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Virgin Atlantic Spring Sale now on – decent US deals in all classes

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Virgin Atlantic has launched a Spring Sale with deals to the US in Economy and Upper Class.

Until 19th April you can find reduced fares on flights to the US from London Heathrow and Manchester.

Full details are on this special website.

Virgin atlantic spring sale

Looking at the Upper Class deals, the cheapest offer looks like London Heathrow to Boston at £1,914.  This is available to book until 19th April, as long as you book 120 days in advance and include a Sunday night.

Other Upper Class prices to the USA out of London include:

New York £1,939

Los Angeles £2,479

Miami £2,704

To get flights at these prices you generally need to book at least 60 days in advance, travel in July or August and include a Sunday night.

Here is our last review of Virgin Upper Class and here is our last review of Virgin’s Clubhouse lounge in Heathrow Terminal 3. Virgin’s official Upper Class website is here.

You can read more about the new A350 Upper Class seat here although this won’t be available until at least August – and even then it will only be on selected Heathrow to New York JFK flights for now.

Virgin Atlantic spring sale

There are also some decent Economy deals out there. Destinations from London include:

New York £278 (for travel outbound 27th October – 12th December and 8th January 2020 – 27th March 2020)

Boston £270 (for travel outbound 27th October – 12th December and 8th January – 27th March 2020)

Miami £305 (for travel outbound 27th October – 12th December and 8th January – 27th March 2020)

Seattle £568 (for travel outbound 27th October – 12th December and 8th January – 27th March 2020)

Orlando £314 (for travel outbound 27th October – 12th December and 8th January – 27th March 2020)

Destinations from Manchester include:

New York £350 (for travel outbound 4th January – 14th February 2020)

Orlando £470 (for travel outbound 27th October – 12th December and 8th January – 27th March 2020)

Los Angeles £406 (for travel outbound 8th September – 28th October)

All fares need to be booked at least 28 days in advance and include a Saturday night except for Seattle which needs to be booked 120 days in advance with a minimum stay of 7 days.

Here is our review of Virgin’s new Economy Delight product, and this is why the maths says you should book it.

Travel dates and full details of what is available can be found on the Virgin Atlantic sale website here.

You need to book these deals by 19th April at the latest, but there is limited availability and it is worth jumping in now if you want to secure key dates.

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  1. O/T slightly.

    What the hell has happened to taxes on upper class redemptions? I checked Orlando and it’s gone from £500 ish to £730 😆

    • Matt B says:

      I noticed that myself a few days ago! A sly devaluation.

    • One ways are alot more expensive than returns ,maybe to deter the miles rich Americans?

    • Richard says:

      Wow that is steep!

    • carrier imposed surcharges now £500! , and taxes £264 on a dummy return to Miami.

      • Michael says:

        Could you run an article on this please Rob? Let a wider audience know this is ridiculous.

    • Nick – taxes lol, no matter how many times we say it on here…

      YQ Surcharges are not taxes

      I guess with that increases in YQ we know how VS are helping fund those A350s from London.

      I wonder if BA will follow suit.

      • Lady London says:

        BA led the charge so far as we can tell. Kind of a stealth devaluation. For some strange reason Alex Cruz in his yellow hi-viz was missed announcing this.

    • Nick_C says:

      BA charges to the US have gone up from about £550 last year to about £665 currently.

      I’ve just started collecting VFC miles again, but with fees that high I will probably end up converting them to Hilton.

      • Lady London says:

        Before you do that, take a look at some of their partner redemption offers. I gather there are some sweet spots around thé world.

    • the_real_a says:

      What? That is insane…

      • … but seemingly correct, which makes no sense at all. NYC is showing as £764 – unless you fly Delta, which is £464.

  2. Rachael says:

    27 Oct to 12 Dec is the available travel window to Orlando in the sale not the school holidays 🙄. Rob I think you need to clarify this as you wrote to the 31st in your article which isn’t so flexible.

  3. Heather says:

    OT I can’t find the answer anyway. The 2 for 1 companion voucher with the virgin credit card, can it be used open jaw like the BA one? Ie into one US city and out of another?

    • Yes – I had a VS CS member of staff confirm that to me last year when I redeemed our 2 x 241 vouchers (although I ended up doing a straight return in the end).

