone fill in the blanks on 3 and 4 for me ?


    • Nick M says:

      As a data point – My wife was offered 10k to upgrade Gold-Plat a few days ago… not sure whether or not to actually go for it as I left it a bit late and we’re now into Year 2.

    • 3) You’d get 22K still, she’d get 12K
      4) You’d get 35K, she’d get 18K

  9. Jonny says:

    Car rental – any decent Avios offers from the major players right now? Need a car for a couple of days next week

  10. Londonbus says:

    Going to Split on holiday in August.

    Hertz is quoting c. £300 for a Golf-sized vehicle.

    Avisaba is about £200 including credit card charges…

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, I’ve found that, too (plus often Avisba comes out cheaper than Avis).

      Plus with BA, you get the free additional driver and (I think: could be wrong) the double Avios if you pay with a BA Amex.

  11. Hardik says:

    Average wine – costs 7.50 in the UK. So basically you get 500 avios for free,

    • Genghis says:

      £50 – (£7.50 x 6) = £5. You’re buying 500 avios for £5, no?

      • Stu_N says:

        I wouldn’t rely on vivino, someone has probably done the £50/6 calculation to generate a price point. It looks like a special bottling for vinoseleccion so difficult to compare prices directly, but CVNE are one of the most respected Rioja producers and they definitely won’t send out crap with their name on it.

        “Half price” is rather optimistic but a reserva from a oood producer would probably be £12-£15 a bottle. Even at the bottom of the range it’s a reasonable saving. I’ve ordered a case so will see how it runs.

  12. I am considering the Roija offer to activate my Iberia Plus account. Have also looked at transferring Amex MR instead and looks like the minimum allowed for transfer is 1,000 MR. Could anyone please advise what the approximate value of 1,000 MR is? Also, whether there is an alternative/cheaper way to get some activity in the Iberia Plus account?


    • Fenny says:

      If you have any e-rewards points, transferring the required minimum number to Iberia will work. It’s a better exchange rate than BAEC or Avios anyway, so always worth sending them there.

    • It doesn’t ‘cost’ you anything, really, because you can move the points across to BA afterwards so you still get to use them!

      In terms of ‘best use of Amex points’, airline miles are as good as it gets. If you think you can get 1p or more per Avios then you won’t beat that with any hotel or gift card transfers.

      • the real harry1 says:

        Not forgetting the re-appearance of the Groupon deal

        BP go to IB a/c —> Plustore —> Groupon —> & you’ll see you can buy quite small quantities of Avios (been there 1 minute gone the next) – 2000 points would do it

      • MR it is then! Thanks Rob, I didn’t think of it that way. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

    • Genghis says:

      Just got an email from Iberia. They’re doing the same Deliveroo deal as BA.