BACK FOR CYBER MONDAY: Bizarre but good deal – buy 55,000 MeliaRewards points on Amazon Spain for €165!

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This is possibly the oddest Black Friday deal I’ve seen today – but it could work out very nicely.

MeliaRewards has started using Amazon to sell gift cards containing pointsThis TravelWeekly article explains the arrangement – in theory they will soon be on the UK site too (EDIT: it is now on the UK site but only at full price, and it looks as if they are shipping it from Spain anyway given the delivery dates.)

They are on the Spanish site (  And, for FRIDAY ONLY (EDIT: deal is back for Cyber Monday), there is a 55% discount:

35,000 MeliaRewards points cost €105

55,000 MeliaRewards points cost €165

Here is the link to buy.

Postage to the UK is €4.  You will be posted a plastic card which I presume contains a number which lets you upload the points to your Melia account.

Buy Melia Rewards points on Amazon

Now …. MeliaRewards points can be converted to Avios at 10:3.  However, I am not 100% certain that these points will be transferable – Melia has a track record of restricting transfers to airline miles of certain promotional points.  Whilst you would be buying Avios at 0.8p each (€169 inc postage for 55,000 points which is 18,333 Avios) you can’t be certain this will be allowed.

You CAN use the points for hotel stays of course.  And this is where it starts to look interesting.

(EDIT:  Looking at the comments, what I wrote below is not totally correct. MeliaRewards actually makes a small number of rooms available per night for a fixed redemption price – lower than what I quote below – but once those have gone it switches to the revenue-based model.  This makes the gift cards better value than my calculations suggest, assuming you can book these rooms.)

MeliaRewards pricing is based on the cash cost of a room, but is not uniform.  In London, it is usually around 0.45p per point.  In New York, it is around 0.65p.  In Rome, I found it was 0.31p.  It is a VARIABLE reward chart which goes up and down with the daily rate but the value per point seems to vary by hotel.

The values above are based on paying for a non-refundable room, so you may value them more highly given that reward nights can be cancelled

With this deal, you are paying 0.27p per point

For example:

ME London on a random January date is £189 or 41,649 points.  Using this promo, you would be buying 41,649 points for €125 (£110).

INNSIDE New York NoMad on a random January date is £152 including taxes or 22,917 points.  Using this promo, you would be buying 22,917 points for €69 (£61) which is a huge saving.

Grand Melia Rome on a random February date is £173 or 54,545 points.  You make a relatively modest saving using points here – your €165 gift card is worth £146 so you save £27 – or more if you value the flexibility of a redemption.

You would have some points left over of course.  However, MeliaRewards does ‘points and money’ so you could book a room costing more than 55,000 points and empty your entire balance in one transaction, just paying cash for the remaining sum.

You can also redeem points for food, drink and spa services at participating Melia hotels EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT A GUEST.  I’m not sure how you do this – I imagine the plastic card which Melia sends you can be swiped, but how it works if you don’t have a plastic card I don’t know.

The rate here is 200 points per €1.  In this promo you are buying points for 60c per €1, so there is a guaranteed profit here.  You make even more money in the US where the rate is 200 points per $1.


There is something interesting here.  However, since I don’t know if the points could be converted to Avios (even if you only used up the spare ones this way), I am not wholeheartedly recommending it.  The card must be activated within 6 months and the points spent within a year from then.

If you’re planning a hotel stay somewhere which has a Melia, however, it may be worth a look.  They are in more places than you think, eg the INNSIDE New York NoMad which Anika reviewed here.

You can find out more here if you’re interested.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Just received from Air Europa if useful to anyone:

    off long-haul flights

    off short and medium-haul flights

    30% web discount code for flights to long-haul.
    20% web discount code for flights to Europe.
    Sales period: from 23/11/18 – 26/11/18.
    Travel period: until 14/06/19 except for 14/12/18 – 07/01/19 and 12/04/19 – 22/04/19.
    Subject to Availability.

    • Just to add they have a proper business class seat on an A330 on some of their European routes.

  2. Btw Rob, Meliá pricing is not based on the cost. Their is a redemption table somewhere buried in the web. However, only a limited number of room are available. All other availlable rooms are revenue based.

  3. Concerto says:

    What I don’t like is that you have to use the points fairly quickly, you can’t just add them to your account and keep them by keeping your account alive. At least, according to a poster somewhere above.

    • You have 6 months to activate the card and deposit points and then a year to spend them. I think most of us could spend them in 18 months. Remember you only have to spend them by then. That means at least 2 and a half years!

  4. Slightly off OT but on the Spain theme, received the Iberia avios via Groupon, (quite easy) but when logging in to transfer, although Iberia and baec recognise both my accounts it will only accept transfers BAEC to IB. I have tried at both websites and same problem. I know a previous work round was transfer to via Avios then to BAEC but my account has now been closed by Avios so that is no longer an option, I imagine others are in the same position but couldn’t find any threads.

  5. Wanted this for New York, but at 160,000 points a night or £400 it doesn’t seem to offer a saving!

  6. This deal appears to be back on today, for anyone who didn’t purchase on Friday.

    Has anyone received their card yet? I cancelled the delivery to my UK address and had re-ordered to an address I can use in Spain. Out for delivery today, so I should have the card soon.

    • Now received by my contact in Spain. He’s emailed the code to me, and points credited instantly.

      • OK. So you just input the code and the points are added to your existing balance? (Did you have an existing balance or was it zero?)

        • Existing balance was the free 2k that you get for setting up an account (which I did on Friday).

          Voucher comes with instructions to either visit OR go to your profile > My Points > Filter by Category > Shopping > Amazon OR scan a QR code. I did the second, and put the code in there and the points were added to my balance instantly.

          Took a bit of Google Translating to be sure I was following instructions right (the voucher is in Spanish, but the online procedure is English).

        • Thanks for feeding back Rich – be interested to know if there’s any restrictions on converting these points (as Rob suggested there could be). What are your plans? 🙂

        • I’ll probably use it for a hotel redemption. There are a number of Melia properties in places I plan to visit over the next year, so I expect to be able to find good value at at least one of them.

          Transfer to Avios was a backup plan (if indeed it’s possible).

        • Annoyingly it’s full price now. Assume it was midnight Madrid time when it ended 😌

      • For completeness, since the T&Cs were hidden under the card and in Spanish, they are:

        “The card is for one single use. You can use the points in any of our hotels, for stays, services but not for increasing your MeliaRewards level. Purchased points will be credited to your account within 24 hours maximum. You have six months to activate your code from the moment of purchase of the gift card, and one year to use them from the moment of activation. Once in the account, the points cannot be refunded. The quantity of points needed for a reservation may change depending on the date that you want to reserve and the availability and seasons of each hotel. En the case of a reservation for a destination with a tourist tax, this must be paid directly to the hotel and you may not pay it in points. To enjoy this gift, you must be a member of the MeliaRewards programme. If you are not already, you can do so at

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