  4. Codebreaker says:

    Great to see a VA sale!

  5. Chelseafi says:

    O/T sorry. I have just been approved for my first Bus Gold Card (will get the intro 22kMR as no MR acc for over 6 months), plan is In month OH refers me for personal Plat card (as we want to keep one in family and for OH this will use final 18k referral left for 2019), I know I won’t get intro MR for taking out personal Plat but will get MR for referrals. I would appreciate clarity around registering these next two cards, Should I add both to existing online account, which would end up with 2 MR cards on same account or do I register my Gold Bus card on a new online account? Plus also can I pay my Gold Bus DD out of my personal bank account? Thank You

    • TGLoyalty says:

      or refer for Green and upgrade to Plat?

      I don’t see any reason for having more online accounts unless they dont let you register them on the same account. Surely you would want your MR cards to be in the same MR account so you keep them flexible while you are holding an MR card?

  6. Apologies, am I missing something here? £1,914 to BOS? £2,704 to MIA? Crazy if these are considered decent prices.

    • Darren says:


    • phatbear says:

      well if you can show us where to get upper class/business seats in high season to boston for less then we’re all ears/eyes.

      if you cant find a lesser price without going around the houses then yes it is a decent price.

    • For direct flight yes, otherwise not

    • Doug M says:

      I always think that when I see sale prices, either BA or VS. But that’s because I compare them to Ex-EU offers that often are only available for a few days. I’m just not going to pay £2K for a flight, hence most of my USA trips are with BA, VS rarely as cheap.

  7. Sale related! Looking to fly to San Francisco late August/early September for a holiday. Too early for dates in Virgin sale but does anyone have an inkling as to whether BAs (hopeful) Easter sale would cover these dates or is it likely to be October-December like Virgin’s? Wondering whether to book under the current double avios deal before Friday (which would result in about an extra 5k avios between us which is better than nothing) or hold out for the sale and see if the fares go down anymore… currently return economy fare ~370 (without hold luggage) but wondering if it will go down any more than that…

  8. OT as no bits today: saw this article last night

    Might lead to a return of points on OTA bookings in due course. That could be good for me and Marriott, as currently I stick with and go with whatever hotel is best for price/quality/location. If I could earn Marriott points I’d be directing rather more of my bookings that way (but don’t have enough stays in total to make it worth booking directly)

    • Interesting. I still get points for OTA bookings as I’m a regular and hotels want to keep the business. So effectually some hotels are unofficially already supporting this.

    • Nick_C says:

      I wish the big chains would simply offer the best prices on their web sites. I’ve had plenty of stays with Marriott and Hilton in recent years, but it’s been 7 years since I booked directly instead of through an OTA.

  9. Peter West says:

    The article says all classes, but the VS website makes no mention of PE. So which one is incorrect?

    • Looks like there are no PE deals, sorry. We were working off info provided in advance.

      • Peter West says:

        Thanks Rob. That makes sense.

        I also know that VS have form for not making it easy to see sale fares that are loaded, not that they tell us that they are.

      • Ricatti says:

        Is it intentional? Given the niche strength of Virgin PE product (comparable to Norvegian front cabin, etc) — no sale?

        PE is in limited supply and usually 100% occupied (genuine business plus say operational upgrades from Economy), which somewhat reduces its proposition.

  10. Lee CB says:

    Hi. Would you not be better off buying 140,000 miles (inc 40% bonus) in the current Sale for £1515 and taking a reward flight in UC say to NYC for 115,000 miles (or 95,000 off peak)?
    Or am I missing something?

    • Plus carrier fees and tax?

    • Doug M says:

      Yes. As Leo says the fees and charges, plus a little tax. Also on the redemption you’ll earn no miles or tier points as you would from the cash fare.

      • Lee CB says:

        Ok understood, thanks. Not very familiar with Virgin Flying Club yet, just joined recently (to pick up Rob’s “cheeky” 10k miles on the free Virgin Credit Card)
        Interesting though as (now I’ve looked!) some dates in August fees and tax are only £464 so if you bought just enough miles = 83000 (+ 40%) = £1260 plus £464 it still beats the £1939 price?

        • Availability of redemption seats will be an issue at peak times.

