Is easyJet Plus worth the annual membership fee?

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easyJet has a loyalty scheme, Flight Club, although they like to keep it low key and it is strictly ‘invite only’.  If you meet the following criteria:

  • you have booked and flown on 20 easyJet flights or more in the past 12 months, or
  • you have booked and flown on 10 flights or more, and spent £1500 or other currency equivalent in the past 12 months, or
  • you have booked and flown on an average 10 flights or more for 10 years, with at least one flight every year

….. then an invitation will eventually make its way to you.  For the rest of us who don’t qualify for Flight Club,  easyJet Plus is the nearest thing that easyJet has to a loyalty scheme.

Is easyJet plus worth it

easyJet Plus has been around for a few years now and clearly seems to be working, despite the £199 membership fee.  It offers a number of benefits:

Free seat selection – this is a genuine cash saving given the usual fees of up to £29.99 (yes, easyJet seating fees now reach £30 at times) per one-way flight.  This ONLY applies to the member and NOT to other people travelling on the same booking.  It includes premium seats, ie the front and exit rows.

Free speedy boarding – although this is less important if you have a seat selected

Fast track security at selected airports

Access to ‘fast bag drop’ desks at selected airports

A free second item of cabin baggage (maximum 45cm x 36cm x 20cm) which must go under the seat in front of you

Free switch to an earlier flight home, subject to availability and only bookable from three hours before departure

These benefits can all be purchased separately for one-off easyJet flights (switching to an earlier flight home is usually £20, for example) so easyJet Plus only makes sense if you are a regular traveller.

There is one extra benefit which is now exclusive to easyJet Plus customers:

Price Promise – if your flight drops in price after you’ve booked, you can request a refund of the difference.  This will be in the form of an easyJet credit voucher.  It only applies to your seat and not any family members travelling with you.

easyJet Plus

easyJet seems to be treating easyJet Plus as a cash cow.  Either that, or they are trying to minimise the number of members in order to protect the benefits offered.  The membership fee has crept up sharply in recent years (the most recent rise was £30 in April 2017).

Additional cards for partners are £169 or £119 for children.

Does easyJet Plus make sense?

Potentially, yes, especially if you are taking 5+ flights per year and are likely to pay for priority seating such as the front or exit row.

That said, you need to look at the small print.  If you pay for a front row, ‘up front’ or exit row seat on easyJet, for example, you get a 2nd item of cabin baggage, priority boarding and ‘fast bag drop’ priority access included anyway.  (I should know, I just did this for an easyJet flight next year and ended up paying an extra £80 between the four of us.)  If you didn’t value the other benefits of Plus membership, this pushes up break-even to around 10 segments per year and even that figure assumes that you would pay for a front row or exit row seat all the time.

The other snag is that the benefits only apply to you.  If you have a British Airways status card, the benefits generally apply to everyone travelling with you and not just yourself (BA lounge access is just one guest).  With easyJet Plus, whilst my own seat selection would be free I would still need to pay for other family members travelling with me.

Full details on easyJet Plus can be found on their website here.

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  1. Only slightly OT: Flight Club is a waste of time ( I am a member)
    I have fed back that they should either scrap it or make it worthwhile.
    I rather imagine that it was designed to provide worthwhile benefits, but at approval stage got stripped down in order to protect other revenue streams such as easyjet Plus.

    And the only really bad experience I have had with easyjet was when they auto-renewed easyjet plus even though I had explicitly asked to cancel a month before expiry.

    • Paddington says:

      Depending on your travel schedule, I think
      Flight Club is a phenomenal scheme. I commute to/from London every week with easyJet and because of Flight Club, I can book my flights very far in advance, safe in the knowledge that if my plans change, I can change the flights for free. Also, for reference, it typically takes 3-4 minutes max on the phone to change a flight!

      Combining Flight Club with easyJet Plus creates an unbeatable short haul proposition for me.

