Bits: Avios cancellation refunds, get Avis status with Priority Pass, 15% off IHG ‘points and cash’ redemptions

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News in brief:

One thing British Airways Executive Club does well ….

Over the last few weeks I have had to cancel seven long-haul redemptions, racking up over £250 in cancellation fees.

Four were booked via BA with Avios, one with Virgin Flying Club miles and two with Lufthansa Miles & More miles.

BA did an excellent job processing all the refunds.  Not all of the flights could be automatically cancelled online, but however it was done I always had the money back on my credit card within three days.

Lufthansa is not as good.  One refund hit after around 9 days.  I am still waiting on the second, with tomorrow being Day 7 since I cancelled.  The cancellation system is also a little odd – you must call and you must pay the cancellation fee separately before they will process the refund.

Virgin Atlantic has been poor.  10 days after my cancellation, I haven’t seen my money yet.  I also had to call to cancel as it was a Delta flight (BA lets you cancel partner redemptions online).

In all seven cases, my miles were returned very quickly.  It’s ‘only’ the money – £300+ each time – that often drags on.  Well done to BA for getting this right.

Get Avis status via Priority Pass

Get Avis status from your Priority Pass

Here’s something I didn’t know.  If you have a Priority Pass airport lounge access card, you can claim Preferred Plus status with Avis.

American Express Platinum – who may have supplied your Priority Pass – comes with standard Avis Preferred status, but this is one level higher.

Avis Preferred Plus usually requires five Avis rentals in a year and €1,000 of spending.  The benefits are not huge:

priority car availability

a free extra driver on every trip (already a free benefit if you book via the BA Avis website)

a complimentary vehicle upgrade whenever possible

voucher for a free European weekend rental after your 3rd rental

You can find out more about the different Avis status levels on their website here.

You can claim your Preferred Plus status by following the link on this page.  There is also a notional ‘20% discount’ for Priority Pass members although this may not beat other partner rates such as the BA one.

Thanks to Colin for this.

Crowne Plaza Belfast

15% off IHG Rewards Club ‘points and cash’ bookings

IHG Rewards Club members can currently save 15% on the cash part of a points & cash redemption.

Depending on the hotel, you can redeem as few as 5,000 points with a cash payment on top.  Importantly, the cash option is good value on a ‘pence per point’ basis.  You may even want to use ‘points and cash’ even if you do have enough points in your account, because it is good value and allows you to preserve some points for a future redemption.

Here is some example pricing.  A reward night at the Crowne Plaza in Belfast (above) would usually cost:

25,000 points or

20,000 points plus £37 or

15,000 points plus £60 or

10,000 points plus £82

Even without this special offer, you will see that this is a decent deal.  If you take the 10,000 points option then you are technically ‘buying’ 15,000 points for £82 (ie you save 15,000 points by spending £82) which is just 0.55p per point.

During this 15% off promotion, it is an even better deal.   You can book the room above for 10,000 points plus £68, a saving of £14.  This means you are “paying” 0.45p per point.

If you cancel a “points and cash” redemption, you do not get the cash refunded.  Instead, the points equivalent of the full redemption is put back into your account.  Going back to our Belfast example, if you book the Crowne Plaza for 10,000 IHG Rewards Club points plus £68, and later cancel, you will receive back 25,000 points and no cash.

The booking page for this offer, and full terms and conditions, are here.  You need to book by 28th September for stays by 28th October.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Ohhhhh no… Have Amex canned cross referring?! 🙁

  2. OT: Curve ‘technology’ update means card issuer will be able to identify when you withdraw cash from your credit card using curve and they may charge you a fee.

    • I just got that too. Most annoying, that’s the most useful feature of curve for me, the “free” cash every month.

      • Yeah I just took out cash today on by hilton barclaycard. Not sure if I’m going to get charged interest or not as not sure if they’ve made this live yet or not.. CC transactions shows as pending but doesn’t say its a cash advance or what not…

    • It was discussed here yesterday in comments to one of the articles. Check there for more info.


      Wonder if this will have an effect on using curve to pay your amex bill… If so curve is once again a dead duck for me.

      • CountryKerry says:

        Works here. £3750 straight through!

      • It may be different for different credit cards.

      • Why were comments deleted?

        • Due to public request.

        • Fight Club strikes again.

        • Fight club strikes again?

        • Moderated? says:

          So the inner clique doesn’t like sharing, so you delete comments, then make my IP address moderated? How long until you have to be approved to be part of this special club?

          • We can’t moderate IP addresses because we use Cloudflare (look it up).

            Everyone – literally everyone – in UK airline, hotel and credit card loyalty reads this site. When you post something on here, you should work on that assumption.

        • So I post from an IP address used last night & get moderated, yet change ip address & the same comment goes through? Hmmm

          • We cannot block by IP address because all HFP comments simply show your nearest Cloudflare server of which there are only a handful in the UK. What CAN happen is that if I delete a comment then the anti-spam software is more sensitive on your future comments.

    • Withdrew £10 from an ATM with curve in Friday when this all kicked in, linked to the IHG premium card. It seems to have gone through as a purchase still.

      • Same here. Withdrew £100 on Friday linked to Hilton Visa and showing £100 pending on Barclaycard online. Hope this isn’t the end of easy points now. Found it really handy.

      • Axel Heyst says:

        You’ll need to wait in the statement on your linked card to cobfirm this.

        So it’s 0% on overseas transactions and apply/android pay support. Good but not a game changer.

      • Exactly the same for me, Friday, Atm £10 curve onto Creaton IHG card, gone through OK.

  3. O/T but related to previous discussions on flying in sequence. I was just looking for a flight on German site (got re-routed to there as have ex-UK flight to book) and noticed the following options to tick before search button:
    – I would like to benefit from the best offers and will use my flights in the booked sequence
    – I would like to have the flexibility to change the sequence of my flights

    I guess Lufty at least in Germany is catching up on the EU regulations.

    Have tried searching, but the mobile site keeps throwing errors at me.

  4. Re Avis, the free weekend rental is for all members, not just Plus members. I’ve made 4 rentals with them this year, and received the voucher. I also got an upgrade on one, from a Focus to a Ford EcoSport SUV. Would have preferred the Focus tbh, even as a saloon had more luggage space!

  5. On the Avis – anyone know if you can upgrade to the Preferred Plus level with Priority Pass if you signed up previously with AMEX at the Preferred level?

    • HackinJack says:

      Didn’t work for me, as per above post. I have a query outstanding with Avis on this.

      • I also have an outstanding query about this, with no reply so far. Almost 48 hours and counting. Tsk tsk Avis. Important as I have a hire tomorrow and would like a free second driver. An upgrade would be nice too.

  6. Moderated? says:

    Fight club strikes again?

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