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Is easyJet Plus worth the annual membership fee?

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This is our review of easyJet Plus.  Is it worth the membership fee?

easyJet has a loyalty scheme, Flight Club, although they like to keep it low key and it is strictly ‘invite only’.  If you meet the following criteria:

  • you have booked and flown on 20 easyJet flights or more in the past 12 months, or
  • you have booked and flown on 10 flights or more, and spent £1,500 or other currency equivalent in the past 12 months, or
  • you have booked and flown on an average 10 flights or more for 10 years, with at least one flight every year

….. then an invitation will eventually make its way to you.  For the rest of us who don’t qualify for Flight Club,  easyJet Plus is the nearest thing that easyJet has to a loyalty scheme.

Is easyJet plus worth the membership fee

easyJet Plus has been around for a few years now and clearly seems to be working, despite the £215 membership fee.  It offers a number of benefits:

Free seat selection – this is a genuine cash saving given the usual fees of up to £29.99 (yes, easyJet seating fees now reach £30 at times) per one-way flight.  This ONLY applies to the member and NOT to other people travelling on the same booking.  It includes premium seats, ie the front and exit rows.

Free speedy boarding – although this is less important if you have a seat selected

Fast track security at selected airports

Access to ‘fast bag drop’ desks at selected airports

A free second item of cabin baggage (maximum 45cm x 36cm x 20cm) which must go under the seat in front of you

Free switch to an earlier flight home, subject to availability and only bookable from three hours before departure

These benefits can all be purchased separately for one-off easyJet flights (switching to an earlier flight home is usually £35, for example) so easyJet Plus only makes sense if you are a regular traveller.

There is one extra benefit which is now exclusive to easyJet Plus customers:

Price Promise – if your flight drops in price after you’ve booked, you can request a refund of the difference.  This will be in the form of an easyJet credit voucher.  It only applies to your seat and not any family members travelling with you.

easyJet Plus

easyJet seems to be treating easyJet Plus as a cash cow.  Either that, or they are trying to minimise the number of members in order to protect the benefits offered.  The membership fee has crept up in recent years – in 2013 it was just £149, so that is almost a 50% increase in seven years.

Additional cards for partners are £185 or £135 for children.

Does easyJet Plus make sense?

Potentially, yes, especially if you are taking 5+ flights per year and are likely to pay for priority seating such as the front or exit row.

That said, you need to look at the small print.  If you pay for a front row, ‘up front’ or exit row seat on easyJet, for example, you get a 2nd item of cabin baggage, priority boarding and ‘fast bag drop’ priority access included anyway.

If you didn’t value the other benefits of Plus membership, this pushes up break-even to around 10 segments per year and even that figure assumes that you would pay for a front row or exit row seat all the time.

The other snag is that the benefits only apply to you.  If you have a British Airways status card, the benefits generally apply to everyone travelling with you and not just yourself (BA lounge access is just one guest).  With easyJet Plus, whilst my own seat selection would be free I would still need to pay for other family members travelling with me.

Full details on easyJet Plus can be found on their website here.

Comments (14)

  • Chris Heyes says:

    For a lone traveler or a Business Traveler (but why would you travel Easy-Jet Business) ?
    it could make semblance but for the majority the math’s don’t add uo

    • Anthony Edwards says:

      I used to travel weekly to a destination served by both easyJet and BA (Basel).

      The easyJet flights were always cheaper, but to be honest the main thing was the timings. easyJet had those earlier and later slots which I guess are cheaper for the airline but also work better for those who need to do a full days work once we get there / before we fly home.

  • Genghis says:

    I fly U2 often for work. The advantage of speedy boarding for me is the ability to put my hand luggage in the OH locker and gate agents don’t bother you to put luggage in the hold.

    • Peter K says:

      I wouldn’t have put you as someone who’d fly on The Edge!

  • Red Fox says:

    Price promise isn’t exclusive to easyJet plus members; it is also one of the benefits of Flight Club.

  • Ken says:

    “although they like to keep it low key “

    The first rule about Flight Club…..

  • Travel Strong says:

    Just ran the numbers for Flight Club eligibility – if not for covid related cancellations, I would have 15 flights and £1100 spent. But due to covid cancellations, it will now be 9 flights and £950! So close, but not close enough!!

    • Lumma says:

      It says 10 flights plus £1500 spend or 20 flights, so you still would be some way off

    • Simon says:

      I got an invite last year and I’m sure I didn’t spend £1,500 booked quite a few flights though, the free change is really good although that applies to all bookings at the moment as long as your flight is more than 14 days out. Having to phone up to make the change is a bit of a pain for Flight Club.

      • Lady London says:

        as in my comments previously anytime you phone to change or make a booking, this forces you to be exposed to a separate notably higher price list agents must use for anyone that phones in. Depending on the circs you might escape a change fee but the price they charge you will be £20 or more as a rule of thumb, maybe once in a blue moon less. Dial them with the flight you want showing on the website if you don’t believe me.

        • Bagoly says:

          As a member of Flight Club, changing name has to be done by calling the Flight Club number.
          It was genuinely free when I did it last year rather than the £50/55 it would have been without that status.

          I reckon EasyjetPlus makes a lot of sense for those doing weekly commutes (even if only for three months) without a suitcase.
          If you are on a route with at least daily frequency, but without too many savvy travellers/secretaries (E.g. LGW-GVA), then Flexi tickets work out better, and can save one a lot of money, especially if one needs to take a suitcase.

  • aceman says:

    The other thing to realise is that this is a NIGHTMARE to cancel!

    First year I wanted to cancel, payment taken, no option to cancel online, emailed them, said i’d hear back. Nothing.

    second year, received email saying it would renew in 2 weeks, tried logging in, membership number not working. Emailed, no response. Finally live chat, agent tried talking me through the steps to cancel, I told them I cant see the cancel option, he said he’d try, word for word our online chat:

    Easyjet: Can you see the option to cancel your membership?
    Me: No
    Easyjet: I appreciate your patience
    Me: No problem
    Easyjet: I am trying to check the option for you
    Easyjet: I am unable to find the option online.
    Me: I know, thats my problem, I wanted to cancel last year, sneaky
    Easyjet: You’ll need to call as i’m not getting an option
    Me: I called last year, they said do it online
    Easyjet: ok
    Easyjet: (gives me a weblink to data protection officer at easyjet)
    Easyjet: please fill out that form and please select the option Delete my easyjet account or specific data
    Me: ok doing that now, thanks for your help, you must be making a fortune out of people giving up on cancelling their accounts….

    I filled out the form, heard nothing back, then had to cancel my 3 most likely cards that I’d have used to pay easyjet with, fortunately I got the right one, got lots of emails warning me that I was about to loose my benefits.

    Several months later got an email from the data protection officer asking if I really wanted to delete my details….

    Sheesh, never again.

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