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HFP EXCLUSIVE: Get an extra Rewards free night credit on your next stay

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Starting today, is once again offering Head for Points readers an exclusive promotion code to help boost your Rewards account.

And, unlike many promotions, this one is valid on virtually every property on their site – including all branded hotels.

When you make a booking at by 3rd March 2019, you will receive one free extra credit in Rewards. The minimum stay required is 2 nights. You can only earn one extra credit per account via this offer.

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If you book a stay of two nights, it will count as three nights towards the ten you need for a free night. A stay of three nights will earn four credits etc.

If you are working your way towards a free night but are a little short, this offer could push you over the line quickly and release the ‘locked in’ value you have built up.

Why we like Rewards

A lot of people end up, by choice or by default, splitting their stays across a number of different hotel chains and vacation rentals. They do a lot of nights, but never enough to build up status or a decent number of points.

For these people, Rewards is a better way to go.

Punchcard will be familiar to most readers. It is a huge hotel and vacation rentals booking portal covering pretty much every corner of the planet.

You won’t find much cheaper than booking a hotel directly, although you can get special ‘member only’ deals when you are logged in. Silver and Gold members receive VIP/VAP benefits like free breakfast, money off a spa treatment or else.

Price is not a reason to use them.  However, the majority of the properties on the site count for ‘ Rewards’ (295,000 properties, which is about 10 times more than all of the ‘big six’ loyalty schemes combined!) Rewards (their home page is here) is an idiot-proof loyalty scheme:

You earn 1 credit for every night you stay, whatever the chain and even vacation rentals

When you have got 10 credits, you get a free night

The value of the free night is the average price you paid for those 10 nights

Your credits don’t expire as long as you collect or redeem at least one night every 12 months

There aren’t any catches when you redeem. There are no blackout dates and you can pick any property on that takes part in Rewards (ie most of them).  You can pay the difference if you want to book a hotel which is more expensive than the value of your free night voucher. You do have to pay taxes and fees.

There is a lot of upside here:

ALL of your stays (assuming the hotels or vacation rentals you book are in Rewards and most are) will count towards free nights. No more ‘wasted’ stays.

Your free night can be used to book any room on Most reward schemes restrict the ability to book club rooms, suites, family room etc. That is not a problem with Rewards.

When travelling, you are free to stay at the hotel which is most convenient for where you need to be – no need to mess around with badly reviewed properties or out of the way hotels purely to find one in your favourite chain.

If you book multiple rooms, you get credit for all of them. Most hotel loyalty schemes restrict you to earning points on one (IHG), two (Hilton) or at most three (Marriott) rooms per night.  Note if you book a vacation rental with multiple rooms, eg a 2-bed apartment, you will only get one credit per night.

The only snag is that bookings do not count for points or stay credit in the loyalty scheme of the chain where you are staying. You may get your status benefits but it is down to the goodwill of the hotel.

If you are booking independent hotels, or hotels chains where you do not collect their points, could make sense.

How do you get your extra Rewards free night credit?

The good news is that this special Head for Points code can be used at virtually any hotel or vacation rental that can be booked on the website that is eligible for Rewards. There are no restrictions on what chains can be used.

Here is the process:

Stage 1:

Visit via this link, or any other link in this article. The code will only work if you visit the UK site via a link on Head for Points.

Stage 2:

You must log into your Rewards account before booking.

Stage 3:

Select your room, which must be:

  • a pre-paid one
  • for a TWO-NIGHT or longer stay
  • completed before 4th September 2019

Stage 4:

Enter the code RWD1H4PA19 when booking as shown below (you might need to click the image to enlarge).

As you can see the punch card on the left shows two Rewards Nights. hfp offer

Once you’ve applied the code, the punch card will show three Rewards Nights as you can see in this screenshot: hfp offer

If you don’t see the price breakdown with the bonus free night added to the punch card, the code hasn’t been applied properly. This could mean that you’ve visited via a third party and not via a link on Head For Points.

The last day to book is Sunday 3rd March.

You can only claim one free night credit per Rewards account.

The value of the extra HFP night credit will be average value per night for your stay.  If Night 1 was $90 and Night 2 was $100, you will receive three credits in your Rewards account for the value of $90, $100 and ($90+$100/2) $95 for the 3rd credit.  When you’ve reached 10 credits, the value of your free night is the average of the 10 credits.

What is the small print?

You can find the full T&C’s on this page of the website. There are no major exclusions or issues, however.

It might take up to four weeks for the extra reward night to be added to your account, but they usually arrive immediately after your stay.  We have run this promotion a few times over the years and never had any problems.

The last word ….

We’d like to thank for making this offer available to Head for Points readers. If you collect Rewards free night credits, or you think that this is a good time to start, an extra credit will give you a good push towards your next free night.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Hotels com is a great scheme, my go to default. The only downside as I see it is for work it’s not good as there are issues with receipts and VAT. For personal I really like it, make sure to use the free nights for ones costing almost the same amount, obviously less is just wasting part of the value, but too much more is also bad. If you offset £100 free night reward against a £200 night, you’re paying £100 and getting no value from that towards the next free night.

