Bits: 25,000 bonus World of Hyatt points, up to 13,000 Miles & More miles with a hotel booking

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News in brief:

Up to 25,000 bonus World of Hyatt points

World of Hyatt has launched a new bonus points promotion for stays between now and 15th May 2018.

You can earn 1,000 bonus points for each eligible night at

Park Hyatt, Miraval, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Centric, Hyatt Regency, The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, Hyatt Zilara, Hyatt Ziva, Hyatt Residence Club and participating MGM properties

You can earn 500 bonus points for each eligible night at

Hyatt Place and Hyatt House properties

The T&Cs define an “Eligible Night” as any night where a member is paying an Eligible Rate or redeems a free night award for at least one night of their stay. You only earn points if you check out before 15th May.

The maximum bonus that can be earned is 25,000 points.  You must register for the promotion before your stay and the last day to register is 31st March.

We value 1,000 Hyatt points at about £10.  They also have a scarcity value, because World of Hyatt points let you redeem at some great Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt hotels but they are hard to earn if you are UK based.  A £10 per night rebate is good going, and of course the cheaper the hotel room, the better the bonus by comparison.

The deal also works well for longer stays, because you receive the bonus per night.

The website to register is here.

Up to 13,000 Miles & More miles with first hotel booking

Lufthansa’s Miles & More programme is running another very generous deal to push the Miles & More Hotels booking website.

Book a hotel room via their portal between now and 28th February and you will get up to 13,000 bonus Miles & More miles in addition to the regular 1,000 miles.

Unfortunately this offer is only for new customers who have not booked via the Miles & More Hotels site before.

The promotion works like this:

You get a guaranteed 1,000 miles minimum per booking as base mileage

1,000 bonus miles if your booking costs between €100 and €299

4,000 bonus miles if your booking costs between €300 and €1,199

13,000 bonus miles if your booking costs over €1,200

This guarantees you at least 5,000 miles for a €300+ hotel.  Miles & More miles are a little tricky to earn in the UK, and the opportunity to earn at least £50-worth of miles is attractive.

You must book via this webpage to see the bonus offer.  These will be treated as third party bookings so you won’t earn any hotel points on top if you pick a branded hotel – you are also unlikely to receive any elite status benefits.  Rob used this offer last year for an independent hotel in Innsbruck, where there are no decent chain options, and earned 5,000 M&M miles whilst paying (he thinks) the same price as if he had booked direct.

Remember that you need to book by 28th February and be a first-time user of the new Miles & More Hotels site. The stay can be for any future date.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Hilton Bits: I have now been a Diamond status member for 4 stays (upgraded from Gold at start of this year through nights stayed) and have so far been extremely underwhelmed with room/ (suite!) upgrades. The executive lounge access is nice and all but all lounges seem to be fuller than I would have liked – especially for “premium” Hiltons where I would have thought the opposite to be true. I suppose the point of my post here is to say that I don’t think the effort was worth it in aspiring to Diamond after having Gold status for 5 years (just my two pence)… Happy to hear your stories to make me feel better about my self.

    • In my third year as Diamond via the status match although I almost qualified outright for this year. No complaints from me. I’ve been upgraded every stay, sometimes just a slightly better room but other times to awesome rooms and suites. Also, I somehow managed to get the 1000 myway stay bonus in addition to free breakfast every single stay even though I understand I am supposed to choose one or the other. Lounges have been fine, some busy but never came across a standing room only situation. I tend to avoid older shabby Hilton branded hotels, favouring newer Hiltons and other brands. I had too many disappointments with old shabby Hiltons a decade ago. I also tend to go for a second tier propery, by that I mean not the most luxurious or closest to city centres. This way, I believe I get much better value for money, better chances of upgrades, quieter lounges and better service in general. I say all this within the context of my not being too fussed about hotels, I do not understand why people want to go places to spend ages in hotels. For me, they are largely a place to sleep so as long as they are clean, the bed is comfortable and they are conveniently-located I’m happy. If that leaves you wondering why I am staying in Hiltons and not Premier Inn or Travelodge it’s because if you p)ay the game right Hiltons are often cheaper or not that much more expensive.

      • Thanks for your reply JamesB. I have been staying in London properties mostly – Conrad, Waldorf, Bankside, Trafalgar Rooms, Hilton Tower of London. Agree with what you’re saying that it is important to go for Tier 2 properties. I note that I am always upgraded one room grade (though in 2 of the stays this was not possible as the hotel was “fully booked” – don’t believe that for a second though.

