Virgin Atlantic Black Friday / Cyber Weekend sale – flight deals from £1,089 return in Upper Class!

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Virgin Atlantic has launched a weekend long Black Friday sale with decent deals in all classes.

Until 26th November you can find reduced fares on flights to the Caribbean, Cuba, Asia and the Middle East .

Full details are here on their Black Friday website.

The Black Friday website only lists Economy prices, but we have got our hands on premium cabin pricing too.

Looking at the Upper Class deals, there are some interesting prices available.

The standout deal is £1,089 for travel between London Gatwick and Jamaica.

Other Caribbean routes included in the sale in Upper Class out of London are:

London Gatwick to Barbados from £1,649

London Heathrow to Barbados from £1,689

London Gatwick  to Jamaica from £1,089

London to Antigua from £1,799

London to Grenanda from £1,339

London to Tobago from £1,669

London to Havana from £1,759

London to Saint Lucia from £1,599

These prices are for travel between 6th November – 13th December, 17th February – 11th April as well as 14th April – 13th December – you pay a little more on other dates.

Travel dates for Heathrow to Barbados vary slightly and are between 11th December – 25th December and 12th January – 19th February.

It’s worth mentioning that Manchester to Jamaica costs the same as Gatwick to Jamaica but is the only Manchester route included in the Black Friday Sale.

Other Upper Class deals include:

Shanghai £2,549 (2nd December – 29th March 2019).

Hong Kong £2,899 (21st January – 28th February 2019)

Dubai £2,299 (6th December – 18th December and 8th January – 31st March 2019)

Lagos £2,299 (1st December – 28th February 2019)

Virgin Atlantic Easter sale

There are also some decent Premium Economy deals out there, which will be especially interesting for anyone chasing Virgin Flying Club tier points. Destinations from London include:

  • St. Lucia from £809
  • Dubai from £959
  • Shanghai from £734
  • Havana from £819
  • Tobago from £809
  • Grenada from £809
  • Antigua from £769
  • Jamaica from £769
  • Barbados from £789 (£769 from Manchester)

Economy deals are also available, starting at £339 for Dubai from London.  I’d recommend the offer of upgrading to Economy Delight for just £50 – this will justify itself purely by the extra miles you will earn, as this HFP article explains.

Travel dates and full details of what is available can be found on the Virgin Atlantic Black Friday website here.

You need to book by Monday 26th November at the latest but there is limited availability and it is worth jumping in now if you want to secure your preferred flights.

How to earn Virgin Atlantic miles from UK credit cards

As a reminder, there are various ways of earning Virgin Flying Club miles from UK credit cards.  Many cards also have generous sign-up bonuses!

Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Virgin Flying Club miles.  That page is regularly updated with the latest special offers and will still be accurate even if you are reading this article months after publication.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. Can I just check about the flights to Jamaica. From where are they on sale? London or Manchester?!

  2. Just be aware that due to the Rolls-Royce engine issues, VA have had to utilise old ex Air-Berlin A330s for some or all(?) of their Caribbean routes. They are refurbishing upper class on these planes but my recent experience has shown that it has some serious shortcomings, even when refurb is completed.
    (I’d stick with premium class as I understand these will be a completely new section on these planes.)

    • Oooh, that’s put me right off.

      • The first refurbed AB plane is now done. I was meant to be seeing it on Tuesday but it has been pushed back. I preferred the AB layout and if the refurb is good then it could be OK. Remember that BA puts its worst long haul planes on the Caribbean routes too.

        • Any reason for the worst long haul planes to the Caribbean routes Rob? Is it due to lack of competition and limited supply from the UK they can service the routes using them?

          • Low yield – few people pay £4000 return for Business Class to the Caribbean, cabins are generally filled with leisure travellers who won’t pay more than £2k.

        • Lady London says:

          Is there anything worse than the 747’s BA uses from West Coast?

        • The Original Nick says:

          I liked the AB layout too and the huge screens they used. Shame AB have gone.

        • @Lady London, I’d love to fly a 747 one last time, even the creaking, straining, groaning noises as they climb are comforting… and the landing – wow! Agree with Alan on 777s, the plane I like least of all time.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Might just be me, but I thought the biz seats were perfectly acceptable when AB were flying them (unless, perhaps, you get a love seat with a stranger).

      • My husband sat on what he described as a cricket ball (both ways) to Antigua in UC on one. Never again.

  3. I bagged 2 x UC returns LGW to MBJ yesterday for £1104 each inc. taxes.. That is a 747 400 route 🙂

  4. OT as no bits today

    Any idea which gift cards can be bought at Morrison’s?

    • A wide range, similar to Tesco. Includes Amazon and John Lewis, M&S etc.
      With their own loyalty card you get 0.5% cash back (in £5 vouchers) down from 2.5% in October.

      • I was in this morning and was impressed with how many different options were available. It is a bit surprising that they sell cards for other supermarkets, but I suppose profit is profit.

