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Get a 20% bonus on hotel and credit card points transfers to Etihad Guest

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Etihad Guest has launched another of its occasional transfer bonuses.

This is not a bad time to take advantage.  The recent ‘devaluation’ of Etihad Guest actually made business class flights between London and Abu Dhabi cheaper (read more here) – albeit taxes went up – and it is unlikely that we will see further changes for a couple of years.

Details of the transfer bonus are here.

For UK residents, the key transfer partners which will trigger a 20% bonus are:

Le Club AccorHotels

IHG Rewards Club

World of Hyatt

Radisson Rewards

Marriott Rewards

Hilton Honors

Shangri-La Golden Circle

HSBC Premier

It is important to note who is NOT on the list – American Express Membership Rewards.  You will not get a bonus if you transfer from here.  Note that Etihad Guest is no longer a Heathrow Rewards partner.

Transfers must be made by 30th October.  The bonus will be added in a separate transaction within 15 days of the end of the promotion.

You can find out more here. In addition, if you are not already an Etihad Guest member, you can sign up here and receive 500 bonus miles.

How to earn Etihad Guest miles from UK credit cards

How to earn Etihad Guest miles from UK credit cards (October 2021)

Etihad Guest does not have a UK credit card.  However, you can earn Etihad Guest miles by converting Membership Rewards points earned from selected UK American Express cardsThese are:

  • American Express Preferred Rewards Gold (review here, apply here) – sign-up bonus of 30,000 Membership Rewards points converts into 30,000 Etihad Guest miles. This card is FREE for your first year and also comes with two free airport lounge passes. 30,000 points is a special offer which expires on 9th November 2021.

Membership Rewards points convert at 1:1 into Etihad Guest miles which is an attractive rate.  The cards above all earn 1 Membership Rewards point per £1 spent on your card, which converts to 1 Etihad Guest mile. The Gold card earns double points (2 per £1) on all flights you charge to it.

Etihad Guest is also a partner with the HSBC Premier Mastercard (0.5 miles per £1 spent) and HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard (1 mile per £1 spent).

Comments (188)

  • Ammar says:

    OT – What number do I call to book a Avios redemption with BA using the Lloyds Voucher? I presumed the Avios programme is closed now, so not sure who to call

    • Rob says:

      You will probably find you can still access your Avios account. If not, call BAEC.

      • Alex W says:

        I tried BA first and they were clueless, no idea what an upgrade voucher was.
        Rang and they said I didn’t have enough Avios so I had to transfer from BAEC.

        The promise that you could use BA Avios with a Lloyd’s voucher appears, so far, to have been bollocks. even tried to charge me £25 RFS, even though the actual taxes were £13. I had to explain the concept of Reward Flight Saver, i.e. if you’re overcharging me it’s not a “saver”!!

        Even if you can log in to the voucher can no longer be booked online, only over the phone.

        • Anon says:

          You can still access your Avios account online yourself (but if you’re accessing through a Vueling or Iberia number it’s finnicky and you might have to call up first, maybe due to Spanish surname things.)

          When you ask about the Lloyds upgrade voucher you should say that although you don’t have enough Avios in the Avios account you do have them in BAEC and will transfer them over (note that they need to be your Avios points in BAEC, you can’t just use a bunch of household avios). They will get grumpy about combining your Avios for you but if you say you don’t have an internet capable device to hand they will do it.

          Interestingly enough – you can transfer Avios points from someone else’s Avios account (which you have if you have a Vueling or Iberia account I think) to your Avios account, but not from someone else’s BAEC account to your Avios account. So if there are household points you want to use for the voucher and the person who has them also has an account you can get them transferred to you.

        • Ian M says:

          I made a booking using my Lloyds upgrade voucher online on the avios website just 5 days ago.. Just login to avios site and do that as normal?

        • mr dee says:

          Don’t do it online as their website is seriously broken with the vouchers now

        • Anna says:

          Which flight has £13 taxes once it’s been upgraded? A CE flight would still be £25 each way in fees as you pay the tax on the cabin you fly in, not the one you upgrade from.

        • Genghis says:

          @Anna from Europe most likely. BIO for instance is around that price IIRC. You pay lower of actual and £25 ew in CE

    • fivebobbill says:

      Number I’ve always used for vouchers, inc last booking 19th July… 0344 4933349

      • Ammar says:

        Thank you all for the helpful insight, I will try and log in and transfer the avios and book online first as Ian M has done recently.

        • Anna says:

          I called and booked 2 CW seats using upgrade vouchers about a month ago in 2 separate transactions. Both CS agents were very helpful, knew exactly what they were doing and had no issues moving my avios over from BA – they seem to be able to “see” your BAEC account without any kind of action by you.

    • mr dee says:

      DO NOT BOOKING ONLINE WITH THE LLOYDS VOUCHER it may work but you may end up with a problem and a lot of hassle sorting it out

      Tried this and the site gave me an error at the end not confirming booking, so tried again and it had ended up booking several times and ended up with several charges neither and a load of hassle!

      Best to phone up using the customer service number on the Avios website

      • pablo says:

        It gives an error when it tries to apply the voucher to the booking. At that point the ticket is reserved, avios are taken and the seats disappear from the inventory. You just need to ring and they will finalize the booking and email the confirmation within 24 hours.

