Match your British Airways Executive Club Gold or Silver card to Star Alliance Gold via TAP Air Portugal!

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You can use your British Airways Executive Club Gold or Silver card to get Star Alliance Gold status via a new TAP Air Portugal status match!

This would give you top tier privileges when travelling when any Star Alliance carrier, including Lufthansa, SWISS, United, Air Canada, Aegean, Turkish etc, for at least 12 months.  This makes it an especially good offer for a British Airways Silver member who would suddenly become top tier across Star Alliance.

The match is not entirely free but it won’t be hard to recoup the modest cost of €70.

How do I get a TAP Air Portugal status match?

Full details are on the TAP website here.

Edit: some people appear to be getting the error “Sorry, it is currently not possible to validate the information provided. Please try again later.” Despite this, some people are reporting confirmation emails several hours after signing up.

When signing up, remove the first ‘0’ in your phone number or the form will not be accepted (and it won’t tell you why it won’t be accepted!).

You must be a new member of TAP Miles&Go (ie joined at any point in 2020) to take part.

It is open to anyone who has status with AAdvantage, Aeroflot Bonus, Aerolineas Plus, Air Europa SUMA, Cedar Miles, Club Premier, Etihad Guest, Executive Club, Finnair Plus, Flying Blue, Iberia Plus, LATAM Pass, MilleMiglia, OK Plus, Privilege Club, Royal Club, Safar Flyer, SkyMiles, Skywards, Smiles or TudoAzul.

You CANNOT apply if you have previously had a TAP status match or, in the last six months, if you have previously applied and been rejected.

The exact match you get can be seen by clicking on the ‘Application’ button on the TAP status match page.  For British Airways:

Executive Club Gold = TAP Miles&Go Gold = Star Alliance Gold

Executive Club Silver = TAP Miles&Go Gold = Star Alliance Gold

Executive Club Bronze = TAP Miles&Go Silver = Star Alliance Silver

I should say upfront that Star Alliance Silver doesn’t have many benefits – you don’t get alliance-wide lounge access for example – so if you are British Airways Bronze this is probably not worth the effort and the €70 cost.

The process is clearly explained on the website.  You send TAP a copy of your British Airways Executive Club membership card and the other information they require.  If you are not already a member of TAP Miles&Go you can join and apply for a match at the same time.

TAP Miles&Go status match

What happens next?

TAP will notify you within 30 days that your match has been PROVISIONALLY made.

You then need to do one of two things within the following 10 days:

Purchase some Miles&Go miles (the smallest quantity is €70 for 2,000 miles), or

Join Club TAP Miles&Go at one of the four membership levels (the cheapest is €99 for a year – you receive 14,000 Miles&Go miles for this, although they are dropped into your account over the 12 months)

How long does my status match last for?

The website says that it will be valid for a minimum of 12 months.  I’m not sure if the exact timing depends on the date you join Miles&Go or something else.

You can renew your status at a 50% discount to the standard requirements:

  • Renew Gold with 25,000 Status Miles and flying 4 times with TAP Air Portugal
  • Renew Silver with 10,000 Status Miles and flying twice with TAP Air Portugal

The four segments could be obtained relatively easily with a return trip to a small city in Portugal, changing in Lisbon or Porto.  TAP flies from Manchester as well as Heathrow and Gatwick so this is also an option for those outside London.

Miles & Go Status Match TAP Air Portugal

What are the benefits of Star Alliance Gold?

I am not focusing on the specific benefits you get with TAP because I am assuming that most HFP readers would do most of their Star Alliance flying with other carriers such as Lufthansa.  You can see all the benefits of TAP Miles&Go Gold here.

(Note that one benefit of TAP Miles&Go Gold – gifting Gold membership to a friend – is NOT available to status matched members unless they successfully requalify for a further period of membership.)

You can see the benefits of Star Alliance Gold on the Star Alliance website here.

You get:

  • Lounge access (Gold members often have access to higher quality lounges than other members, for example the Senator room in the Lufthansa Lounge in Heathrow Terminal 2)
  • Fast track security and boarding
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority baggage handling (which often works, unlike on BA!)
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Free First Class upgrades on all your Heathrow Express trips


This could work out very nicely.  It is an exceptionally good deal for British Airways Executive Club Silver members who will find themselves with top tier status in Star Alliance.

The match isn’t free, but the cost of €70 (the price of 2,000 miles) is not exactly high.  It may make more sense to pay €99 and pick up 14,000 miles via the cheapest Club Miles&Go package.

