Carlisle Lake District Airport (finally) opens – but with very few flights

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Carlisle Lake District Airport finally opened to commercial flights yesterday after lengthy delays caused by Air Traffic Control issues.  But where can you fly from there?

Scottish airline Loganair is the launch carrier, with scheduled services to London Southend, Belfast City and Dublin using a 33-seat Saab 340B aircraft.

The airport, owned and operated by Stobart Group, is six miles from Carlisle city centre.  It is an ex-RAF facility and has not been used for scheduled flights since 1993.

There is no executive lounge, before anyone asks, but with no more than three flights per day (and none at all on Tuesdays or Wednesdays) you are unlikely to be struggling for space.

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  1. RE: HFP Party
    My +1 can no longer attend. Anyone looking for a ticket?

    • Email Rhys at, he may have someone waiting. (I am not in the office today so don’t know.)

  2. Stu N says:

    OT: BA/Marriott/Avis “Spend X, get Y Avios” offer on BA Amex cards. Has anyone triggered a bonus that relies on Avis online spend? It’s a prepaid US hire car. The T&Cs suggest it won’t count but we know they aren’t always reliable.

    • Charlieface says:

      IIRC Avis prepaid is processed by different sub-companies in the US and Europe so presumably wouldn’t work.

      • Stu N says:

        Thanks. The merchant name has the hire location in the name so maybe won’t work. Then again it did trigger a statement credit I wasn’t expecting to work as T&Cs suggested it was for UK hires only and it has been billed in GBP so maybe it’s not quite that clever.

        Might pay the small amount towards a BA Holiday booking I’d need if the car hire is included and see what happens.

  3. Ammar says:

    OT – Sorry, I did ask this the other day but was not clear. Re Miles & More Card to pay HMRC for taxes, can I use the Card (pre-paid MC bit of it, not the dIners obviously) linked via my Curve without paying any extra charges or are the data points that no one has had any success?

  4. Stella64 says:

    Quick question. Just about to head to France. I have a Curve card linked to underlying Virgin Reward +.

    What’s the current situation regards withdrawing cash? Will Virgin charge a fee?

    I also have a Revolut account – I assume I could also just withdraw cash from that instead at an ATM?

    • Virgin reward + do not charge a cash advance fee for ATMs through Curve, in my (and multiple other people on here’s) experience. Revolut would work fine also. Just be aware Revolut give a slightly worse rate at weekends so get it out in a weekday if you can. Of course, you can also use your Virgin (and select other) credit cards to top up your Revolut card anyway with no fee.

  5. fivebobbill says:

    OT, I probably know the answer to this, but if somebody could just confirm please.
    Have just used 2 Lloyds vouchers for me and the missus 2 x 1-way flights, LHR-DXB, then SIN-LHR. (2 of us on one voucher going out, then both on the other voucher coming back).
    I’m aware of the terms re the vouchers if I decide to cancel them, and I know I’ll get the Cash/Avios back, but is the cancellation fee per reservation (£35 x 2), or per person (£35 x 4).
    I fear it’s the latter…

    • fivebobbill says:

      * that’s cancel or “amend” booking by the way.

      • Stu N says:

        The fee is per person, per booking.

        If I’ve understood your post, you have two single bookings so you’d pay £70 to cancel each bookings = £140 total.

        If you were able to book it as a return, you’d pay £70 total to cancel the entire trip.

        • fivebobbill says:

          Yeah that’s what I thought Stu thanks. The 2 sectors are either end of a cruise actually, so I booked it this way deliberately, meaning that if I do have to change/cancel, I will always have either leg of the journey left to use independently – just change the date.

  6. OT: Just received an email through from Creation re: the IHG Premium card and noticed this statement;

    From 13th September 2019 you are no longer able to use your card for Gambling transactions. Please see clause 5.3 in your Terms and Conditions.

    I don’t and never have used my card for that kind of transaction, because I’ve always assumed that it counted as a ‘cash advance’ and you’d pay a fee. Is that not the case? Anyone have any experience in this?

