ALL easyJet flights for Winter 2020 / Spring 2021 are £29.99 or less

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easyJet, keen to get some cash in the door, is running a deal for flights over the Winter 2020 season.

It’s a simple deal:

EVERY flight, between 25th October 2020 and 28th February 2021, is £29.99 or less.

This deal ends on Tuesday 31st March.

The only ‘catch’ is that not all routes are currently on sale.  You cannot book yet for flights to Germany, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Israel and Jordan, so you won’t be flying there for £29.99.

There are some very good deals here if you know where to look, especially around key ski weekends next year.

Book today and – if seats are still available – you’re paying £60 return.

ALL easyJet flights for Winter 2020 at £29.99 or less

OK, it’s easyJet, so you’re looking at another chunk of cash for seat reservations and checked baggage.  Even with all that, I reckon you can book a family of four – with bags and decent seats – for under £500.  If you were happy to sit at the back of the plane it would be as low as £375 including luggage for four people.

This is excellent pricing for ski holidays.  As you are usually forced to travel Saturday to Saturday to fit around hotel changeover dates, you rarely have much flexibility as to when you fly.

There is, of course, a little bit of credit risk with easyJet at the moment.  In reality, I think the chance of easyJet going bankrupt is low.  In the worst possible scenario – that the airline collapsed by the Summer – you’d still have eight months to book alternative flights and your credit card company would refund you.

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Full details are on the easyJet website here.

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  1. Note, this is not all flights but all destinations. Some flights are above £30 for destinations where flights are also under £30.

  2. Speedbird676 says:

    Still waiting on a refund from EasyJet for a flight cancelled on 18-Mar. I’ll be giving them a wide berth until they sort themselves out.

  3. Aston100 says:

    Easyjets poor attitude towards refunds when THEY cancel your flight (i.e. not offering you one) should lose them any business in the future.

    • Standard process for a cancellation is to be rebooked on a different flight (which can be desirable since it would save you money vs rebooking yourself) or to be given a travel voucher. Option for refund is still there but you just have to call up.

      I’m not at all absolving easyJet of all the blame here, as they shouldn’t be making getting a refund so hard. But people complaining they can’t get any form of refund just because they can’t be bothered to call up is just wrong (not necessarily saying that is you but others on here + Twitter have complained)

      • I assume from your comment that you haven’t tried calling. If you stay on the line on hold you will be there for a LONG time and still probably not get through. Until this week there was an option on the website for a refund which they advised people to use then removed causing extra annoyance.

        For me, I’m trying to find out if the flight is cancelled, I assume it is, but the email and website doesn’t say that although they have said I can move the flight for free. If they are seen to remove the online option for a refund on a cancelled flight and their phone lines are overwhelmed it doesn’t feel like they are playing fair. So yes, I am complaining on twitter along with many others but still trying to get through until I turn it over to my credit card company to refund.

        Every other airline I’ve had to cancel a flight with has been easy to deal with.

        • Yes I have tried. I didn’t get through so I knocked it on the head and took the voucher instead as I will use that at some point soon (admittedly I didn’t bother waiting on the phone for very long). As I clearly mentioned, easyJet haven’t done things perfectly – they should be making it easier. But people saying it’s ‘impossible’ to get a refund are just wrong – that’s what my comment was in reference to.

      • Aston100 says:

        Can’t get through on the phone ; Web chat has been closed for days ; on social media their standard reply is to use the phone or Web chat, so you just go round in a circle.
        It is pathetic.

    • I have a flight booked to Barcelona in April. Is it best to change ( no change fee) or wait till the flight is cancelled. No travel planned till at least October this year. Thanks!

    • Lady London says:

      easyJet attitude to their own cancellations has been excellent historically. They may take a while to refund but I would trust them probably slightly more than British Airways.

      Their attitude to sneaking in hidden charges , high fees and secret.pricing if you are forced to call them to change a regular flight though, stinks.

      The danger I see with easyJet on the recovery is that potentially their ancillary fees (concealed or published) are going to go up massively and they are already far out of proportion.