        • Shoestring says:

          They don’t exactly advertise that John Lewis giftcards work equally well @Waitrose (though it’s true)

        • I just happened to buy £350 of John Lewis vouchers today (7x£50). As it turned out the maximum they can sell without STORE MANAGER approval is one! Checkout supervisor was highly unamused that she couldn’t authorise the transaction. Store manager didn’t bat an eyelid. I’ve already bought two Alexa enabled Sonos speakers with them. 😀

          • LOL must be a policy for that store! The thing I like about Morrisons cf Tesco is that you can use self-checkout with gift cards – although often need to plonk something down (keys, wallet, etc.) on the scales so it registers an ‘item’ after you’ve scanned it.

        • Yes they limited the amount of gift cards in a purchase to 1, this goes for self checkout as well, can’t remember if they also make you get it approved or not by the staff. Gone are the days of putting 20 cards at a time through the till

      • Bought £100 worth of JL GC’s last night using the Amex offer. Use them in Waitrose for 10% off.
        I was impressed with the wide range in Morries, usual suspects like Amazon, JL, now, boots etc

  5. Booking myself a trip to china. Unsure to fly premium economy or economy delight?
    Was going economy delight, but it seems for only 100 quid more if I book premium economy on the flight back. IS it worth it if I am already getting slightly larger seat in economy delight?

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Economy delight is a regular seat, just more legroom. Premium gets you a better seat with more recline, better catering, 2-3-2 cabin layout (Economy Delight is a window block of three). I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed much difference in terms of service and FC earning is, I think, the same too.

  6. OT: My discovery today…individual Tesco stores have total discretion to refund transactions in the manner of their choosing. This includes payments in full, or in part(s), by clubcard vouchers or other coupons. Despite the T&C pertaining to refund of clubcard transactions, clubcard CS apparently cannot (and will not IME today) overule the instore CSA, supervisor or manager should they decide to refund you in cash/giftcard as opposed to points. I have no idea how typical this store is but spending vouchers instore if you intend refunding them for whatever reason could be a bad idea. My case today has been escalated by clubcard so it will be interesting to see the outcome.

    • Is this related to the xmas savings thing by any chance?

      • Shoestring says:

        Apologies if more trouble than it was worth. Fuel, groceries.

        • No apology needed Harry, I went into this with eyes wide open and I am sure everybody else did too. It was worth the shot and more fun than the more mundane elements of our hobby. Nobody in the store, me or clubcard got upset about it, it was all very light and civil. The in store CSA (weekender I think) didn’t know so he insisted on calling supervisor as opposed to clubcard, supervisor refused both refund of points and call, manager came on scene and probably wanted to be seen backing her staff. I called clubcard, phone was passed around, store stuck to their position and refunded me cash to card of my choice. Clubcard CSA apologetic and said she will escalate issue. I told her to go ahead but made it clear to all concerned it was not a complaint about store or staff, more a need to reconcile clubcard T&C with procedures in store. I took my refund on my card so can spend anywhere, no harm done. This was early yesterday so nobody held up in service desk queue. I am still of the impression this could work if one gets lucky with the right store and/or service desk staff because clubcard CS certainly don’t seem to have a problem refunding as points. I was curious what would show up on receipt if I used regular clubcard vouchers as part of my transaction. I added £4 of these. Both these and Xmas saver voucher simply show up on receipt as ‘coupons with nothing to distinguish between them.

        • This was exactly my experience – and I also mixed regular CC vouchers as well as xmas. Everyone friendly and willing to help, but even calling Clubcard CS got the same result that all refunds will be to card of my choice (not Amex obvs).
          Only did a small amount to test, so still have more to use if anyone else discovers the solution.

        • @Tom, might be best to wait until Q1 or Q2 next year when, hopefully, everybody has forgotten Xmas Saver.

      • Yes.

  7. OT

    I’m BA Silver and have an upcoming Finnair flight. How do I select seats on this itinerary? I haven’t created a Finnair account and when I try to access the booking through the Finnair link it charges me for any seat changes (and I’m not sure where to put in my BA #).

    Any help greatly appreciated.


    • Oh and I can’t add this booking to my BA Exec Club account as it doesn’t contain any BA flights…

  8. Ive found a deal on United airlines Usa to New York but it wont process the payment even though it gives me the option for uk address it just comes up with an error ? is this a glitch or can you not use a uk credit card on the Usa version of United airlines site.

    The price is 3 times the price on uk site .

    thanks in advance

    • Was this an Amex? They don’t do address verification so should normally go through OK with them…

  9. Regarding the Virgin Atl deals –

    These prices are for travel between 6th November – 13th December, 17th February – 11th April as well as 14th April – 13th December – you pay a little more on other dates.

    Is that 2nd use 13 December referring to 2019 ? The VA website defaults to October 2019 as the latest date.

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