    • RussellH says:

      I put some money on the Grand National many years ago using my Creation Marriott Card and got stung with a cash advance fee.
      I have not had anything from Creation on this recently, but if you are quoting from revised Ts+Cs, I would interpret that as meaning that they will block all transactions with gaming / gambling firms.

    • the_real_a says:

      I was told that there was a specific problem with Spread Bets with losses from Cryptocurrency…

      • RIccatti says:

        Yes, ‘Spread Betting’ on financial markets is legally structured as gambling, and so winnings are tax-free.

  7. RakishDriver says:

    OT – Amex Plat car hire cover and package holiday that includes car hire in the price – does Amex plat insurance cover this type of hire?

  8. Chris L says:

    OT: Connect Airways acquisition of Flybe and Stobart Air approved

    They’re ‘working on a new brand’ apparently…

  9. Very OT unless you’re caffeine dependent.

    After disappearing from Avios in-store earning (to the extent it still exists) Caffe Nero has now signed up with Virgin Atlantic. 8 points per £ on in-store, pre-registered MasterCard and Visa transactions. It’s something…

    • Andrew says:

      I’ve got Cafe Nero on my BoS card at the moment as 8% under Everyday Offers. It layers nicely.

      Got to keep an eye on these offers though as I’ve registered my cards on multiple sites (Virgin, Nextjump, Grow Up On, BA) and can’t be sure which way the funding will route. Sometimes it clashes and doesn’t work at all and other times you get double or more.

    • I usually have an Amex 5-10% offer going, which I use to buy gift cards, so not bothered about avios.

  10. O/T Just noticed. Looks like Miles and More introduced transfer miles option for a fee. You can transfer up to 35,000 miles to anyone per year for £8.98 per 1000 miles. Bad deal unless maybe you’re redeeming for LH F and are a few thousand short. Still Why don’t they introduce household accounts like in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

    • Agreed, bad. But then my wife has 8k expiring ….

      But … if a promo turned up to buy miles at 0.9p I would say no ….

      • RIccatti says:

        Ruffles, as a rational economic agent you should exhibit no preference!!

      • Lady London says:

        I put about that number of Lufthansa miles into Amazon. Then told Lufthansa to close my account and remove all my data. Got fed up with Lufthansa’s mean expiry policies / mileage stealing and poor earning.

        Also Lufthansa lost me a US transcontinental award booking because it wasnt clear that when you booked and got a confirmation of the booking together with the airline booking ref online and received the confirmation by email as well, oh no you hadn’t got the booking at all.
        Apparently at a further point after that you were required to confirm again otherwise the booking was lost (found out 9 months after booking when I went to change date). This was nowhere made clear. That was dirty tricks and sneaky and deliberately nontransparent and a barrier to using your hard-accrued Lufthansa miles. That was the final thing that made me cash out for rotten amazon rates.
        I closed my Miles&More account and told them to remove all my data as well (GDPR).

        When you cash out Lufthansa though, you van set country on the website to Germany. You will get a different set of merchants to cash out to. I nearly opted for Tchibo as i usually take a look in there when I’m in Germany.

  11. OT: Curve card seems to have been compromised and some strange transactions appearing on it. First was declined, second I am waiting for it to be declined. I remember it happened to others, I have locked card via app immediately.

    I’ve also sent a message to Curve, how did others fare with getting their issue sorted?

    • George says:

      Hey Rash, sorry to hear this happened. My curve details got cloned a few months back while I was in the USA without the attached phone. Didn’t realise until I was 2.5k down. In credit to them, Curve handled it all within 48 hours (working time). Out of hours phone number is useless and they make a big point about not issuing a chargeback through the underlying card but their protection is fairly comprehensive. Money was back in my account in 3 days, card was reissued and continued with my holiday. For what its worth, I called Barclaycard first and Curve handled it better than they did – albeit with a delay.

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