Match your British Airways Executive Club Gold or Silver card to Star Alliance Gold via TAP Air Portugal!

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You can use your British Airways Executive Club Gold or Silver card to get Star Alliance Gold status via a new TAP Air Portugal status match!

This would give you top tier privileges when travelling when any Star Alliance carrier, including Lufthansa, SWISS, United, Air Canada, Aegean, Turkish etc, for at least 12 months.  This makes it an especially good offer for a British Airways Silver member who would suddenly become top tier across Star Alliance.

The match is not entirely free but it won’t be hard to recoup the modest cost of €70.

How do I get a TAP Air Portugal status match?

Full details are on the TAP website here.

Edit: some people appear to be getting the error “Sorry, it is currently not possible to validate the information provided. Please try again later.” Despite this, some people are reporting confirmation emails several hours after signing up.

When signing up, remove the first ‘0’ in your phone number or the form will not be accepted (and it won’t tell you why it won’t be accepted!).

You must be a new member of TAP Miles&Go (ie joined at any point in 2020) to take part.

It is open to anyone who has status with AAdvantage, Aeroflot Bonus, Aerolineas Plus, Air Europa SUMA, Cedar Miles, Club Premier, Etihad Guest, Executive Club, Finnair Plus, Flying Blue, Iberia Plus, LATAM Pass, MilleMiglia, OK Plus, Privilege Club, Royal Club, Safar Flyer, SkyMiles, Skywards, Smiles or TudoAzul.

You CANNOT apply if you have previously had a TAP status match or, in the last six months, if you have previously applied and been rejected.

The exact match you get can be seen by clicking on the ‘Application’ button on the TAP status match page.  For British Airways:

Executive Club Gold = TAP Miles&Go Gold = Star Alliance Gold

Executive Club Silver = TAP Miles&Go Gold = Star Alliance Gold

Executive Club Bronze = TAP Miles&Go Silver = Star Alliance Silver

I should say upfront that Star Alliance Silver doesn’t have many benefits – you don’t get alliance-wide lounge access for example – so if you are British Airways Bronze this is probably not worth the effort and the €70 cost.

The process is clearly explained on the website.  You send TAP a copy of your British Airways Executive Club membership card and the other information they require.  If you are not already a member of TAP Miles&Go you can join and apply for a match at the same time.

TAP Miles&Go status match

What happens next?

TAP will notify you within 30 days that your match has been PROVISIONALLY made.

You then need to do one of two things within the following 10 days:

Purchase some Miles&Go miles (the smallest quantity is €70 for 2,000 miles), or

Join Club TAP Miles&Go at one of the four membership levels (the cheapest is €99 for a year – you receive 14,000 Miles&Go miles for this, although they are dropped into your account over the 12 months)

How long does my status match last for?

The website says that it will be valid for a minimum of 12 months.  I’m not sure if the exact timing depends on the date you join Miles&Go or something else.

You can renew your status at a 50% discount to the standard requirements:

  • Renew Gold with 25,000 Status Miles and flying 4 times with TAP Air Portugal
  • Renew Silver with 10,000 Status Miles and flying twice with TAP Air Portugal

The four segments could be obtained relatively easily with a return trip to a small city in Portugal, changing in Lisbon or Porto.  TAP flies from Manchester as well as Heathrow and Gatwick so this is also an option for those outside London.

Miles & Go Status Match TAP Air Portugal

What are the benefits of Star Alliance Gold?

I am not focusing on the specific benefits you get with TAP because I am assuming that most HFP readers would do most of their Star Alliance flying with other carriers such as Lufthansa.  You can see all the benefits of TAP Miles&Go Gold here.

(Note that one benefit of TAP Miles&Go Gold – gifting Gold membership to a friend – is NOT available to status matched members unless they successfully requalify for a further period of membership.)

You can see the benefits of Star Alliance Gold on the Star Alliance website here.