        • You can always do a dummy booking(to exactly match yours) as you arrive at the hotel to see what rooms they have available to sell – I’m (not) ashamed to say I’ve done this numerous times so I’m ready to argue the toss at check-in. However, I have found Hilton Diamond to be enormously beneficial, probably a 95% hit rate of being upgraded and generally excellent service.

          I tend to favour a Doubletree as they are nearly always fresher than Hilton branded hotels (in this country anyway), but I’ve had good experiences in Hiltons too.

        • I know that Conrad is popular amongst the HFP community, however, my favourite London Hilton is the Doubletree Westminster. This is the cleanest hotel I have stayed in outside Asia, rooms are bright and airy, staff are great, location is good for three tube stations, and lounge has decent snacks and drinks every night. The only downsude is the acs substitute for a TV and are obviously not big enough. How did you get on at Trafalgar? I’m staying there for first time in July.

        • Slightly OT, but what I did notice last weekend is that DoubleTree Victoria is directly opposite the ‘secret’ backdoor exit from the Gatwick Express platforms which could be handy for some. It is certainly a better option than most of the fire-traps near Victoria.

        • I personally still think Bankside is the nicest Hilton property in London (although I haven’t stayed at the Conrad). New property, large lounge and possibly the best breakfast spread I’ve had at any hotel in the UK.

        • Took the secret back door yearerday for Gatwick Express (good on the black cabbie – hadI taken an Uber I probs wouldn’t have been informed about it). It’s a game changer – made the Gatwick express all the more enjoyable

        • @JamesB – liked The Trafalger. Good location obviously but breakfast I though was disappointing compared to Bankside/ Conrad/ Park Lane Hiltons. Rooms are good and clearly appeal to a younger more chic clientele

      • As gold you choose 1000 points Or breakfast. As diamond you very both automatically.

      • Diamond get both MyWay Benefits

      • I think for upgrades there isn’t much difference compared to gold, lounge access is useful though.

    • Lady London says:

      I am wondering if even in this day and age, a single female checking in is less likely than a male or a couple, to receive an upgraded room.

      • I get the impression that most upgrades are already in the system before we reach check in. However, any front desk upgrades are likely at the whim of individual staff so it is anybodies guess. I am forever nice with reception but avoid going over the top. If I am not staying Hilton I like to present them with my Hilton credit card, doesn’t do any harm to remind them we have a choice.

        • Agree with James B – 99% of the time I can tell if I’ve been upgraded by doing a dummy online check in, so don’t think the number or gender of the traveller makes much difference. Since getting Diamond (through stays) 4 years ago, I’d say I have a 80-90% upgrade success rate, although I do stay almost weekly in around 3 London Hilton’s (Bankside, DT Westminster or DT Kensington) so I’ve got to know check in staff reasonably well and they usually sort me out if the system hasn’t proactively upgraded me.

        • Also I never check in in advance on the app. Waiting to get to the hotel always results in better upgrades (or not any worse). I’ve gone from normal room the day before, to say an Exec room on the day to a suite when checked in at the hotel

        • Have you had good room upgrades even on reward stays? Hoping we get a nice upgrade in May but as we got the entire stay on points and using the 5th night free benefit I kinda thought they won’t be upgrading us ….. Plus give us the complimentary brekkie.

          What’s the complimentary continental brekkie like in Doubletree Hilton?

        • @Tilly. Yes. Suite in Conrad HK with harbour view, river view Exec at WA Shanghai, Junior Duite at Paris Opera etc.

      • I have to admit my immediate thoughts were along the same lines as Lady London’s.

        Dan – I wonder if you would mind sharing why you choose those particular 3 London Hiltons?

        I am looking at an award night stay for a few nights in July, ideally within fairly easy reach of Somerset House. I know various London Hiltons have been discussed extensively in the past but unfortunately can’t find the comments. Hope this isn’t too much trouble.

        • Waldorf Hilton couldn’t be closer! And I rather like it, despite being a little faded.

        • @ Lyn – the main reason is nothing particularly exciting, Bankside is near work, and the two DT hotels are both good in their class for the local area if I need to be in Westminster or Kensington. I have tried others I didn’t like anywhere near as much though (Hilton Olympia, Hilton Kensington and DT Victoria are the main ones).