  • Nando says:

    It says in the t and c’s that you can not purchase gift cards at boots for the deal to work. However how will they know whether you have purchased gift cards or not?

    • Shoestring says:

      Sounds like you already worked out the answer

    • Lumma says:

      With purchasing gift cards I’d only be concerned if it was a separate area of the store that did them. I think in Selfridge’s (Oxford Street) there’s a gift card selling counter on the higher floors but I think any till can sell them too. I still think it would still go through as the same to American Express but you never know.

      Boots would be fine though

  • Lee says:

    OT – I knew this has been brought up countless times. Is there anything we could do about missing Amex SPG points? Really frustrated for missing out opportunities to book and there must be a lot HFPers have same feeling.

    Saw this on FT:
    I am wondering in this situation as a financial product is involved if a breach of UK law has occurred. I know Lloyds had serious issues when they had problems with transferring points to avios. I don’t feel this is probably down to any fault with American Express but as the card issuer I would assume they have responsibility to ensure you receive the points you are entitled to and would be the first point of complaint.
    Considering the fact many people (including myself) have points quite likely in the tens of thousand we are not able to spend and a limited time to do so on the 60k rates for the top properties my patience is certainly wearing thin on this. I know Marriott were originally saying not our issue its down to Amex but I believe in the last couple of weeks may have changed their tune somewhat!

    • Lumma says:

      It’s a shame amex aren’t a bit more like Lloyds Bank in giving cash compensation for thing like this, many people could be quids in

      • Rob says:

        Barclaycard used to hand over big sums to IHG cardholders who complained that they never got the bonus points for staying in IHG hotels. Quite a few people were sad when it moved to Creation.

        • meta says:

          Funnily enough, I am currently having same problem with Hilton card. The last three stays didn’t credit extra points for Hilton spend. I was thinking of letting it go as all in all it’s not worth the hassle for max 500 extra points. However, since you mentioned this I might complain and see where it leads…

        • Tim G says:

          Me too. Let me know how you get on. I will try and remember as well and complain and see what happens.

    • Ian M says:

      I’m owned over a million Marriott points. I’ve been promised by Amex that they will transfer over on my next monthly points transfer date, which happens to be tomorrow (5th). I’ve not received my points for any spend since 1st July. During this period I spent very heavily on the card taking advantage of double points promotion. If I don’t receive my points as promised tomorrow then I will lodge a formal complaint with Amex. I’m keen to look at all other options as well.

    • Rob says:

      It is a global issue, not a UK specific one. Not that it helps, but just sayin’ …

      • js54156 says:

        I guess it’s not a global issue…as my US cards have all transferred points to my marriott account. The US amex site automatically updated my loyalty number.

    • jason says:

      I have opened a complaint after being offer 5k from Amex as comp but no date for resolution …transfers from platinum cards are now working fine, so they can send points over virtually instantly but are refusing

  • Kai says:

    OT Applied for Amex Green ICC on Friday. Get an email this morning asking for my passport copy. Sent the copy (not certified) and a few hours later was told the application has been approved. The process is much easier than I expected.

  • xcalx says:

    OT Just received an email from IB customer services and the 42500 Avios they removed from my account have been returned. I had sent numerous emails pointing out I had activity on my account all were ignored. I then cc the email addresses of a few directors and bingo they read the details of my account instead of just the standard fob off reply.

    Only problem now is trying to combine avios. As soon as I go onto combine avios on the BA page when logged in I get a banner saying ” Sorry, you are not eligible to combine your Avios ” Any ideas, never had a problem combining avios from this account. This message comes up prior to choosing which programme I want to combine to or from.

    • Shoestring says:

      Got ’em back – result! You can do CMA on the phone as well.

      • xcalx says:

        I tried that and BA insist it’s a problem with the IB account. This can’t be the case because when I am logged into the BA account and click on combine Avios this is shown.

        ” Sorry, you are not eligible to combine your Avios ”

        • Shoestring says:

          And you’ve tried pulling them to an Aer Lingus a/c?

  • Lumma says:

    Sort of OT Has anyone ever gotten the free basic charge card and do you get any offers with it and can you get the shop small discount on it (assuming it’s gonna happen again this year)?

  • Anon says:

    O / T about Curve

    If I am abroad and buy something in Euros with my IHG premier card linked to Curve do I get both the higher points value and avoid FX fees (assuming on a weekday)?

    Also what’s the latest on ATM withdrawals with Creation, no fee and treated as purchases?

    • Rob says:

      No, because it is recharged in £ so you only get 2 per £1.

      Creation still seems OK on ATM withdrawals.

      • Genghis says:

        And even if it was charged in EUR from Curve, you’d still get 2 per £1 due to Creation’s rule that “for every £1 that you spend abroad you’ll also earn 4 points”. Curve London isn’t abroad.

  • Query says:


    When making a booking with using Lloyds upgrade voucher, do they still offer a 24hr cooling-off/grace period (the same as BA) ?

    Also, are they ok with an ex-EU departure with the return leg terminating in the UK?


    • CountryKerry says:

      Officially no. Even a minute later you can’t. I successfully convinced them to allow me to change a booking though 12 hours later! Had to make the change there and then though!

      • Shoestring says:

        Got a free name change a couple of years ago – by asking BA CS nicely – so that my niece could use my wife’s ticket (same surname).

    • Alex W says:

      Lloyd’s voucher can be used on any BA flight I believe, just not in first class.

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