The best Black Friday deal? Very cheap MeliaRewards points being sold both directly and via Amazon

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It’s back for another year – the EXCEPTIONALLY good Black Friday deal for buying MeliaRewards gift cards on Amazon Spain.

EDIT: This deal is also available directly from Melia – buy here.  This has four advantages – the 80000 points package is €20 cheaper, you save the €4 postage fee, you receive the points immediately and, if you have an exact redemption in mind, you can buy the exact number you need.  Click here for the ‘buy points’ page on the Melia website – go to the ‘My Points’ section if not diverted automatically.  The promo is not mentioned (!) but try to buy and the discounted price appears. 

Spanish hotel group Melia has been selling points on Amazon Spain for a year now.  They come in the form of gift cards you deposit into your MeliaRewards account.  Here are the standard prices:

35,000 points for €210

55,000 points for €330

80,000 points for €560

Until Monday, these prices have been slashed.  Look here:

35,000 points for €126 – €3.60 per 1,000

55,000 points for €198 – €3.60 per 1,000

80,000 points for €308 – €3.85 per 1,000

You can check the price and availability on this page of the Spanish Amazon site.

I bought this deal last year, when I paid €165 for 55,000 points (you will pay €198 this year).  This is what you get:

Melia Rewards Amazon points offer

Whilst the card itself is credit card sized, the leaflet it is stuck to is A5:

MeliaRewards Amazon points offer

The instructions were simple enough that even my rudimentary (ie non existent) Spanish could follow them:

You log into the Melia website and head to ‘My Points’

Filter the earning and spending options by ‘Shopping’

Click on Amazon.  As well as explaining how to redeem your points for gift cards, there is a box to deposit your gift card.  I typed in the number and the 55,000 points immediately appeared as you can see below.

Melia Rewards Amazon points offer

Can you get value paying €308 (£264) for 80,000 MeliaRewards points?

Oh yes.

Now …. MeliaRewards points can be converted to Avios at 10:3.  However, these points are not transferable.  The value is in hotel rooms.

Having spent a lot of time last year exploring the MeliaRewards redemption chart, it is not as random as it first seems.  It is simply that hotels have totally weird redemption values which makes them appear random.

INNSIDE New York, which we reviewed here, was 23,098 points per night when I looked last year (the Melia website was down at midnight last night and I couldn’t look up the current figure).  Where this number comes from I have no idea!  There is real value here – cash rates are around £300 per night in the Summer, whilst you would be paying under £100 if you redeemed gift card points.

In London, the Melia White House was 24,286 points per night last time I checked.  Again, on a peak date this is a bargain at under £100.

What you CAN’T do is transfer these points to Avios or to anything else.  They are ringfenced for hotel stays.   You also need to note that the hotel only offers a few rooms per night at the points prices above – once those have gone, rather like the way Hilton Honors works, redemptions are priced off a revenue based system which is much less attractive.

This is how I used my points from 2018

Last year, I bought 55,000 points for €165 (€198 this year).  I used 48,500 for two nights at the Melia White House for my brother.  This was during Wimbledon and the cash rates were over £250 per night.

Surprisingly, after this stay I was able to transfer the remaining points to Avios at 10:3.  This got me another 2,000+ Avios.

My total return on €165 was therefore £500-worth of hotel rooms plus 2,000+ Avios.  Not bad!

Ordering is easy.  Your Amazon UK log-in details work on the Spanish site, and your UK delivery details are pre-populated.  Postage to the UK is €4 and delivery is expected around 5th December.

I wouldn’t buy these points totally speculatively, but if you are fairly sure you can use them then this is a very good dealThe link to the Amazon Spain page is here.  The offer runs until Monday.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. John Caribbean says:

    Looking at resort rooms. The cash price is either “free cancellation” or prepayment “non refundable if cancelled”.
    Switching to points instead of cash, the same criteria are shown, with different prices. Do Melia have non refundable points rates?

    • No.

      STANDARD redemption rooms are cancellable. Those are the cheap ones.

      If it has sold out of standard rooms, the system sells you a non-refundable cash room but converts the cash required into points. This is when the rooms are non refundable.

