EXCLUSIVE: Heathrow Rewards adds Singapore Airlines Krisflyer as a partner

Heathrow Rewards, the loyalty scheme for shopping at Heathrow, is launching a new airline transfer partner today – Singapore Airlines Krisflyer.

Krisflyer joins the other Heathrow Rewards airline transfer partners:

British Airways / Aer Lingus / Avios

Emirates Skywards

Etihad Guest

Virgin Flying Club

Lufthansa Miles & More

The transfer rate will be the standard 1:1, with a minimum transfer of 250 Heathrow Rewards points.

You can only transfer points TO Krisflyer.  Unlike the Heathrow Rewards partnerships with Emirates and Lufthansa, it is NOT possible to transfer your Singapore Airlines miles into Heathrow Rewards points.

Krisflyer miles are relatively tricky to pick up if you live in the UK – although you can transfer American Express Membership Rewards points – so this is a good opportunity.

Heathrow Rewards

If you have an active Krisflyer account, you should remember that there is a very generous Heathrow Rewards sign-up bonus currently running.

You can currently earn 3,000 Heathrow Rewards points by opening an account and spending £150 in one day.

This is a very generous offer – as good as it has ever got with Heathrow Rewards.

Convert these to Krisflyer and you will receive 3,000 miles.

The link to the 3,000 point sign-up offer is on the avios.com website here.  Whilst the deal is being promoted by Avios, there is no requirement to send the bonus points there – you are totally fine to transfer the points to Krisflyer and get the 50% bonus.

Remember that Heathrow Rewards accounts are restricted to one per household so you cannot open another for your partner at the same address.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Plaza Premium lounge NOW OPEN in Heathrow Terminal 5
Bits: 240 Avios with £24 of rioja, in the Terminal 5 Concorde Room, 4000 Flying Blue miles with Europcar
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  1. O/T Bits: Last year I raised a MCOL with BA for 72 hours delayed baggage – which they failed to return to us, and the baggage was damaged and pilfered. Court date finally set for this Friday – all our statements sent across to BA/Court (received aggressive statements on BA solicitors!!) and they’ve followed up the filing procedure. Looks like they won’t settle as it’s 3 days away?! Thoughts …

  2. Have 18000 Emirates award points which I am unlikely to be able to spend on a flight or even add to.

    Can they be converted to Heathrow Rewards? Is this the best option? Can’t see me flying with them again any time soon.

    • 3 options – easyJet credit, HR credit (only valid at Heathrow, not valid for miles transfers), Arsenal tickets

  3. Only one account per household? Oops!

    • OH and I both have HR accounts.

    • With so many young professionals living in HMOs in the South East, it doesn’t seem ethical to restrict accounts to one per household.

      With the even stricter GDPR rules coming in next year, will it even be legal to disclose that someone else at the same address already has a HR account?

      • I can’t see anywhere that it states only one account per household. In the T&Cs it says ‘Only one account per Member is permitted. Household accounts are not permitted.’

      • Although online blocked it, my folks had no issue both having accounts at the same address – their phone agents seemed able to override it without an issue.

  4. OT I am very excited to try Singapore Airlines business class for the first time on a flight LHR to Sydney. I am very unlikely to fly with them again. So, question, what is the best option in terms of earning frequent flyer points. I am thinking of opening a Virgin Flying club account to which I think the points would be credited rather than Singapores Krisflyer. Is this the most sensible option?

    • Have a look at wheretocredit.com, based on your exact ticket sub-class (J, R, I etc).

      Virgin probably makes sense unless you have a plan to top them up to the level needed for a decent Star Alliance reward. However, you would be earning a lot of SQ miles and – if you had the flexibility to top up via, say, Amex Membership Rewards – it may not harm to have a Star Alliance stash for those times when Avios seats are not available.

    • i would even suggest that of you fly east more than west, it’s worth concentrating on collecting both SQ and avios but mainly concentrating on SQ.
      Much better product. no surcharges for redemptions.

    • Scallder says:

      On the Virgin website for Singapore it states:

      Redemptions in Business Class and First Class on Singapore Airlines’ A380, 777-300ER and A350-900 aircraft types are not available.

      Singapore only fly A380s and 777-300ERs between London and Singapore, so you wouldn’t be able to get business class between LHR and SIN.

      Depending on which part of Australia you’re going to, from London business is either 95 or 105k each way, and with London to Singapore being 85k itself, it’s definitely worth trying to collect Krisflyer miles. Having said that if any of their European routes don’t fly on those 3 aircraft you could get business class for 60k Virgin miles one-way between Europe and Singapore and 42.5k miles between Singapore and Oz, but again would need to check the aircraft

  5. No Bits today, but related to points transfers – just to feedback that my VS to IHG transfer completed today (day 9) and the 10k transferred have counted for status 🙂

  6. another O/T bits – looks like, as suspected, MBNA has stopped issuing all airline cards. All disappeared from their website this morning.

    • Glad I managed to sneak in another VS White over the weekend!

      • Still seem to be able to apply for the AA card via the AA website. Wondering how long earning will continue via existing cards.

        • I applied for Miles&More cards on Saturday. They said they couldn’t give me an instant decision. I have a great rating. I think it’s purely because they’re withdrawing the cards…

        • I wouldn’t read much (or indeed anything to be honest) into a lack of instant decision. Especially if applying at a weekend, and even with an excellent credit rating.

  7. Still seem to be able to apply for the AA card via the AA website. Wondering how long earning will continue via existing cards.

  8. OT
    Has anyone else had their Tesco points sent to Virgin and then snatched away again?
    They do not show arriving or leaving on the account statement; I only know through AwardWallet!

    • Yes – mine has dissapeared also!

      • New Card says:

        Yes! Wtf?

        • the real harry1 says:

          ours are there fine – are you sure it’s not AwardWallet with the problem?

        • As I said ‘They do not show arriving or leaving on the account statement’ but did appear and disappear on AwardWallet.

        • the real harry1 says:

          I should just wait a day before you waste time chasing – my wife’s autumn bonus was missing but appeared miraculously overnight

        • New Card says:

          Mine hit my Virgin account, but now the entry has been changed to “0”.
          I was checking on the Virgin Flying Club app, not AwardWallet, so definitely an issue at the Virgin end.

    • Yes gone! Were there yesterday

  9. O/T – booked my first mileage flight to US for next year on AA miles.
    Fly out on BA and return on AA metal
    Have been able to book AA seats in advance (rtn journey) any advice how I book the seats going out on BA, flying CW outbound
    I have no BAEC status
    Thanks in advance

  10. bigglesgirl says:

    Sorry what’s this 50% bonus?

  11. Jonathan says:

    OT: I have a Singapore flight coming up and am looking at inventive options to earn miles/ points on it, ideally without having to setup a KrisFlyer account.

    I see that I can’t credit Krisflyer miles into Heathrow Rewards. Would the the best option just crediting to Virgin / Miles & More (and either leave there or credit to HR)?