    • I have found the benefits of flightclub very useful. I have changed flight times and routes numerous times for free. It also offers the price promise for the flughtclub member and everyone on the same booking which I have used several times, saving a significant amount. Ok there could be more benefits but what is there has worked very well for me

    • Flightclub has been fantastic for me, I’ve saved probably a few hundred £s on flight changes.

      I’ve never bothered with EJ Plus until last week but the additional cabin bag will likely save me more than the £199 over the next year on not having to pay for checked luggage.

    • I thought the first rule of flight club was that you do not talk about flight clun

    • +1 FlightClub is amazing. Totally free route & time changes, you essentially just have a moveable deposit with EasyJet!

  2. Speedy Boarding was still a significant benefit when I was flying with them virtually every week last year. With two items of hand luggage, both laptop and overnight bag, it meant that the overnight bag could go in an overhead near the seat. For me easyJet Plus would have made economic sense that year, as I was shelling out at least £30 a week for the “two cabin bag” option.

    One small point- I think all seats are now assigned?

  3. I like the free changes, price match and price guarantee from Flight Club.

    EasyJet plus is less attractive to me.

    On the few occasions that I would like a 2nd cabin bag I choose to check in one of my cabin bags for 6 Gbp.

  4. I’m a Flight Club member and have saved a fortune in flight change fees. They basically take whatever you’ve paid and treat it as a credit towards your new preferred flight. Change of date, even completely change the route, it’s all free if your new flight costs as much or less than what you’ve already paid (you just pay the difference if new flights are more expensive). It really is worthwhile, if you appreciate and use the flexibility it offers.

    I didn’t renew Plus however as my new work contract is pretty much BA or KL and I have status with them already and my Flight Club status will expire in March next year, I expect.

  5. Carroty Bagels says:

    “easyJet has a loyalty scheme, Flight Club, although they like to keep it low key and it is strictly ‘invite only’.”

    Well, the first rule of Flight Club is…

  6. OT:

    I have an avios reward booking MAN-AMS on Flybe 3 persons. I need to cancel it. I’m wondering if it’s even worth cancelling?? The cost was 13500 avios and £68.60 in tax.. I’ve read that to cancel is £35 per person.
    What are you guys thoughts?

    • It’s de facto lower of £35 and price paid. In this case cancel and you’ll get the 13.5k Avios back (assuming not within 24 hours of the flight).

      • Thank you. I wouldn’t have bothered, but I will now.

        Any suggestions on what to do with the easyJet flight I had for AMS-MAN. it was £180 for the three of us.. They want £45 each change fee because it’s within 60 days. Thinking I will just leave that one

  7. Andrew Roberts says:

    Hi. Think you will find that BA Silver & Gold tier can take a guest into a lounge provided they are on the same PNR

  8. M&s Harriette Boyce says:

    All fine except someone stole my easy jet plus suitcase label from my bag. They are now having a nice time as there usno time for the gate staff to check.
    Also it is hard to locate where to add your membership number when booking a ticket and impossible to retrieve the seat refund once the booking has gone through.

  9. Easy jet plus is a joke. The benefits are tiny the barrier to entry are huge.

  10. Tony Russell says:

    A few years ago My wife and I used to have easyJet Plus until Arriving at Malaga one day to check in and about 15 people in front of us in the prior check in lane, I commented that this was unusual and was told that none of the people were members but out of courtesy they were checked in !
    I was 1 kilo over and was being charged, I ask out of courtesy they should let me off but was told she was being watched so couldn’t
    do it.

  11. The other thing worth noting is that they make it unbelievably difficult to cancel once you’ve taken it out. You can’t cancel online or by email and have to call in to cancel. I’ve now had it renew twice without particularly wanting it since I signed up

  12. CheatedJen says:

    Took money out of my bank account long after we cancelled easy jet plus membership. Sent dozens emails with formal complaints, not one answer nor refund. Phoned many times and always promised a full refund. Nothing received. Complained to bank & card company. Weeks later got refund but not one word explanation or apology from Easyjet. Disgusting customer care. Pay for seats as needed, no advantage to membership and can’t get out easy.

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