The only issue is whether you will get full benefit from your membership.  Will you be doing a lot of Star Alliance travel over the next 12 months?  You are spending some money to set this up and it is a ‘once per lifetime’ match.

It is worth thinking about.  It is especially interesting if your British Airways status has been extended to 2022 – you will not need to earn any additional BA tier points until your 2021 membership year starts and could experiment with Star Alliance at no risk to your future Executive Club tier.

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  1. Michael C says:

    The SIlver=Gold combo is decent, I’ll give it a bash!
    Do you get to bring a guest in?

  2. Chrisasaurus says:

    Very interesting (I wonder what restrictions there are, if any, on alliance members doing matches that significantly increase the number of top tier members in the alliance?)

    There’s no mention of an end date anywhere in the site or in the terms – it does refer to the program being ‘back’ – anyone know typically how long it has run?

  3. Anyone see an expiry date?

    • I was thinking the same. It’s not worth starting your 12-month membership if you are not going to travel in the next 3-4 months as a result of the pandemic.

      So any info re the expiry date would be appreciated.

    • +1. If this deal runs for a few months, I would prefer to wait and see.

  4. Andrew says:

    The issue with Star Gold is that it really only gives you any benefit if you’re flying economy. I do prefer the OW model of the Emerald level so that if you’re flying business class (or economy) you can upgrade your ground experience to first class – something missing in Star.

    • Not all of us get biz class from our employers. I think a large number of readers are going to be very keen to try out this offer

  5. mr nick wilson says:

    Unfortunately there seems to be an error and applications (or at least mine) can’t be processed…

    Some error ocurred
    FlyTAP.DataAccess – Sorry, it is currently not possible to validate the information provided. Please try again later.

    • i keep getting the same error message

    • Ian M says:

      Yeah I’m getting the same problem. Complete the form, then receive the email from them, click the link to confirm the email, create a password and then:
      An error occurred.

      Sorry, it is currently not possible to validate the information provided. Please try again later.

      • Ian M says:

        However, I have now received a welcome email from Tap Miles&Go and can login to the site. So it seems it worked after all despite the error message

        • doctorbee says:

          I got this error when I add a zero prefix to my mobile number. Removing the zero prefix allowed the registration to work.

  6. Rosemary Leheup says:

    Thanks for this Rob and team. Looks good as been dropped to Silver by BA, just missed out by a few days as my gold expired just before the announcement that they were extending existing level. Going to avoid flying BA now and give Lufthansa a go when flying To Cape Town.

  7. Marcw says:

    Remember that on some airlines you won’t get third party lounge access.

  8. Just a data point… Unless things have changed since the most recent TAP status match a couple of months ago, it WAS possible to gift gold membership to a second person. All done online, very quickly.

    • Can you gift to yourself in 11 months time??

      • Andrew says:

        I guess you could gift your travel companion then it’s 2 years of you both having lounge access through the +1 arrangement

    • In the terms:

      “3.5.2. Prior to first Renewal, the Client / New Client with TAP Miles&Go Gold status may not:
      nominate a Gold Partner; or
      request to be issued with any physical card.”

  9. Ian M says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention Rob (and team). I fly with Star Alliance Airlines pretty often (in normal times), so this is very handy

  10. This bit in the terms is a bit of a concern:

    “This first renewal will be valid for 1 (one) to 12 (twelve) months, depending on the renewal date of the Client’s / New Client’s Annual Miles Earning Period.”

    • Yes, I didn’t have a clue what that meant! You are guaranteed a full first year though.

      • Sunguy says:

        I dont know – but I suspect that it is that you will get a full 12 months from the date your application is approved. This is likely to go over membership years, so you are upgraded for the remainder of this membership year and up to the 12 month point.

        E.g. your membership year resets in May, you get approved in October 2020, and are therefore, you are upgraded to May 2021, and then upgraded for 5 months of your following membership year.

        I dont know if this is the case, but its what makes sense from the badly written Ts&Cs….

    • Lady London says:

      Hum. Would like to understand that.

      Had a similar experience with Accor when status expired after not much more than a month (completely unwarned in the terms and conditions). This would stop me doing this with TAP az I would fly enough to renew but would want my second year to be a full one.

  11. Anyone know the correct format for the VAT number here – Usual standard isn’t working for company and its asking for it even as individual ((for miles and go 99 euro charge)

    • ie GB### #### ## is not working
      (for personal does it want a UTR?)

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