        • Ricatti says:

          But at this level (of yet “low” surcharges)

          £1260 plus £464 = 1724

          £1939 price

          is not an interesting proposition to collect miles — even if we are talking collection vs purchasing the miles. You are paying close to the full market prices, which is definitely not “a deal”.

  11. Paul Stevens says:

    OT – no bits – If I book a BA 241 in business and later F becomes available, can I phone up and get upgraded for some extra avios plus £35 pp charge?

    • Optimus Prime says:

      Yes. There may also be a difference in taxes/surcharges you have to pay for.

    • SimonW says:

      Yep, ive been checking every day for my flights this weekend to Miami but no luck….

    • SimonW says:

      But in some positive BA news – we have 2 separate bookings as used 2 x 241s, and no way was I going to pay £350 odd to book us 4 middle seats in CW. So I called up and they allocated us the seats for free. 3 days before the flight. Very pleased with that as a lowly Blue jub too….

      • Nick_C says:

        Good of BA to do that. Although at T-3 days they had probably already allocated seats for you which you would have seen at check in.

      • Michael says:

        Did you call up with the intention of asking about seats? or did they offer to do it when asking about another query.

        • SimonW says:

          Called up to link the 2 bookings with intention of them hopefully giving us 4 together when we checked in. Maybe they had already allocated us the middle 4 though…..

        • Nick_C says:

          Sorry, I missed the fact it was two separate bookings. Good service!

  12. Doog1000 says:

    Slightly OT has anyone received their 6000 miles from the VIrgin life insurance offer – I paid for 6 premiums and cancelled after that but no miles have hit my account and a couple of months have no elapsed

    • Mine were paid very timely a week or so after 6 months. Others reported similar things. I think this was back in January/early Feb.

  13. OT – can anyone recommend the best seats in F for a couple on a 773 (BA). 1A/1K/2E/2F are taken, and otherwise all free. Seatguru seems to suggest 1E/1F aren’t the best. Is it best to go 4E/F? Or better just to not sit together and go A or K in different rows? Hoping to get some sleep but would also be nice to sit together as first ever F… Thanks for any tips.

    • Michael says:

      Don’t think it really matters in F. Obviously 1A/1K are the golden seats but It’s not like Club where every seat has big pro’s and cons. perhaps not the ones nearest to the galley and toilet though.

      • The E/F pairs are all much of a muchness really. On the 777-300 the loos are at the back of the F cabin so I’d marginally favour Row 1 over Row 4. There really isn’t much difference between seats on the 777 though.

        We usually take a window seat, one in front of the other and use the buddy seat to eat together rather than a middle pair anyway.

    • ChrisC says:

      1A/K are reserved for Golds until a couple of days before the flight so they may become available.

      1A/K maybe the most private but they aren’t the best seats (due to cabin curve) Rows 2 / 3 are better.

  14. ShouldntCare says:


    Random question but does a Corporate credit card affect my personal credit score? My company’s rolling out full-on enforcement of a non-Amex credit card which we all need to get…wondering if this will affect me negatively in any way.



  15. Definitas says:

    Fares are available LHR to New York with BA in CW for less than £1500 on selected dates all the way from October to March and less than £1800 to LAX

    • Definitas says:

      Lots of flights to MIA sub £1700 in J and some flights in F cheaper than VS

      • Bootlace says:

        O/T sitting in LGA currently , AA asking for volunteers to take later flight, intially offering $250 in flight credit now gone to $375 what are readers experiences and how much should I hold out for?

        • Shoestring says:

          depends how long you have to sit around until the next flight, whether the delay bothers you that much etc and if you’d rather have $375 for some booze/ food/ compo for a couple of hours delay

        • Where is the flight to? I’ve heard of people getting a lot more than $375 depending on the length of the journey.

        • Shoestring says:

          we got offered 5x EUR400 to delay our Xmas flight to the place in the sun but crucially (x2) they wouldn’t guarantee we’d get on the next flight in a couple of hours *and* my wife immediately said no way, it’s Xmas with a taxi waiting the other end

          bye bye £1500 for sitting around for 2 hours 🙂

        • Lady London says:


        • Lady London says:

          and to make it worse, 5*400 EUR is 2000 EUR which is currently a lot closer to £1800 than £1500.

        • Shoestring says:

          not sure I wear the hotpants 🙂

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