You get:

  • Lounge access (Gold members often have access to higher quality lounges than other members, for example the Senator room in the Lufthansa Lounge in Heathrow Terminal 2)
  • Fast track security and boarding
  • Priority check-in
  • Priority baggage handling (which often works, unlike on BA!)
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Free First Class upgrades on all your Heathrow Express trips


This could work out very nicely.  It is an exceptionally good deal for British Airways Executive Club Silver members who will find themselves with top tier status in Star Alliance.

The match isn’t free, but the cost of €70 (the price of 2,000 miles) is not exactly high.  It may make more sense to pay €99 and pick up 14,000 miles via the cheapest Club Miles&Go package.

The only issue is whether you will get full benefit from your membership.  Will you be doing a lot of Star Alliance travel over the next 12 months?  You are spending some money to set this up and it is a ‘once per lifetime’ match.

It is worth thinking about.  It is especially interesting if your British Airways status has been extended to 2022 – you will not need to earn any additional BA tier points until your 2021 membership year starts and could experiment with Star Alliance at no risk to your future Executive Club tier.

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  1. Hmm

    Until TAP goes out of business? Then the status will be obsolete.

    • If TAP went bust, Iberia would buy it and your TAP Gold would become Iberia Gold!

      • marcw says:

        TAP has been nationalised in the last couple of days.

      • insider says:

        i’m not sure if Iberia would be able to afford it, on top of Air Europa! Also what use is IB gold if you have BA silver?? Anyway, not likely to happen 😛

        • ChrisC says:

          They would drop the Air Europa deal at the drop of a hat (would cost them aroung €50m though) if they thought buying TAP was a better deal for them.

          But likely to have regulatory issues re competition to deal with (much like the Air Europa purchase)

  2. Will it work the other way round? My partner has Star Alliance Gold and it would be nice to match it at least to BA Silver / oneworld Sapphire, or better to Gold/Emerald

    • ChrisC says:

      BA really does not do status matches

      • Lady London says:

        unofficially and at the top end I believe they will in the corporate world if an account is coming to them

        • In the corporate world there’s plenty of top status flying about even without matching!

    • MYSELF says:

      Hi Alex BA are firmly against status matching and have never done it for general pax. The only, and still rare time, they will even consider it is for major blue chip companies shifting entire travel contracts over to them and even then it is still highly limited.

      An alternative would be for you to look at CX or maybe AA. I have had them status match against BA as there are occasions when having an airlines own card helps avoid issues around lounges which whilst rare are annoying. I also have a friend who got a status match Star Gold to CX gold but he did have 3 F bookings made with them.

      In these times airlines may or may not want to do matching but hey you can at least ask. Also status match is always like-4-like OR one grade down. I’m yet to hear of anyone get a bump up

      • Shame on them… Thought they may reconsider to treat customers after the pandemic and win back those who escaped to better airlines

        • Nothing stops you status matching to another oneworld airline.

          • Is this something that comes up semi-frequently? Got me thinking, could I status match my BA Silver to TAP Gold, and then TAP Gold back to (hopefully) OneWorld Emerald equivalent? Or wishful thinking hah

          • You’d need to look at to see which airlines might be willing.

        • ChrisC says:

          Why would you want to switch to BA if you are already using a ‘better airlines’ though?

          Over the last few years airlines and hotels have gone from matching at the drop of the hat to offering ‘challenges’ to meet in a short period (number of flights / room bookings) a target to confirm a trmporary status.

      • Mario says:

        That’s hilarious! I remember when I used to work in a Private Equity firm (tiny in the grand scheme of things) and BA Gold status was dished out to anyone who wanted it. We had a graduate running errands who got BA Gold.

        • I spent 11 years at a PE firm which was fairly large in the grand scheme of things and we didn’t get free BA Gold.

          That said, none of us ever flew further than Dusseldorf.

          • CapeCam says:

            YPO – Young Presidents Organisation got straight BA Gold a few years back for its members – even if you were Blue. I was very surprised but had several friends in YPO who confirmed it… And even met in the lounge 🙂

  3. Andrew M Morgan says:

    Not sure if anoyone else has found this but the “process” seems to have an error – when you get to the validation email I get an error saying it’s not possible to complete. Any others?

