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Best Western sale (plus earn Avios, get a Best Western status match and earn a £20 voucher!)

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Best Western is not the most exciting UK hotel group but they have been getting more aggressive on their promotions recently.  For the last 10 months they have also been an Avios partner – see my article here – letting you earn miles on every stay.

Best Western also offers you a status match if you have status with any other hotel chain or even with Virgin Atlanticsee here.

They have just launched their “Winter Early Bird Rate”As per this page of their site, if you book before 31st August you can get up to 40% off bed and breakfast rates for stays between 1st October and 28th February.

Best Westerns status match

If you need to book a stay for the next few weeks, Best Western is still offering a  £20 Best Western gift card.  You must register on this special promotion page before booking.  The £20 Best Western gift card will be awarded for stays up to 3rd September 2018 and is limited to one per person.

With either of these offers, you will also earn 500 Avios per stay.  Alternatively, you can take Best Western points and convert those to Avios, but for total bills under £250 taking the 500 Avios is better and more convenient.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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Last minute Marriott Travel Package panic - and other things to do today and tomorrow

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  1. Peter K says:

    OT Anyone have problems with linking a free night from the IHG card with a points booking into one booking at a hotel.
    At the NEC crowne plaza and when I rang in advance they said they couldn’t do it. When arrived they did they said they could…but then the cleaner two days running had said we are down as checking out.
    The key card then stopped working. Had a word with reception who this time again said it’s not possible for the two stays to be linked and we had been put for a no show for the second booking.
    Is reception just being rubbish or is it not possible? I’ve two more free night vouchers to use and it’d be worth knowing.

    • I have used consecutive bookings at Hilton and had to check in again for each.

      • Similar – card has always stopped working both at ICs and Hiltons when I’ve linked paid and redemptions.

    • We’ve done this with IHG at HIs (in Madrid and Toulouse) and the IC Le Grand more than once and haven’t needed to check in again – both combining a free IHG card night with points nights and combining my points nights with my husband’s. But I do think they were very, very careful when they issued our room cards.

  2. New Card says:

    Marriott Travel Package conversion details have been released. No points refund.

    • OUCH, going to be a lot of unhappy bunnies out there. The ‘smart’ money was on upgrading cat 1-5 to 6 or 8. Turns out that these (along with Tier packages) are the losers as conversions apear to be based on peak nightly rates.

      1-5 becones 1-4
      6 becomes 1-4
      7, 8 become 5
      9, T1-3 becomes 6
      T4-5 becomes 7

      • I’m disgusted by this. Marriott clearly knew what they were planning to do and didn’t tell us. More than one Marriott customer service team told me they would map over like for like. Cat 6 would be new cat 6 etc..

        I was told when I booked that I could upgraded at the time of booking a hotel if I wanted a higher cat. Now it seems that is no longer the case but there seems to have been no official announcement? They should have emailed everyone who held a TP and given a fair notice period.

        Great way to launch the new combined program Marriott, leg over your best customers

        • New Card says:

          Agree – terrible way for them to launch the combined program, by screwing over those most likely to be loyal.

        • The numbers of people involved are probably small so, unfortunately, they might get away with it. However, they might be forced to be more accommodating if the threat of class action arises. Agree though, it sucks. Also very stupid when considering it might encourage many high value defections to Hilton via status match.

        • Somehow I’m not surprised.

          I’m mainly annoyed because I was going to upgrade to cat 9 but was told specifically not to bother by the CS rep as the categories were going to map directly across and new cat 9 wouldn’t exist so there was no point. And it seems many others were told similar things.

          Of course I know it was up to me to listen to the CS rep or not but to map down to cat 5 based on peak pricing and no points refund is harsh.

          Direct mapping always seemed unlikely but i think either cat 6 or cat 5 plus some points back would have been fair.

        • I suspect the class action lawyers will already be rubbing their hands, I can’t see the American members standing for this!

      • What they’ve come up with is frankly ludicrous. At the very least they need to offer the difference between old 1-5 and old 6 given they’ve mapped them to the same thing. My planned SPG redemption (if there had been availability) now up in smoke as cat 5 (new).

    • My reply to New Card listing conversions has not posted. Cats 6 and 8 lose out becoming cats 1-4 and 5 respectively.

      • Has now, not sure what the issue was.

        • Happens sometimes, not often. Only when using reply option. I have seen others report similar issue but again only rarely.

      • Normally only an issue if 2 or more links or you’ve made lots of posts within a short timescale (I was hit by this yesterday).

        • The spam system seems to have changed its algorithm – I am having to unblock more than usual and have even emailed a couple of people to apologise (should have sent you one too).

    • New Card says:

      It seems to be received wisdom (though I haven’t seen anything official saying it) that it’s no longer possible to use a certificate for one category on a stay in a different category by paying the additional points required. The loss of that flexibility itself, if true, is a serious devaluation. It also means I was misled by the Marriott telephone operator when I purchased my TP.

      • I was very fortunate. My partner and I had a cat 1-4 each and I was left with only 72k points so I upgraded mine to a cat 7. The latter becomes a cat 5 allowing me to redeem on Paris Republique which was what I hoped for. Many options with the cat 1-4 at decent properties in Asia.

    • Scallder says:

      Where have you seen this?

      I took a category 8 back at start of July and the operator said they would map 1:1 which many recently have been told too. I knew it was a long shot but the fact that I’ve lost 30k Marriott points as I could have got a category 7 is the thing that has annoyed me more.

      However given the operator specifically said they would map across is clearly not on as I bought a category 8 rather than a category q-6 on that advice…

    • There are no winners here, though with my gamble on a Cat 9 cert I feel slightly less legged over than others. I still hope there will be some way of upgrading, though, as there doesn’t seem to beany particularly desirable Cat 6 hotels. What’s more, virtually all of the decent Cat 6’s seem to the ones which have just gone up in points price.

      • Peter K says:

        I think your comment on it being a gamble is maybe the point here. A number of people were hoping for a bonanza, when it hasn’t happened they are hurt as “loyal customers”. I’m not saying Stine weren’t genuine losers but for the others “You pay your money, you make your choice”.

        • Interesting point. For me the gamble was whether I could get a decent enough hotel with my certificate. Compared to the new pricing, though, it was not a gamble at all. For the same price I would get 20k fewer miles and a lower category hotel.

        • I knew it was a slight gamble, but they should be providing the difference between original categories when mapping down.

        • It is ludicrous that people paid 30k more for a cat 6 or an 8 than for a 1-4 and 7 respectively but end up with the lower category without a 30k refund.

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