Bits: 50% off mytaxi this weekend, 1903 Lounge in Manchester partners with SkyTeam, Avis / Emirates deal

News in brief:

50% off mytaxi in London this weekend

mytaxi – the rebranded Hailo app – has been running a ‘weekend only’ promotion over the last couple of weeks giving customers 50% off their rides.

This promotion has been extended to 3rd December which means you can still make the most of this offer this weekend.

Until midnight on Sunday all black cab rides booked via the mytaxi app and paid for with in-app card payment will be half price.

The trip must start and end within London.  More info can be found here.

If you don’t have a mytaxi account, you will get a £10 first ride credit when you download the app if you use my refer-a-friend code robert.bur1.  You will find an ‘Add Promo Code’ option in the menu.

PS.  It isn’t yet clear when Avios will be returning to mytaxi.  Avios and Hailo had an active partnership before Hailo was sold, and ex-Hailo riders are still receiving Avios for their rides.  mytaxi is not yet allowing new members to earn Avios, however.  It has deals with other airlines in other countries so it is presumably just a matter of time.

1903 lounge Manchester Airport Terminal 3

The premium 1903 Lounge at Manchester Terminal 3 partners with SkyTeam

Earlier in the year, Manchester Airport opened a premium lounge in Terminal 3 called ‘1903’.

Children are banned, groups of more than four people are banned.  It is designed to be a very calm space with high end food and drink.

I reviewed the 1903 Lounge here and liked it a lot.  Whilst it is usually £40 on the door, this long-running Groupon offer (click) gets you in for £28.  In fact, if you buy via a new Groupon account, you will only pay £18 as you can save £10 by using code NEW50.

The 1903 Lounge has now done a deal with SkyTeam.  Anyone flying business class on a SkyTeam member airline, such as Air France and KLM, can currently use 1903.  SkyTeam status card holders can also gain access.

It isn’t clear what will happen to any SkyTeam passengers who have children under 16 with them.

This move is a trial for a few weeks due to overcrowding issues at the Escape lounge.

Generous Avis / Emirates Skywards deal launched

Emirates Skywards miles are not so easy to pick up in the UK, so this new deal from Avis is worth a look.

You will receive a whopping 10,000 Emirates Skywards miles when you rent an Avis car for three days or more.  You also get an upgrade on your booking if available at pick up.

There are not many restrictions.  You must book by 10th January and pick up the car by 28th February.  The deal is valid worldwide but you can only earn the bonus once.

If you are collecting Skywards miles, I would value the bonus at £75 – £100.  If you do not normally collect them, the options for smaller sums are more limited.  10,000 miles will get you around £40 of easyJet flight credit or hotel room credit.  You can also convert them into Heathrow Rewards points, albeit ‘restricted’ points which cannot be converted onwards into other airline miles (6,000 miles = a £20 Heathrow shopping voucher).  An even better option may be for Arsenal football tickets, including the Emirates Skybox.

Full details can be found on this page of the Emirates website.  You MUST book through the dedicated Avis / Emirates booking portal.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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Review of 'The Lounge' used by Aer Lingus at Boston Airport Terminal C
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  1. I was in the Escape lounge last week and they were redirecting KLM status people to the 1903 lounge – this has taken a lot of congestion away from Escape and I heard the staff proudly stating that they hadn’t had to turn any Priority Pass people away since the change was made the previous Thursday.

    The Manchester lounges are notoriously difficult to get into with Priority Pass so this is a great move by the airport (for me on my Flybe flights anyway!)

  2. Does anybody know how long one actually has to keep the car for these “three day” deals?
    Obviously one has to pay for three days.
    But if one pre-pays, how early can one bring back the car?
    50 hours would work – that get’s charged 3 days.
    But 30 hours? 1 hour??

  3. “You also get a guaranteed upgrade on your booking.”

    no you don’t

    The upgrade is subject to availability at the time of pick-up,10000SkywardsMiles

  4. OT How long does the Lounge Club card from Amex Gold usually take to arrive? Been 10 days since I received my Amex Gold. PP with Amex Plat is usually very quick.

  5. the real harry1 says:

    O/T anybody got anything decent planned to kick off Shop Small?

    I’m just getting in 3 or 6 pints in a pub & that’s it for today 🙂

    might get the fish & chips in if my wife is prepared to drive us there

    • Moderation Harry…you need to stay sober enough to remember which cards you have used when and where.

      • If you have the same shop in 2 locations does that count as one store or two for SS?

        Been out and done 8 transactions this morning – only 4 emails received. My wee card shop has recently changed hands but they still take Amex and are on the SS list. Will need to see if the credits post.

        • Note that only pin transactions get the email, contactless do not although will credit fine.

