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Head for Points has come a long way in the seven years since Rob started this site in 2012 to pass the time during his gardening leave!  If you trust Alexa data, HFP is now one of the 600 biggest websites in the UK.

In the last seven years, we’ve moved to three daily articles x 363 days a year, won various prizes including ‘Editor of the Year’ at the Business Travel Journalism Awards, hosted Christmas and Summer parties for 500+ guests, started dabbling in more intimate events like the recent HFP reader dinner, appeared on Chinese TV (Anika), been featured in prestigious publications such as ‘Trinidad & Tobago Newsday‘ (oh yes!) and given away some fantastic prizes in our raffles and competitions.

Now that I’ve joined the HFP team full time, we have a little more time to explore new ventures.  Today we are launching the Head for Points Travel & Loyalty Awards 2019.

We are in the privileged position of having an audience – you! – that has an exceptional knowledge of business travel, airlines, hotels, airline lounges and travel credit cards.  Many of you experience these products on a regular basis, and far more frequently than either Rob, Anika or I do.

The Head for Points Travel & Loyalty Awards 2019 are a great opportunity to recognise the cream of the crop when it comes to UK premium business and leisure travel.  A lot of the areas we are covering, such as airport lounges and travel credit cards, are ignored by other awards because they are too niche – but for our readers, they are very important and appreciated.

You can vote in the Head for Points Travel and Loyalty Awards 2019 here.

We have a small bribe to encourage you to do so – full details below!  One entrant will win 10,000 Avios.

There are 12 categories, including:

Best business class product

Best new business class seat

Best UK airport lounge (airline)

Best UK airport lounge (independent)

Best UK travel rewards credit card

Travel innovation of the year

We genuinely want to recognise the best of what is out there.  Whilst we have drawn up a shortlist for each category, we have also included an ‘Other’ option.  If you think we have missed something good, write it in.

Rob and I will look at all of the ‘Other’ suggestions and select a small number of ‘Editor’s Choice Awards’ alongside the main winners.  This means that niche lounges, credit cards or products can still be a winner, so please put them forward.

Voting starts today and will end at midnight on Sunday 1st December. We hope you can spare a couple of minutes (and it really is just a couple!) to let us know who you think should win in each category.

One voter will be drawn at random and will receive 10,000 Avios.  We will also throw in two tickets to the Head for Points Winter party in January (date TBC) and a handful of drinks vouchers on the night.  For clarity, we are paying for the Avios ourselves – British Airways is not sponsoring the awards in any way.

You can vote in the Head for Points Travel and Loyalty Awards 2019 here.

The deadline for voting is 1st December, and we will unveil the winners in a series of articles over Christmas and New Year.  Thank you for your help.

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  1. O/T as no bits, anyone able to buy amazon vouchers at Morrisons over the last couple of days. All amazon gift cards have been removed from all my local Morrisons, within 30miles. I was making good use of the 10%……

    • They had all gone at the Camden branch the other day.

    • Wimbledon told me they removed them from the shelves saying people had complained they were not activating. But I thought Amazon gift cards from Morrison’s don’t need to be activated.

      • they (wimbledon) told me the same thing…personally i dont believe them and i think they have been told to remove them whilst the amex 10% rebate is on…will be interesting to see if they return in a few days…

        did manage to get some in becontree though…

        • Same with all our John Lewis ones in our town. Further down the A3 from Wimbledon. Disappeared overnight. I had got quite a few. Waitrose is literally only 50yds from Morrison’s! And then got questioned as to why l was buying £100 in Morrisons paper vouchers.. unlike Harry who buys 1000 if he can…they have had fraud issues with them…then said l could only pay for them in cash.. was getting quite twitchy by then.. recovering now in Cambodia from the shock! Hate to think l can’t use my Amex if we get another 10% off offer later.

          • Find a stunning temple to explore, then find a nice hotel cocktail bar back in town! That should sort you out! I hope you’re having a blast Polly!