        • Thank you David, yes the location would be ideal. Unfortunately the number of points required for some of the dates I need is much higher than normal. I may be able to stay there for a day or two though, so it is good to hear that you like it. Faded certainly doesn’t worry me.

        • Thank you also, @Dan. I have just realised that you were the person that commented above about Bankside being your favourite. It may also be the shortest walk to Somerset House apart from the Waldorf.Hilton. Even if I can stay a night at the Waldorf I will need alternatives for the other nights. I am grateful for your thoughts about the two DT hotels (I’ve only tried the DT West End) and also the ones you don’t like as much.

        • Lyn, given points are an issue try the Hilton and DT Islington if they are not too far out for you. Often they are 4X when others are 60-80. If you are ok with mixing hotels then find two close together and select dates as appropriate to reduce costs.

        • JamesB – thank you also for the Islington suggestion. Probably for another visit though. I tend to always walk in London if under 30 or 40 minutes, and take a bus if it is too far to walk, rather than the tube. So Islington seems a bit too far away this time.

          I am happy to mix hotels but don’t know much about the different Hilton hotels in London, having only stayed at the DT West End.. I’ve also been considering the Trafalgar as it seems to have good availability at 70 (the Waldorf is 80 some days, much higher on others) and is an easy walk.

      • If you believe this is the case you could also book for 2 people as you will likely be allocated a room before showing up, you could always say the other person hasn’t shown up or will show up later if necessary.

      • My experience on rooms when traveling alone is it’s harder to change what you’ve requested if you specify a bed type. With suites I/we often get upgrades but they’re usually to suites with the silly orphan wall in the centre of the room which IMHO is a downgrade to a room.

  2. (Very) OT – Amex Platinum

    I’ve just upgraded my PRGC top Platinum to hopefully get the 20k bonus and then cancel to avoid too much in the way of fees. However I’m tempted to keep through to the end of May for the travel insurance (as our ‘big’ Japan adventure is end of April-mid May).

    I’m trying to work out what’s covered though – nearly everything was booked prior to getting the Platinum – does that mean it’s not covered? Most of it went through one of my other Amex cards (either the BAPP or the PRGC) – do you think they’d honour those transactions?

    Any advice would be very helpful (I will speak to AmEx CS too but know that there’s some very knowledgeable people here who might have first-hand experience!).

    • Everything you booked for your trip on an amex card is covered. The medical cover is provided regardless of which card you paid on. With luck, your fee will not be applied until the anniversary of your PRG.

      • “Everything you booked for your trip on an amex card is covered”

        Is that correct, I was under the impression hotels, travel etc had to be booked with the Plat card for cover to be included with the exception of car rental or where amex is not accepted.

        I do hope your right as it would make it easier to hit spend targets on other amex cards instead of using plat for our travel plans.

        • Graham Walsh says:

          I was also under the impression that insurance was only valid if they flights hotels etc was paid for on the card. That is how I read the T&Cs.

      • This is what Genghis advised me when I asked the same. Thing is when I read the doca it all says muat be paid in full on the plat card.

        My amex annual multitrip policy expires half way through our Toronto trip in May. I need assurances that we’ll be covered with the plat insurance……..or I’ll just renew the policy which kinda defeats the purpose of upgrading my PRG to plat although I hope to benefit from the other benefits too like hotel upgrades.

        Also have another trip end of May which has some balance still to pay (BA holiday so only paid deposit). Must we pay balance on the plat to ensure we’re covered? I’d prefer to use our BAPP card for the 1.5 avios per £ on spend plus goes towards target for our next 2-4-1 companion voucher.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Are you sure? It’s been over 6 months since I had the card but it used to read Amex issued card I.e. lloyds/MBNA issued does not count. This would change things

        • BAPP is fine – any ‘personal Amex card issued directly by Amex in your name’ is fine. The insurance document is very clear about this in the definitions.

        • Rob, You say BAPP is fine if Amex is your name. I hope supplementary Cards have the same cover as the main cardholder. We booked all our upcoming Australian flights using my BAPP but will be using Amex insurance cover from hubby’s Plat with me as a suppl.

        • @Liz, it is family travel insurance so you would think so, but this is what I mean about it being so vague.

        • Here is a section of the TCs clear as mud.