        • Hi, a couple of years ago I did this with a store that had a wine shop and then a kitchen utensils place across the road. It only registered once in terms of the email sent and should normally count as just a single shop. I contacted Amex as I did not know the two shops had the same owner and they gave me the other GBP5 credit, would not want to do that across multiple cards though.

    • Wine Barrel in Hove is participating, and the proprietor is more than happy to put each bottle of wine through in separate transactions 🙂

      • We have a nice wine shop over in St Andrews and they have another store in Cupar. I want to buy for hubby and MIL so wondered if it would be classed as the same shop so I can do more transactions. Might not work.

        • Different branch is a different store for shop small as long as both are listed on shop small individually. So you use all your cards in each branch and qualify.

          Years ago all Hotel Chocolate branches were on shop small when it was spend £5 get £5 back. Just raided each branch for about £30 of chocolate each time… Those were the days, loved the free money amex shop small!

        • Thanks for that – I just checked and it is only showing in St Andrews so that answers my question!

    • Did a quick run around The Covered Market in Oxford today.

      Freshly Ground Coffee from Cardews
      Chocolates from IScream
      & Bambi Pies from Pieminister

  6. Off topic, saw a Beemer with the number plate FLY747J on the M4 yesterday heading toward Heathrow. Wondered if it belongs to any HFP reader?

  7. Graham Walsh says:

    OT Rocked up to the Centurion Lounge and not booked. There was brunch with Santa for people that booked. They said they would fit us in for 1hr. My boys got to see Santa and present too.

    Staff are very good. Really impressed

    • Was in there yesterday and was impressed too. I clogged up the hashtag for lots of free pictures!

      • Graham Walsh says:

        I realised that if I used Instagram it would print two out as I have my Instagram linked to my twitter account 🙂

  8. Download the app and sign up but can’t see any option of refer-a-friend code that I can put your supplied code -robert.bur1

  9. O/T is the gold/platinum link still around?

  10. In the Amex Centurion pop-up lounge just now. Fairly busy with Santa photos but plenty of booze and snacks on the go, well worth popping in.

  11. O/T – how quickly does the companion voucher post to the BAEC once the £10k spend on the card BAPP card is met? My BAPP acct is showing as having met the £10k spend and that I have a companion voucher earnt this morning. How long do I need to wait for it to show in my BAEC acct? The flights I want to book are actually available! Will be just my luck that someone else snaps them up before my voucher arrives.

    • Graham Walsh says:

      It took about a week iirc for it to be in my account.

      • Oh dear. Thanks. Someone really will snap up those seats then before i can get in there. They currently have 3 seats available in F outbound on the date we want and 3 available in J on the date we want to return.

    • Oh my golly golly gosh! Received an email 1 hour ago, the voucher has already posted to my BAEC! Less than 24 hours I am impressed.

      So have just booked my first ever reward flight. We fly out in F, return in J to Toronto in May.

      Thanks everyone and Rob for all the hints and tips on this site!

      May this be the first of many reward trips.

      Will be looking to book the Hilton or Doubletree on points soon for the trip.

  12. OT has the band for Mexico changed to band 7? I thought it used to be generously included in band 6 despite being a few miles over.

    • It might fall into 2 zones depending on which part you’re going to but you’d have to check.

  13. Shop small London. Staying at the Holiday Inn Kensington booked during one of IHG sale and with this stay should now complete all my targets.

    Today used amex at the following, but did not get emails for all:

    Knights Food , Knightsbridge – oyster top
    Vini Italiani, S Kensington – wine
    Rocco Chocs – conveniently have 7 chocolate bars for a tenner
    Venchi on Kings Road and Exhibition Road (used different cards)
    Harleys Pharmacy, S Kensington
    Fernandez & Wells, S Kensington – lunch
    Tabio,Kings Road – socks. I don’t think I received any emails for this
    Amatheus, Brompton Rd – wine
    Handford Wines, S Kensington

    Haynes, Hanson & Clark, Sloane Sqr – wine. This was the only store where we were told Amex was not accepted. But they changed their mind when we said we have no other card or cash.

    anyone has any suggestion for restaurants in the Kensington?

    • Just out of interest, did you find anything particularly good at Anthony Handford? I’m in town next week and will be making a detour there.

  14. OT – I went to the Post Office today to use the £5 Amex offer. I asked for 20 1st class stamps but they would only sell them in multiples of 12! How can this be right? What if I only wanted one? (I normally get them in books of 6 or 12 from Tesco but surely the main Post Office in town should be able to sell any number of stamps?!)

    • They are talking rubbish you can buy as many or a few as you like. They have pages of all different denominations stamps.

      • Although personally I would buy oneforall cards in the PO and then find corner shops that sell stamps on small shop. 1 book of 6 1st and 1 book of 12 2nd gets you just over £10.

        • I bought 2 lots of 18 x 2nd class stamps for £10.08 each time. They just tore 2 off the sheet.

    • Not seen the post office offer on any cards this year, disappointing.