          • Cat Tnx, just now over beach side, having spent 6 days in Siem. We loved the smaller temples, few people, silent, gorgeous. Angkor of course we did it, but the temple of doom, Ta Prohm! was pure hell. Escaped to a beauty nearby to recover. Then PP. Spent Sunday in the Genocide Museum, still shaking. Such horrors. Such lovely people. Still too much poverty tho. But they are a free nation mostly. Long bus journeys a killer tho, as roads very basic and a nightmare. Food wonderful. Highly recommend Cambodia though. Also northern Borneo Kota Kinabalu (where we spent a lovely few days with friends there) and Sabah region.

          • Yes, when Ta Prohm is busy, it’s crazy! S21 and the Killing Fields are horrific. It’s something that should be seen, but it does not make for easy viewing.
            Which beach did you decide on? Have you tried lok lak yet? I hope you have a relaxing time at the beach, Polly! Enjoy!

          • Cat.
            Lok lak top choice in various forms most evenings. Sadly only beach area is S…ville. But found a tiny French owned place near Otres 2 so winding down nicely tnx…hope not too cold in UK yet..

          • It’s freezing Polly! I’m walking to the train station and I can barely feel my fingers to type this! My little fingers may have hit absolute zero! Enjoy the lovely tropical weather for the rest of us! X

        • It is true unfortunately. I bought 2 x £50 Amazon gift cards, neither of which was activated at the till even though I was charged for them. The activation slips said “Declined” . They refused to refund me or provide replacement cards at the time saying it needed to be referred to head office and they’d call me in a couple of days. Over a week later, heard nothing so did a chargeback via Amex and got my £100 back right away

    • I saw a few in Reigate Morrisons this morning.

    • If the store has run out of Amazon GCs, you could always visit the kiosk, buy M paper vouchers and use those to buy Amazon GCs in a week or two when hopefully stock returns.

      • Think they don’t allow you to buy GCs with those paper vouchers. Tried it. They will let you use the £5 more vouchers tho to pay for them.

        • I’ve also found that I am unable to buy more than £100 of John Lewis vouchers in a single transaction.

          • yes, i had to buy all mine in £50 transactions also

          • Also, they seem to have an overall transaction limit for gift card purchases of £200 or thereabouts

          • It is possible at a manned till but does require a manager to intervene, to put in their override.
            I’ve had a few fob-offs, but if you are buying a few I think it is easier to keep them to one transaction and insist on this.

        • Ah ok, thanks for clarification Polly. I have a choice of 3 M stores within 3 miles so have never had any stock problems, and it was my understanding they treated the paper vouchers like cash.

          • Ewan, they do normally, but GCs lie outside that buying category, for some reason. Apparently due to vouchers bought with stolen credit cards, then spent in stores. You are lucky you have choice of 3. And they also have this limit of 50/100 GC spend at till. So it can be difficult for me to get a decent amount spent on a 10% offer. Annoying.

          • Use them for petrol. They soon get used up!

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Stacked in my store, bought a couple of hundred today.

    • Don’t believe it, I have bought a load yesterday and today – they’re probably just out of stock. They are activated by the tills and have already been uploaded to my amazon account.

      No paper vouchers in my local store though which is a shame. I still have about £300 of paper vouchers from a month ago so wasn’t so fussed to get more anyway

      Good little discount paying for petrol with 10p off a litre and 10% off with the rest using the Amex rebate and vouchers. Cheapest petrol I’ve bought in years!

  2. Lady London says:

    Hey Rhys I think the Accor is 6k not 7.5? 7.5 would be nice of course…:-)

  3. O/T but my employer has recently started using TravelPlanet for travel, who seem to use For Business for hotel bookings. I’ve never received any status benefits or points at any chains since then. Reception just sees it as a standard reservation, rather than a For Business corporate booking. So ridiculously annoying. Anyone else have similar experience of For Business?

    • Egencia is the same – owned by Expedia and if they pull rooms from the Expedia booking pool you don’t get anything.

      You should persuade your employer that this is a bad deal due to the lack of free breakfast etc which you are now paying for ….