          The benefits described in these Policy Terms and Conditions are
          dependent upon a Card being issued, the Card account being valid
          and the account balance having been paid in accordance with the
          Cardmember agreement at the time of any incident giving rise to a
          The following benefits are dependent on use of the Card:
          • Cancelling, Postponing and Abandoning your Trip;
          • Cutting Short your Trip;
          • Travel Inconvenience;
          • Personal Belongings, Money and Travel Documents;
          • Purchase Protection;
          • Refund Protection;
          The benefits outlined in these Policy Terms and Conditions may be
          varied, withdrawn or cancelled at any time. You will be given at least
          30 days’ written notice of such a change.
          No claims arising directly or indirectly from any Pre-existing
          Medical Condition(s) will be covered.
          Whenever the following words or phrases appear in bold, they will
          have the meaning as described below:
          “£” shall mean United Kingdom pounds sterling.
          “Account” or “Card Account” means your consumer and small
          business cards issued by American Express in the UK, excluding
          corporate cards and any American Express Cards issued by bank
          “American Express” means American Express Services Europe
          “Card” means any card or other Account access device issued to a
          Cardmember (or a Supplementary Cardmember) for the purpose
          of accessing the Account

        • I’ve written down in my notes from previous times this has been debated that the Platinum insurance is valid if you have paid your flights, hotels, etc. with any Amex issued card and that car hire insurance and medical cover does not have to have been paid with an Amex. This is what we are hoping is the case as we don’t have any other travel insurance in place.

        • I’m going to read it again then because I had previously read that payment had to be made on the plat card.

        • @Tilly read the definitions section

        • I’m inclined to trust Rob and Genghis on this as it is consistent with what I heard from amex. If churning rules change I have to bite the bullet anyway as I will want to hold platinum long term. That in itself will solve the problem as most spend would then be on platinum.

      • This is what I was told by the amex rep but we all know that might not be worth much. Comments on HfP have also been conflicting. Personally, the main reason I don’t hold platinum card long term is because the insurance terms are so vague and I would feel anxious about my cover.

      • I was out of luck then. £450 Fee charged on 1st statement after upgrade from PRG.

    • Thanks all for the responses!

  3. Very very OT Heathrow Rewards are giving away 2 Plaza Premium 1 year Lounge lounge passes.

  4. Georges P. says:

    Lufthansa hotel bonus 13,000, on the face of it, it seems to be based on the total spend during the booking period. But then one of the bullet points in their Terms and Conditions seems to indicate that it is per booking. “The amount of additional miles to be earned with this offer is based on the value per booking: 100-299 EUR = one-time 1,000 miles additional, 300-1199 EUR one-time 4,000 miles additional, from 1,200 EUR one-time 13,000 miles additional”. Does anyone know what it is based on, perhaps from past experience?

    • I have a circa £8k booking to make at a Ritz Carlton and as they don’t particulate in the Marriott Rewards etc. and I don’t want to pay £100 a day more just for some pointless Virtuoso “benefit” then this Miles & More thing might be useful ?

      Perhaps if we get me, the wife and daughter to book separate reservations then we maximise points ?

      Thoughts ?

      • Would work, yes, if you split the booking into chunks of a few days each. We did something similar last year when I got this bonus, booked 2 rooms and put one in my wifes name so we got 5000 miles each. They post very promptly.

  5. OT Morning, does applying for an Amex supplementary card result in a credit check on that person?

  6. Concerto says:

    The M&M offer, if like previous times, is a one-off offer. Watch out because if you need to rebook the date or cancel you will lose the bonus. It will not work for a second, new booking, even if you cancel the first. The good thing about the M&M hotel and car rental portals is that you get your miles easily, you don’t need to fight endlessly with the individual providers to get bonus miles that are never credited.

  7. O\T
    Is there a minimum wait period to churn the Creation IHG basic credit card?

    I’ve been rejected twice now (!) .[ 3 month gap in applications]
    Closed the last one in May 2017.

    Only need it for the accelerate promo TBHO.

    • Given it’s now what, 18 months or so since these cards were launched, has anyone had any luck in churning?

  8. OT – but I am sure the folks here can give some advice.
    I am planning a Yangtze river cruise as part of our China trip this September. Having looked at the boats sailing out of Chongqing to Yichang, I think Victoria Cruises are my best choice (on one of their recently refurbed ships like the Anna).