    • Edit: some people appear to be getting the error “Sorry, it is currently not possible to validate the information provided. Please try again later.” Despite this, some people are reporting confirmation emails several hours after signing up.

      • Richie says:

        Didn’t work for me yesterday afternoon (tried a few times, with my email but kept getting an error). Tried again this morning (same email but with a new/different password) and it worked.

      • Getting the same error…tried 3 times. Any advice from anyone on what to do different?

        • babyg says:

          im stuck, it took me ages to register, eventually after 10th time it worked, but the confirmation email and link dont work… yawn

        • John B says:

          Drop the first digit from the mobile number

        • David Derbyshire says:

          Same for me despite trying numerous times on different computers and browsers – I sent a complaint to TAP. Not expecting a reply anytime soon so I will keep trying.

  4. Kenny Kamal says:

    yes drop the first 0 from the phone number, but also yes the confirmation email link doesn’t work

    • David Derbyshire says:

      Got it! That worked for me – thanks Kenny.

      • Kenny Kamal says:

        were you able to click the confirmation email and set a password? that’s where mine is failing now

  5. Louise says:

    Do we know how long this offer might run for? I’d like to secure it but it would be better for me to run it from November time for the year.

  6. Stuart says:

    As a BAEC Silver (With the year extension) I can get Star Alliance Gold & my BA account will keep going as normal right ? I just have to renew my BAEC in 2022 when the time is up – right ??

  7. Sunguy says:

    I called the TAP Miles&Go CS folks yesterday – got through almost immediately, guy was very helpful but couldn’t at first find an end date.

    However, he eventually found something that said this promotion finishes in December.

    I’m honestly not sure how good this information is – as he was initially unsure – might be worth someone else calling them and seeing what answer you get.

    • Louise says:

      Thanks for posting

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      I’ll try the same today and report back, December would make a lot more sense than July for all of us I’m sure (or whatever point between now and then and now that we get let out again at least!)

  8. The Original Nick says:

    I have just registered succesfully attaching my card details. I dropped the 0 from my mobile number too. I had the confirmation email withn seconds to confirm. I’ll now wait for a response from them.

  9. I got the registration confirmation email asking me to confirm my email, but once I click through and enter in the password I want to use, I get sent to a 404 page. I’ve tried this on Safari and Chrome, desktop, mobile, and iPad, and it’s the same every time. I try to log in with the password I’ve tried to set up and I get the “Sorry, but this service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” message. Is there anything else I can do?

    • The Original Nick says:

      I used Mozilla Firefox.

      • babyg says:

        remove the first “0” in your telephone number to sign up, and then i used the incognition on chrome to click on the email confirmation.. that finally sorted it (after a few days trying)…

        • I have a US phone number so there’s no 0 at the start. It’s the same number whether there’s a +1 in front of it or not.

  10. Dominic Barrington says:

    Other than the four flights on TAP metal to retain status, in broad terms, how much flying would be necessary to retain gold status once matched?

    • Daniel says:

      I’d be interested to know this as well. Would be interesting to see if anyone had any insight on the how many Biz flights it would take to get to 25000 status points for re qualification I imagined there is nothing like the sweet spots with 160 TP routes in BA that cost around £200-£300.

      • As it TOTALLY depends on a) which partner airline you fly and b) in which sub-class (not even which class, but which sub-class inside that class) you are ticketed in, there is no easy answer to that. You need to look at the tables and compare it with your own flying pattern.

        • mr_jetlag says:

          Two West coast flights in J can get you to Gold. Either of those on TAP metal (assuming you transit via Lisbon) gets the 4 flights over as well. Bit academic at the moment however.

          • Dominic Barrington says:

            And, indeed, it is the academic dimension to this which cause me to hesitate…

  11. Hi

    So if you became a TAP member before 2020 you aren’t eligible. Maybe I could try signing up with a diff email address?
    I have recently had my Silver renewed so I might wait until November before trying this is December has been confirmed?

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