Bits: 25% off Priority Pass, Flight Experience London simulator discounts, AddLee deal

News in brief:

25% off Priority Pass

The ‘up to 25% off’ promotion I ran for airport lounge access card Priority Pass over the Summer still seems to be alive.

Details can be found on their website here.

The key deal is the Standard Plus pass at £127.  This gives you 10 lounge visits, so you are only paying £12.70 per time.  As long as you’re sure that you will use all 10, it is a decent deal.  The only ‘catch’ is that if you take a guest, it does not come off your 10 visit allocation – you are charged a £15 fee to your linked credit card.

If you usually travel with other people, you may find that it is a better deal to get an American Express Platinum charge card – and you’d get 30,000 Amex points (converts to 30,000 Avios) for free as well.  This comes with two Priority Pass cards and each lets two people into a lounge for free – so a family of four is covered.  Oddly, Priority Pass itself does not sell a version of the card which allows a free guest.

Priority Pass discount code

Discount packages for Flight Experience London simulators in Putney

Regular readers will remember Anika’s attempts at landing a plane via the new Flight Experience London flight simulator centre in Putney, which we reviewed here.

The company is currently offering 20% off its packages, which may make an interesting Christmas gift for a friend (or yourself).  Details are here.

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And an Addison Lee deal …..

There is a new Addison Lee promotion available with American Express.  If your Amex account is targetted, you will receive £10 back on a £30 Addison Lee spend booked either via the app or on their website.

New users of the AddLee app will receive a £15 discount on their first app booking when they use promo code WELCOME15 on signing up.

These offers would combine, so a £45 ride booked via the app would only cost you £20 net after the £15 discount and the £10 Amex rebate.  Note that airport transfers are excluded from the Amex deal.

If you’re reading this on mobile, you can download the Addison Lee app via their homepage here.

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  1. I bought prestige priority pass last week using old marriot link (been around for ages), which give you 15 months membership for 233£.

  2. the real harry1 says:

    my eldest son is nearly 17

    do you reckon I can get the Plat with him as my wing man – then we could guest in the other 2 kids?

    cost-wise, it stacks up OK – I call 30K points £300, so it’s net £150 sub

    we currently fly 8 legs pa, so it’s be 8x 4 lounge visits or £4.69/ visit

    I could time it to cover Xmas, Easter, May/June half term, summer hols out before cancelling = sub £262.50 (7/12x £450) = net free or free/ visit

    • I would think it’s minimum 18 on any credit card (supplementary or otherwise). I know I couldn’t get finance in my son’s name last year for his car until he turned 18.

      • It is not and never has been 18 for a (supplementary) card, only main accounts – they can go to anyone you want. Kids of posho families have long held credit cards linked to daddy’s account.

    • You know l think you would wing it literally! We have friends whose daughter was in boarding school here from 16, and lm sure she was instructed to put every single coffee on her family BA credit card. After all it’s still your card, your account, you are just adding him. They may call you up to ask why he needs it, but it might be worth a go. It’s not a CC in His name only.

  3. OT

    Any offers floating around for Tesco Bank new account Sign up?
    Particularly looking it to pay HMRC from next year but more immediately have a car purchase coming up and hoping that I can use Debit card and get some CC points.

    • You can often do part of a car purchase using a credit card. I think the Land Rover dealer allowed the first 5K on a (non Amex) card at no extra cost last time my husband bought one.

      • the real harry1 says:

        you only need to put £1 on a credit card to get S75 protection when buying a car (little known fact!)

        [yes, I do understand the purpose was to earn max points…]

        • Will be interesting to see how this changes when credit card/PayPal/etc fees are scrapped next year.
          Will all prices suddenly jump by 1-2% to cover for the cc fee ?

          I once bought a car on my Switch Card – long before I realised the opportunity of collecting points.

        • the real harry1 says:

          console yourself – many dealers wouldn’t let you pay on credit card in any case, due to the fees – they’ll all let you pay something, as they know about S75 – I think I put through a token amount on my last car – can’t recommend these people highly enough if you are in the South West

          they specialise in 3YO ex-fleet cars that have had an easy motorway life for the most part & been properly serviced; the big depreciation has been done

  4. I notice black cabs to London City and Heathrow are 50% off with MyTaxi again until the end of the year.

    Haven’t tried it yet but aparently works with their fixed price journeys too. Unless i’ve made a mistake Euston to Heathrow would cost £27.50. Waterloo to City would be £15.

  5. OT – Amex offer 20£ back 60£ spend on eurostar
    Anyone experience buying e-voucher with previous amex offers? T&C explicitly states it’s not eligible but tempted to try…

    • According to the Ts and Cs of the website, the voucher is issued by Voucher Express, and that is what would appear on your card statement, so I don’t think it would work.

      However, if the Eurostar counters in St Pancras, Ebbsfleet and Ashford train stations sell physical vouchers (which I don’t think they do?), then you could do probably do it there.