    The question is how to book the cruise.

    Victoria themselves advise going through a travel agent which would cost about $2,000 for 2 of us in an “executive suite”, but it seems clear that everyone gets the hard sell when they board the boat to upgrade their room and restaurant deals etc etc. So is it better to buy the cheapest option online (for about $1,000), and then haggle for a good deal on an upgrade when boarding? Or is there a good travel agent that can offer a decent deal up front?

    • I’d always be tempted to just go with the upgrade upfront. Or I suppose the other way to think of it is – how would you feel if they weren’t offering paid upgrades to suites onboard? If you don’t think staying in a standard room would effect your enjoyment, then I’d say go for it. If you’re set on the suite or nothing – why take the risk for the sake of £200?

      • I know what you mean, but I usually try to get a view of the options before deciding what to do.

        If its just £200 up front, then yes the risk is not worth it, but from some of the comments on tripadvisor, those who pay everything up front still end up having to buy various “upgrades” to get the comfort they want. My guess is that about 30% of the upfront money goes to the travel agent, and the people checking you in on the boat will be getting 10% commission on anything they can sell you.

        Anyway, I’ll cast around for advice for a bit, and probably book something in a months time.

  9. Any tips on flights to Asia/SEAsia with a stop in Maldives? Have never flown Business so would like to get at least one way in something better than economy.
    Thinking March/April next year, so probably already too late to think about BAPP as wont trigger 241 soon enough to be ready for 355 days.

    Does anything like this come up in Qatar sales if wait until next Jan/Feb ?
    will have some avios and can divert my collecting to Lloyds if thats a better way to get one way in business.
    any sweet spots in Finnair for example? or maybe Cathay Pacific for the return leg?

    sure there are some creative minds lurking who would love to help!

    • I think BA only fly to the Maldives during the winter so you wouldn’t be able to fly with them in April.

      You can get there via Dubai/ Abu Dhabi/ Qatar/ Istanbul/ Sri Lanka so something might turn up in a flight sale. Especially if you are willing to leave from somewhere else in Europe.

      I don’t know how easy it is to combine the Maldives with Asia but it is very easy to combine them with the middle east or Sri Lanka.

    • UK-seAsia… redemption, BKK, PVG or HKG to minimise avios.
      seAsia-UK…cash J one way on Sri Lanka with CMB stopover, earns avios, about £800.
      CMB-MLE…return, redemption or cash

      Alternatively, LCC including AirAsia operate to MLE from seAsia so out to Asia, back from MLE or vice versa with 2x one way redemptions + one LCC sector.

  10. OT as bits and just in case anyone’s missed this :
    London Heathrow Marriott: Enjoy 2,000 AIR MILES® + free parking. Get your trip off to a flying start with 15 days of free parking at the London Heathrow Marriott, with noise-free bedrooms just minutes from the airport. From 9 February – 31 May, 2018, stay on Friday-Sunday nights (Friday or Saturday required) and earn 2,000 bonus AIR MILES® per stay. Plus, enjoy 15 days of free parking.

  11. Graham Walsh says:

    OT Amazing project this guy has done building a 777 out of paper

  12. OT. Not sure if it’s been mentioned already but £15 off £40 at Café Rouge on our BAPPs. Purchase gift vouchers in store and combinable with the usual midweek offers.

  13. Sorry OT (but it is the bits article)

    Just tried booking economy tickets on Virgin using points and was surprised to hear that our daughter’s ticket was liable to the full taxes and charges. Seems a bit off to be charged the full tax for a ticket that isn’t liable for APD.

  14. OT 100 Shangri La GC points now received by me and Mrs G for downloading the app.

  15. Amazon offer – don’t recall seeing it mentioned.

    When I log in to amazon I get a banner offering £15 off £25 spend when I redeem MR rewards.
    Seems there’s no lower limit in terms of MR points, but you can’t buy gift cards.

    I haven’t done it yet, but put a transaction through all the way to the final payment – and I can in theory use 2 MR points to fund £0.01 to get £15off. So pay Must be the best value redemption at £7.50 per point?!

  16. As Harry is temporarily absent I should perhaps point out that T-355 for Feb half term 2019 will be the end of this month-ish.

  17. Do you get points for adding Supp on Amex cards? Does is work when you first apply for main card or should you wait till you have main card then add SUPP?

  18. No Hilton on Miles nad More.

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