  2. Tempted for a speculative purchase as I’ve always had good experiences with the brand. Stayed at the Innside NY in May and we’re going back again over Easter next year. Both times booked with black Friday points although did have to make a small top up direct through the site for €5 per 1k points. Great value both times when cash prices were >£200 per night for a well located, fairly modern hotel in Manhatten. Just in the ~£22 per night resort fee into your calcs.

  3. I’m also tempted for a speculative purchase. What’s the max amount of points that we can buy? Was thinking of 3 x 55k.

    I checked a random night in the Athena Melia Hotel and it’s 15k points when cash rates are £141, effectively redeeming at 0.89ppp (and the offer above allows us to purchase for 0.31ppp). Looks good to me!

    • Bought 10 x 55,000 last year. Don’t think there is a limit. But you have to load on to account within 6 months I think.

  4. Folks. Note The blurb on indicates you have upto 6 months to ‘activate’ the points from the date of purchase and once activated, up to one year to use them.

    • From my experience making a reservation pushes back the 1 yr expiry of all points. Then the actual stay resets the 1 yr clock.

  5. Seems a bit too good to be true, looking at hypothetical dates for 5 days in New York in March, it needs 118,000 points for the basic room option which is £364, £73 a night?? Looks like it’s normally £170-200 for cash.

    • Not too good to be true, that’s the deal. The hotel is only offering a couple of rooms at that points price so you’re not bankrupting it.

    • Read my earlier post

    • Stephan from ZA says:

      Talking miles and points, “in the know / too good to be true deals” are not common, but it does happen. This Melia Black Friday points deal is an example.

      How do you recognise a valid “to good to be true” deal? Take a hint from Rob. “The best Black Friday deal?” is a pretty strong hint.

      Having missed out on the Iberia Avios bonanza this time last year I jumped in on Melia points – result: 4 nights in May 2019 at INNSIDE NY NOMAD for about £ 75 + resort fees (!).

      Cheers Rob, for so prominently pointing out the 2018 and 2019 deal. This time I’ve gone for 150K points on for GBP 465, eyeing the Gran Melia properties in Madrid (£84/night !) amongst others.

      Hard to lose out when buying points at this rate still implies a discount even when redemption inventory has gone…

  6. With redemption prices changing all the time how do we know the amount of points required for a standard, and therefore refundable, redemption?

  7. Still have my gift cards from last year never got it to work guess I was too late to register them. No help what so ever from Meliá. 5+ calls and very little knowledge about the deal was even told they were only for Spanish citiZens.

  8. Just catching up with the edit… unless I’m missing something with the 35% bonus on avios transfers (until tomorrow), this actually looks like a relatively cheap way to buy avios.

    By my calculation it works out at just under 0.76p per avios once the bonus is factored in.

    • Shoestring says:

      they’re ringfenced ie can’t transfer to Avios

      until (apparently) you use some in a booking/ get a booking refunded etc see thread

      • But are they?

        That may be true for the Amazon cards, but going into the buy points screen on it says “Do you need more points for a hotel booking, flight or product from MeliáRewards Shopping?”

        As Rob says it actually says nothing about any promotion there. I’m tempted to buy 2000 and see what happens….

        • ..I see meta tried that on Friday and they were ring-fenced, contrary to what the text suggests. Ah well, I’ve transferred over the small number of points I had left over from the gift card I bought last year.

          Interestingly it doesn’t actually enforce the multiple of 100 points rule.

  9. WOW what a deal. Just bought the exact number of points I needed (71,271) for three nights in New York weekend of June 19th for £75 per night. Booked and confirmed.

    • Was just looking at ME London for when my brother will be down for Wimbledon in July. £485 cash or £135 if I buy the points ….

  10. So for some reason you now need to call Melia to have these points added if ordered from Amazon. The people in the call centre didn’t know how to do this and first person transferred me to someone else who then had to ask the supervisor.

    Apparently it’s a specific department that looks after it and due to an error on the website they’ll call me back. Let’s hope it works as I ordered these before the edit to say it’s quicker to order directly from Melia!

    • Did you get to resolve this? I am on to them now as my attempt to load them onto the website keeps getting an error message, probably like you!



  11. Michael C says:

    This deal is pretty incredible. Looking at getting a Manhattan hotel for a third of the expected price.

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