  6. DownTheBack says:

    OT: Just back from IC Berlin last week using Ambassador certificate, incidentally they did let us keep the same room for the 3rd night which was booked on points. They were going to charge 88 Euro for access to the Club Lounge for the 3rd day but after waiting 1 hour for room to be ready when we arrived, they told us they would waive 88 Euro for keeping us waiting.
    My query is should the first night I paid for on the Ambassador stay count towards the elite status and Accelerate promo ? It has shown on my IHG account as 1 stay of 2 nights non qualifying and another stay of 1 night also non qualifying ??

    Thanks DTB

    • Yes it should. AMB cert weekends should post as 1 qualifying night.

    • Did you email ahead and ask to keep the same room or just ask when you checked in? I have a 5-night stay at IC Sydney with a mix of Amb cert, cash room, and points redemption so am wondering if I should ask in advance if I can keep the same room.

      • Does no harm to email but usually not necessary.

      • DownTheBack says:

        Hi Kathy,

        We didn’t email ahead asking about the room but I did email to let them know it was our anniversary. They put a bottle of Prosecco and a nice bouquet of flowers in our room on our anniversary. First time in an IC and very happy with how we were treated.
        Although I am Spire elite with IHG I had never heard of the Ambassador card and the best way to use it, so a very big thank you to Rob again.

  7. I’m trying the simulator tomorrow in Putney. I thought I’d give the old Hong Kong, Kai Tak airport ago….as it was always an interesting approach to see the washing hung out.

  8. Wally1976 says:

    OT – transferring points from Tesco Clubcard to Virgin Flying Club – does anyone know which (if any) details they match up? Or do they just use the VFC number you give. Thanks.

    • did this recently from my TCC to my wife’s VS FC a/c, I suspect its also surname + address.

      • Wally1976 says:

        Thanks TripRep. I was hoping to transfer from an account with a different address (just same name). Might try it with a £2.50 transfer as a test. It does work for the 1000 miles auto-conversion bonus each quarter!

  9. Does anyone have any advice on whether the £15 upsell is worth it for the Clubrooms in the No.1 Lounge at Gatwick South?

    I tried to get in the No.1 Lounge last Friday with my PP. It was full, so needed a reservation. Offered the Clubrooms for £15. I declined.

    20 minutes later there was space in the No.1 Lounge, so entered that. You’re given a menu these days to choose your food from. You have to exchange the menu at the bar when you order. No menu = no food – so restricted to one food order. Portions haven’t improved.

    Meanwhile, over at the Grain Store, is it possible to order 2 x £15 worth of food / drink items from the deli counter, if you have a guest with you but just one PP card? How does that work?

    • Grain Store charges your PP card for you and 1 guest. If you get a free guest with your PP then that is the end of the matter, if you don’t get a free guest (ie your PP is not from Amex) then PP bills you £15.

      • New Card says:

        You’ll be asked by the waiter to sign an electronic thing when you use PP at Grain Store. Watch out for the number of guests showing on the electronic thing when you sign, as they processed mine wrong and charged me for an extra guest. (PP were very good at refunding it once they saw my number of entries to the lounge on the same afternoon didn’t match up with the number of people reported by the Grain Store…)

    • I used the Clubrooms with PP last month at LGW North. It was £20 each plus the £15 1x guest fee. Would I bother again? Erm…I had 3 good cocktails and they were serving fizz. Booze isn’t limited. The cooked breakfast was good….in my defence regarding the early boozing I felt “forced” to make my money back. Nice enough – quiet with table service – but I’d probably stick with Number 1 in the future.

  10. OT- people have mentioning the 3,000MR if you order a supplementary card – is this a targetting offer or applies to everyone?
    I cannot see any offer on my Gold card and wanted to add my OH as a supp.

  11. the real harry1 says:

    another 3200 Co-Ops?

    not quite – the Nisa store owners have the option to choose: ‘Nisa will continue as a standalone brand under the terms of the deal, although members will have the option to sell their stores to the Co-op or become franchisees.’

    there will inevitably be a lot more Co-Ops in due course and those branded Co-Op will switch to Paypoint till system (with Amex)

    • My local co-ops – one doesn’t take amex and the other that does has a sign up saying cash only for paypoint!

      • the real harry1 says:

        just ask if they can give your Amex a try

        or find a different Co-Op

        it’s just a mgt decision to refuse Amex – Paypoint can cope with it

  12. Any idea, or experience of whether, airport transfers mean airport to airport? I know sometimes transferring from an airport to your hotel is called an airport transfer. I’m hoping to use this for a taxi from home to Heathrow and back.

  13. Bits OT – been trying to get more info out of Aspire on their new loyalty programme.

    Latest info:
    “The new scheme will be entirely digital and is due to launch towards the end of Dec. Partially completed cards can still be collected on and the two schemes will run concurrently for a time to allow those with cards to use them. Free visits will need the account holder to be present but can be awarded to a travelling companion. Retail vouchers will also be making a comeback in the guise of evouchers.”

    Good to see retail vouchers return although after the disastrous way it ended last time I do worry a bit about the risk of it vanishing again! Also annoying that free visits will need a/c holder to be present as I used to give them to colleagues.

  14. Andrew-A says:

    Can anyone recommend a route via the US to Vancouver on Avios? There doesn’t appear to be any direct Avios availability for when I need it. Alternatively any advice for direct via Europe.
    Thanks in advance.