    • TGLoyalty says: is my go to when I’m not using chains I have status with and this was one of the reasons i didn’t use 3 rewards nights for a while. Decided to just bite the bullet because who knows how long the site will be around. Much better if they gave you partial value for the amount you are over the free night award.

  2. I too use quite frequently – currently I am gold though that won’t be repeated this year as I’ll have far fewer hotel stays in total this year. I recently made use of their price match guarantee for the first time. I was expecting a fight but they responded overnight with a nicely worded email accepting my claim and refunded the difference almost immediately. I have been impressed with their customer service, both in that instance and when cancelling a non-refundable room due to illness, when they were able to cancel the room without charge. Shame I don’t have any rooms to book right now, having had a bit of an organising splurge a couple of weeks ago.

    • In terms of customer service my one big faff they were superb. Arrived late and tired into hotel (more time share resort) in Orlando, no balcony as per the description. Ask hotel for a room with balcony as specified, they said they had none and I should resolve with hotels com. Phoned them up, very apologetic. Offered to call me back with solution in 20 or 30 minutes. Agreed but thought that’ll be it. Few minutes later they called back, said the hotel couldn’t move me, so they’d either rebook me into a room with a balcony elsewhere at their expense, or if I would remain in that room they’d refund the 4 paid nights fully. Really wanted balcony but was tired, said I’d just stay there. Refund came, as good as their word. I was Gold with them but no idea if that was a factor, as their status’s seem to bring little hard reward.

      • They’ve been pretty good with us. We’ve had a couple of gripes with hotels, including one which decided to change the check out time to an hour earlier after we’d booked and notified us on arrival for a 3 night stay. I emailed from the hotel; they responded almost immediately and made the hotel honour the original checkout time. Always keep a screenshot of your original booking conditions!

      • I had an issue in Phu Quoc where I booked a room with a private pool and when I arrived there was no private pool. It turned out that the hotel only had 2 rooms with a “private pool” and this was a shared pool for the 2 rooms. I declined to move to this room at no cost as the pool wasn’t private. did then move me to another (far better) hotel but charged me 50% of the difference. When I complained about this I got another £60 back so I think I was still a few hundred quid out of pocket for a 3 night stay. Not a bad experience but could have been handled so much better as they admitted the room stated private pool when it didn’t have one. The other hotel (Fusion Phu Quoc) was incredible, so it was worth the hassle and extra cost in the end.

        Earlier in the same trip I was walked from a 4* to 3.5* hotel in Siem Reap and refunded the full 4 nights.

  3. Slightly OT
    To those who gave me advice yesterday about booking a night at a hostel in Vietnam via thank you, it worked.

  4. I have the same issue too, have read T&C’s as far as I can see everything is correct, so don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

    Rob – any suggestions you could help us with please?

  5. Bad scheme I would say and much overhyped. I regularly get 10-15% discount upfront by just being on their mailing list. So guess no point to wait for 10 nights and get 10% off wherein u can easily get 10-15% cash upfront. HFP, come up with better offers. This one is just plain average!!

    • It’s not a good offer. But the best benefit of using is the hassle-free cancellation after you achieve Silver in my opinion, which you’ll never manage using discount codes.

    • Very true Hardik………if you stay in one of the back street hostels or 2* ‘hotels’ that nobody reading this website would dream of staying in.

      Every decent hotel in the world is excluded form the ‘offer’ to which you refer.

      You’re on the wrong website if you’re seriously going to compare the HFP offer to the one you seem to be over the moon with.

  6. Worth pointing out the code can only be used for a single booking. Also, if you try to book two rooms for more than two nights each they’ll give you only one free credit, not two. I was hoping that if I booked 2 rooms for 4 nights each on the same booking I’d make the free night 10 credits, but they’ll only issue me 9 credits.

  7. Yawn. What a boring offer to warrant a coming soon post yesterday!

    • Apart from the at least one person who booked yesterday and wished they had waited and others like them who did the extra day!

  8. If this offer isn’t as good as it appears, I actually think ebookers is worth looking at over
    They regularly do cash back of 10-12% or coupon codes up to 15%. On top of this you get 3% in there BONUS+ scheme.
    Unlike the 10 nights rule, the 3% can be used as soon as you like, and its use doesn’t stop you earning cash back/discount/3% on the net cost of the discounted booking.

  9. Booked a stay of 3 nights and got a message saying because I’d used a discount code no rewards nights at all – the only discount code I used Was the HFP code. Does it only work on 2 night stays and not stays of 2 nights or more in getting you the extra night? Will be seriously annoyed if I don’t get my ‘regular’ 3 reward nights for the booking.

  10. I have a whole number of trips they didn’t credit nights for. I complained and they just wasted my time for several weeks. I always avoid since then. I finally Iearnt my lesson

  11. “*Coupon Terms and Conditions
    This offer is only available when you click on the link via Head for Points.”

    Could you please point me to the referral link as required ?
    TIA !

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