      • Aston100 says:

        Have you tried contacting them for a refund in the last ten days? I suspect not, given your positive commentary.

        • Lady London says:

          Yes I have and I was offered immediate refunds for 3 cancelled flights when I got through. I told them I wanted a refund for the return leg on same booking as well.

          Previously they would provide this but this time they started weaselling and inventing reasons not to refund the return on the only one that had a return on the same booking. Normally my outwArd and return are on different bookings so usually I lose out when they cancel flughts. However this time I did have a return on the same booking.

          I am currently considering whether I write to them demanding a refund of the entirety of all remaing flights on any booking they’ve cancelled a flight on. EU261 gives me that technically I think. However across 3 bookings that would mean about 15 flights to be refunded which theoretically are still running so that’s a bit unfair.

          I will probably content myself with emailing them for refunds on any cancelled flight Even though they have been sneakily surcharging anyone that’s had to call up to get a flight change for months now – they are sneakily applying a completely separate pricing for phone-in changes that adds a surcharge of at least £20-22 which they claim is part of a “fare difference” and not a sneakily added surcharge.

    • Kevin 9876 says:

      Pretty much everyone is behaving like this though so there’s no one left to not boycott.

      Qatar seem to have had better feedback but they’re not exactly a realistic option for a European trip

  4. Barely a week has gone by since all and sundry on here were outraged that they were asking for a bailout and threats to boycott left, right and centre…..,

  5. Riccatti says:

    Apparently, ski resorts were hotbeds for COVID-19 infection, from where it spread when people returned to their communities.

    It was easy to disregard some cough and temperature symptoms after skiing.

  6. OT but concerns all airlines:

    Can anyone suggest a link to reputable source (official document) which clearly states that an airline must pay a full refund in cash if the flight is cancelled by the airline? Swiss is trying to avoid this by any means and issue a voucher instead which I don’t want.

    • The official EC261 documentation is online.

    • Lady London says:

      @Alex Sm you can download the official EU pdf for this.

      Google “EU commission notice passenger rights March 2020”. The official EU notice to remind airlines of passengers right to refund was issued on 18th March. This is the official source.

      Switzerland is signed up to this as are other EEA countries and the EU.

      • Lady London says:

        *will give you an official pdf to download from the EU that confirms your right to a refund.

      • Thanks both! Will look it up – this is what I thought is the right document but then was confused by Which? advice which is a bit ambiguous

        • Lady London says:

          How was the Which? advice ambiguous?

          Fyi I was alerted to that official document by another website that is very reliable on official things. Out of courtesy to Rob I didn’t post it from there but can assure you this will be the correct document.

  7. Sadly they have marked flights for peak dates such as Feb half term as sold out – despite there being availability if you search via easyJet holidays…

  8. Really don’t get paying for seats. Tax on the stupid if you ask me.

  9. surely any travel booked now in the midst of this crisis would not be covered for Covid-19. It’s a known risk and may or may not be around for many months to come. The fares are great but there is no guarantee they will operate and none that Easy Jet will still be around. Even if they do and are will it be safe and are you covered?

    • Freddy says:

      I booked flights for 5 people for Lanzarote in October half term for £200 rather than the £2000 odd normally. I have my doubts as to whether we will be able to go but worth a punt at that price. These got released a while ago so the good dates are probably long gone

  10. Seamus O'Leary says:

    Latest from Easyjet via Sky News.

    “This crisis may result in the insolvency of easyJet PLC and if it transpires that a single penny from the company has been paid to Airbus between the grounding of the fleet and the date of the insolvency or any equity-raising which would prevent insolvency, I will personally sue all the easyJet directors for gross negligence and for defrauding easyJet’s creditors with the favouring of one creditor (Airbus with dubious rights to these monies) over all others.”

    Sir Stelios’s declaration of war on the easyJet board comes just days after he received a £60m dividend payment from the airline.

    • Lady London says:

      Kinda looks similar to a poison share…I am not sure what the correct teminology is. But easyJet stakeholders and their advisers who look ‘attacked’ here, may actually be ‘in on it’ and this may be a Corporate Finance-advised step. The Press often being used by CF advisers in this way.

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