  4. Surprised the SPG Amex isn’t on the short list for best credit card!

    • Purely personal on our point. I think we do give it a bit of a hard time, but they hurt themselves by having silly spend targets (eg £25k for a 25k free night valid virtually nowhere interesting).

    • SPG amex is my favourite card, I often get over 5% return on using the points for hotels and the ability to exchange for AA miles is the icing on the cake.

      • Agree the free night award is poor for such a high spend requirement, but the earning rate is excellent. Its easy enough to get at least 1p value per Marriott point when redeeming for hotels (thus 3p+ per pound spent on the card), Marriott has a huge footprint of hotels and on top of that there’s the countless airlines you can transfer to! Anyway, it got my vote 🙂

        • Assuming you get 0.5p a point from Marriott Bonvoy you need to spend £5000 a year on it to break even on the yearly fee. Compared to the gold credit card that would have earned you 7500 Bonvoys for no fee (in the first year) by the same point it’s not so great.
          At £10k spend you are breaking even in value with the gold card. Of course, if you get more value from the points than that the figures change, but it’s not a no-brainer for a lot of people when they could use the spend too break even on the SPG yearly fee on other cards.

          • Agreed, the value in that card is if you can put a high spend through it. I find marriott excellent for redeeming at places and times where demand is high and cash prices are through the roof.

            I even found a use for the free night cert at a trade show in Germany once where the cash price was £300 a night simply because it was a trade show.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Hard to beat that bonus on 20k transfers to AA for EY😋

  5. KBuffett says:

    OT – I got a fresh 10% back at Morrison’s offer today.

    • Shoestring says:

      Bingo! same here 🙂

      only 13 days to use it but those vouchers last forever lol

      • @Shoestring Any ideas if you can include gift cards in the 2x 10% shops for Tesco Clubcard Plus?

        • Shoestring says:

          no – I was waiting for the trip reports! obvs the T&Cs say no, but until now the till system was unable to differentiate (whereas Sainsburys have got it nailed)

          as I’m not a fan of Tesco groceries, preferring to shop elsewhere, it would take mission success reported elsewhere for me to sign up

  6. Stephen Tan says:

    O/T People keep talking about the Morrisons 10% back offer. Does this work on all gift cards eg John Lewis etc and not only on the Paper Morrisons ones?

  7. Nice idea to run your own awards scheme – hope it’s a roaring success!

    One thought, perhaps something for next year: maybe a category (or categories) for something like Best Travel App and/or Best Currency Exchange Service/app? Somewhere where things like AwardWallet, Revolut and TransferWise could be recognised (I have no vested interest in any of those other than as a user, and I’m sure there are other contenders, but all of those have served me extremely well in either earning and managing points, and/or saving money overseas… Also could be a good way to find out what others the HfP readership rate highly?)

    Perhaps also a booby prize category for something like Biggest Disappointment / Most Wasted Promise, or some such (cough, ahem, Curve) 😉

    • Not bad ideas. Some categories may not come back, eg best new seat. All depends on what happens in the market.

  8. I suspect the results of this survey may not very very reliable or illustrate an accurate reflection of true consumer sentiment.

    My experience was that for many of the questions I had no experience with any of the products mentioned in the answers, so I selected an option that I was most familiar with rather than the option I’d genuinely cast a deserving vote for.

    This is made worse by the fact that voters are incentivised to complete the form to enter a prize draw. There’s already some fantastic competitions here so I’d actually drop that next time to collect feedback from those who are genuinely more motivated to contribute without the carrot.

    Just my 2c.

    • Er … we deliberately set it up so that you DON’T need to answer every question. And we made this clear in the article. Just scroll down to the next one.

      We weren’t sure about doing a prize or not. What we DID do was make it something that only the ‘community’ would want – we didn’t want to offer a £500 gift card and have the poll posted on MSE etc.

      The results aren’t really impacted. If you’ve ever done stats to any level at school you’ll know that the winners from 100 surveys are 90%+ identical to the results from 5,000 surveys.

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